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1. So, I have some pics of my new haircut. I feel like they don't truly capture the awesomeness of it; it looks so much better in motion than it does in a static picture. I am very pleased with it, though.

pictures of my hair )

2. I've been playing around with my new Leuchturrm.

January and February Memories )

3. Almost done with season 1 of Dollhouse. OMG, we are loving it! Review soon. Probably finish season 1 tomorrow. Thank you so much for loaning it to us, [personal profile] executrix.
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When I was asking about pixie cuts, [personal profile] monanotlisa mentioned that a current picture might help with the decision. So here's a couple pictures of me on the back porch wearing that red shirt that [personal profile] executrix sent me.

cut for pictures )
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Thanks to everyone who sent me cards: [ profile] kaleecat, [ profile] sweet_exile, [ profile] altyronsmaker, and [ profile] lyrstzha.

Thanks to [personal profile] ariadne83 and [personal profile] executrix for the holiday packages.

Have a picture of Fiona enjoying the stuffed toy Ariadne sent her. )

[personal profile] agentcthulhu gave me 200 DW points; whoooo! :)

And I was also the recipient of some pretty freaking awesome fic written by [personal profile] executrix, [personal profile] hwc, and my mystery Yuletide writer. Rec post coming up soon!

Everyone reading this post has helped to make 2013 good for me. Thank you all for your friendship, and I look forward to another year of the same.
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I've gotten some new people on the flist, so I thought this would be a good meme to undertake. Plus, I'm so busy and stressed out putting together my tenure packet and writing a new online class (both due next week!) that I'm having trouble thinking of material for journal posts anywway. :)

 photo 31daysofblogging_zps2bfc7b54.png

So, have some pictures of Fiona in her LJ/DW debut. I mean have some pictures of me. LOL

Pictures )

I know that one picture is upside down. I fixed it on Photobucket, but it still shows the original image I uploaded there. Oh, well. Turn your head sideways. LOL
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I got a fabulous new cut and color. She put beautiful red highlights underneath the top layer of hair so that every time I move, the red peeks through the dark brunette. :) Today feels like a reverse!birthday. :)

Hair! )
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1. I know I haven't been around much, but it's been really hard getting back into the groove of things around here. :( I had a panic attack yesterday at the most inopportune time; I know everyone at work thought I had lost my mind, possibly because I had. I keep reminding myself that I kept it together emotionally for more than two weeks during which my husband almost died twice. Whatever I've suppressed has got to come out somehow. I just wish it hadn't chosen to erupt at registration. LOL

2. I got my first nail art! I am besotted.

toes )

3. I have grown weary of that certain breed of amateur critic who decides not to like things simply because they are popular. You don't get cool points in my book for only watching things on Criterion Collection that are directed by dead French men. Popular (or mainstream) doesn't equal bad. After all, almost everybody likes ice cream. That's because it tastes freaking awesome. I get that there's a certain ego boost people like this get from bemoaning the demise of cinema or music or literature; it's an attempt to make themselves sound smarter than they are or more discerning. But, come on, naysayers. Avengers is a very smartly written, directed, and acted movie. Pooh-poohing the Joss only makes you look like a turd.

4. We watched Chronicle last night and enjoyed. I thought it did a good job of making the protagonists sympathetic and likable, and even though it was mostly filmed on handheld cameras, it did not descend into Blair Witch-esque nausea inducing shaky cam. It's a quick movie, too, which is a plus.

5. I have gotten goodies in the mail! Nathan and Elizabeth sent us 5 lbs of country cured bacon. We have a bacon club. It's a thing. I also got an amazing birthday package of books from [personal profile] executrix. Whoooooooooo! Josh got himself a PlayStation 3 for Father's Day and bought Little Big Planet to play with Emma. Everyone is happy. :)
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I got more awesome dragons from [ profile] kaleecat and [ profile] lyrstzha. Thanks, y'all!

I also got the most awesome package of books from [personal profile] executrix. I've already snarfed down a fourth of The Short Life and Long Times of Mrs. Beeton.

Has anybody else watched Kenichi, the Mightiest Disciple? I am loving this anime. It's extremely funny and endearing and weird. Totally recommended.

Star Trek Voyager, Harry Potter, Avatar, and Inuyasha drawings done by Emma )

OMG, y'all. I almost died of the cuteness. That's my little nerdling. The Snape one slays me. Feel free to icon any of these if you so desire. :)


7/2/10 19:26
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We went to Pride in Atlanta ages ago! And Emma got glasses! And I found a really old picture from 1998 of Josh the year we started dating! Be still my heart!

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I just got my hair done and it is fabulous. Thought I would share. From multiple angles, apparently. Please excuse the setting. It looks like I have taken these pictures in a brothel between clients.

Betty Boop, yes? )
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I just got my hair done and it is fabulous. Thought I would share. From multiple angles, apparently. Please excuse the setting. It looks like I have taken these pictures in a brothel between clients.

Betty Boop, yes? )
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Today is my wedding anniversary! Josh and I have been married for 8 years today. And since my husband is made of awesome, he gave me flowers and chocolate and bath products and a rhyming card that he wrote. And he also wrote fanfic !ABOUT ME! complete with manips. This fic is full of inside jokes but I think it's mostly accessible to People Who Are Not Us. It's based on, among other things, my great love of Ryan Adams and James Marsters, a trip to the Georgia Aquarium, and my amusement over the fatty!Jensen phenomenon. So, without further ado:

Latest Edition of Star Magazine )

Also, recent pictures of us! Because I looked hot at New Years in that pimp coat, baby.

