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Guess who threw up all last night?


If Josh and I get sick, I swear.....

At least mom went into full nurse mode and cleaned it all up. And Fi was so sweet. She and Emma were sleeping in the same room and she came running to get us.

Baby Jesus, beer us strength.
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1. I got the most awesome package from [personal profile] executrix. I got books and notebooks and lip balm and a purse among other treats. Thank you so much, sweetie. Your holiday happies are winging their way to you now.

2. I have gotten Christmas cards from [ profile] talitha78, [ profile] crazydiamondsue, [personal profile] spikedluv, [ profile] shannon730 [personal profile] leesa_perrie, [personal profile] sholio, and [ profile] decynthus. Thank you all so much!!!!

3. I wrote two treats in addition to my Yuletide assignment! I am super stoked. :) I still would like to write one more treat but suspect it won't happen since we're leaving on Thursday, and I've got loads to do before we're ready.

4. We saw Rogue One today. Wow. Just. Wow. I have to admit that I didn't care for the prequels; to me they detract from the original trilogy rather than adding to it. But Rogue One makes that original trilogy so much more poignant and meaningful. SPOILERS )
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It's that time again! If you would like to receive a holiday card from me (some of the cards have secular Christmas imagery, but none have religious imagery), please comment with your address. Comments are screened.

If you've gotten a card from me before, I'll be sending you one again, so let me know if you don't want one or if you've moved in the last year.
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I got cards from [personal profile] zulu, [ profile] lyrstzha, [personal profile] sholio, [ profile] kaleecat, and [ profile] talitha78.

I got the most amazing Christmas package from [personal profile] executrix which also contained gluten free goodies for my mom. [profile] agentcthullu gifted me with an extremely generous amount of dreamwidth points.

We got an embarrassment of riches from the family and still have another round to go with my parents when they arrive on New Year's Eve.

I'm ready to see the back of 2015 and wishing a wonderful 2016 to all of you.
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I had almost decided not to do cards this year. I didn't get a photo card of the girls together and decided I just wouldn't fool with it as a consequence.

But then I started getting holiday cards from people I know in RL as well as a few people on my flist ([ profile] talitha78 and [personal profile] zulu--everybody has remarked on the cuteness of Lily, Bradshaw, and L.), and they made me so happy I decided to send out cards anyway.

If I've sent you a card before, I'm sending you one again unless you ask me not to. If I've sent you a card before and you've moved in the last year, please send me your address again. If you've never gotten a card from me before and you'd like to, comment with your address (everyone on the globe welcome to participate).

The cards will not contain Christian religious imagery or sentiments and will wish you joy and peace rather than a Merry Christmas.

Comments are screened.
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1. I received cards from [ profile] talitha78, [personal profile] devon (+ bat stickers, yay!), [ profile] kaleecat, [personal profile] zulu (and [personal profile] bell and the blob!), [personal profile] lyr, and [ profile] crazydiamondsue (and Caza and Jonah!). Thanks, y'all.

2. For Yuletide, I wrote Happily Ever After, a Shaun/Georgia post-canon fic for Mira Grant's Newsflesh series. Once again, I was gifted with the most amazing prompt and the option to choose between fandoms to write for. I had a lot of fun writing this story, and I hope my recipient had half as much fun reading it. :)

3. I feel like the overall quality in the archive is super high this Yuletide. I have liked almost everything I've clicked on this year. Only several hundred more fics to go in 46 fandoms. (One of these days, I must abandon my scraps of paper approach to Yuletide and just bookmark them to read on AO3 like any sensible person *cough* Executrix *cough*).

4. We had a hella good Christmas haul this year. Our big item was a stand mixer. Whoooo! Emma got several DS9 action figures which has put her over the moon. :) Fiona has a baby doll. A baby doll WITH A PACY JUST LIKE HER PACY OMG IT IS A REVELATION!

5. I just finished writing my online class for the spring. Lord, that's a lot of work on the front end. It's not dissimilar to writing a textbook.

6. So, the ovarian failure test came back negative. Doesn't mean I'm not perimenopausal; just means that because I'm on birth control we don't know what the results mean. In more definitive diagnosis news, apparently I have Hashimoto's Disease, an autoimmune disorder that affects the thyroid. We're still in the observing stage, so nothing to do for it now, but TAKE THAT, BODY! I KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG. HA! Urine test is still pending because I didn't have time to sit around here all day and refrigerate each pee before we left for the holidays.

7. In sad news, one of my students was murdered this past spring by another student, and the newspaper just printed an article about the circumstances of his murder, and it was really fucked up and horrible (as you might imagine) and now I feel disturbed and sad. :(
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1. Is this Exodus movie for real? Why is Batman playing Moses? Why is Nickelback playing over the parting of the Red Sea? Why did we not stop with Prince of Egypt?

2. Everyone survived the birthday party, including me. Emma and her friends had a splendid time, and then all the children went blessedly home. I had no idea that five 12 year olds could be that loud.

3. I like The Big Bang Theory. I just do. I am not fond of Penny-is-stupid and Penny-is-a-slut jokes, but other than that, I really dig this show. It's funny and surprisingly sweet at times.

4. Josh has injured himself. He texted me a picture of his finger sliced open in a random accident on the inside door handle of his friend's car. He decided after much deliberation that he does not need stitches. (He is current on his tetanus.) I swear, y'all, he is not clumsy. He is not a risk-taker. And yet, he is always hurting himself. Sheesh.

5. [personal profile] zulu asked about traditions we've come up with for the December Talking Meme. The best tradition we've started is to stay home for Thanksgiving instead of traveling. We spent the early part of our marriage traveling for every holiday and going back and forth between our parents' houses on each trip, and every single moment of our vacation time was spent traveling. Vacations became such a source of anxiety and stress and record-keeping (you spent thirty seven minutes at your parent's house so you must spend thirty seven minutes at mine) and some of my extended relatives were clueless about the monetary and time sacrifices we spent every single holiday on traveling (and that pissed me right off; they still do that bullshit sometimes, and it makes me want to scream). So now our families take turns coming to us for Thanksgiving, and we go the opposite family's house for Christmas. If we ever move into a house big enough, I would love to have *both* families for Thanksgiving and stay home for Christmas, but we'll see on that one.

6. [personal profile] executrix sent me the most awesome Christmas package of books. As always, inspired choices. Emma started reading the Splendid Table book straight away. We love that show. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!
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1. My BPAL order shipped! Holy vetiver, mother of all that is yummy, I cannot wait to try these out!

2. I am about halfway done with my Yuletide fic. Great prompt as ever. The Yuletide gods smile upon me, my friends. I don't know what I have done to ingratiate myself to them, but I