Lorraine and Josh are Smokin )
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First off--INSTA REC! I have been so swamped with faculty orientation that I haven't even left her feedback yet, but you guys have to read [ profile] executrix's My White Knight. The story is Mal/Simon, PG-13, and Firefly meets The Music Man. I know Exec has been really stoked about this story as she was writing it, and just a paragraph in, you see why. It's great reads.

Emma started kindergarten. Have a picture. )

In other news, starting a career is tiring and confusing. LOL I sort of feel as if I've been thrown into the deep end of the pool to a certain extent. This is true of every new job, I know. I felt that way as a Grad Instructor and I certainly felt that way at Security Check (may their names be damned forever more!) and I know that the overwhelmed, "OMG! WHAT DO I DO? AAAAACK!" will pass. And probably more quickly than I think.

But right now, it's a lot to deal with. Just filling out the paperwork (PPO or HMO? Do I need short term or long term disability insurance or both? Tax forms, dowhat?) is head-ache inducing.

Another thing that's interesting to me is how different this job seems from the faculty side of things. My mom has been a professor for nearly forty years. I grew up on a university campus and I've been at Ole Miss for seven years. I thought I knew academia. But it's surprising how different it feels on this side of the table, how much MORE is going on that I just wasn't aware of as a grad instructor, how many more facets to the job there are. I am psyched because this job is going to be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, but also a little anxious because, well, I'm me. Ha! I'm already worried about my professional development and performance evaluations and I haven't even performed. *g*

There's another thing that I'll post about later because I want to lock it. Not a big thing, just a thing you guys need to help me figure out. I have such success with flist intervention. You guys rock.

So, some recs? Yes?

[ profile] thelastgoodname made some kick ass icons on the subject of reading. Check them out. [ profile] executrix also made me an awesome TLGN bookclub one that I will be unveiling at our next joint read.

Target Practice by [ profile] aurora_novarum; SG-1; Sam and Teal'c gen
This is early season fic, before the team was Team. It's hard to remember sometimes that there was once a time when they didn't all know each other like the backs of their own hands, when they were still learning about each other and each other's cultures. This fic is an excellent reminder.
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Here's what I got for turning 28!

1. Cards from Anna, Great-Aunt Ruby, [ profile] trekgirl55, and Cousins Robert and Nancy.
2. Melanie took me out to lunch
3. Janette took me out for drinks
4. MeeMaw C hooked me up with some cash
5. MeeMaw D gave me three necklaces and a rotisserie
6. Sarah gave me three months of Netflix!
7. Aunt Gail gave me some gorgeous silver earrings and some bath wash
8. Aunt Linda gave me a whole bunch of lipgloss and some nail polish
9. Mama and Daddy gave me a silver and turquoise bracelet and necklace set and Mom bought me three dresses
10. My brother Russell and his fiance got me a George R. R. Martin book that looks really promising
11. Josh's parents gave me some money and then Margaret went through her cabinets and gave me four boxes full of antique dishes and linens, some of which belonged to Josh's grandmother--(pictured below)
12. Andy took me to lunch and to see Waitress in Memphis; he also gave me a Lorne doll and a drawing he made (pictured below)
13. [ profile] executrix gave me a purse and some shiny shoes
14. [ profile] sweet_exile gave me some paid lj time!

All in all, not too shabby. :)

pictures of Andy's drawing and some of the dishes and linens that Margaret gave me )
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I spam you with pictures of myself and my daughter and [ profile] executrix and [ profile] trekgirl55

Pictures )

I'm going out of town tomorrow for a week with dubious internet access, so I'll catch you guys on the flipside. Don't have too much fun without me.
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Pictures of Writercon )

If anyone wants their picture taken down, let me know.
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Tonight was the inaugural screening of Firefly Unzipped, the first time I have seen the movie put together in one file. We invited all our friends over to watch, and OMG may I say how much we rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so freaking proud of this movie. I think the level of detail is amazing, and it honestly flows like an episode. Andy, the director/producer/camera man, is a f*cking genius. It looks and sounds so damn professional. Everybody laughed at all the right parts, and I think the Writercon reception is gonna be amazing. Plus Andy did a special feature that shows how we did the dialogue and manipulated the dolls to achieve certain effects.

I don't think it's apparent when watching the movie how intricate the filming was or how long some things took. We sometimes worked for three hours on filming a 15 sec sequence. I did not make the sets of Serenity, but other than that, I made most all the other sets. We're talking, sewing pillows and sheets and making costumes and yeah.

We began working on this in October, and now we're finally done, and I'm damn proud. It's funny and sweet and in places gorram bittersweet. Can't wait for all y'all to see it.

Here's some pictures of us enjoying the evening.

Pictures )
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Everybody else is doing it, so I thought I'd post a picture of myself.

Well, I don't look *that* bad )
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I thought I'd put up a picture of my sweetie-pie Emma being a cutie.

Image hosted by

Can anyone tell me how to hide the picture like you hide text for future reference?


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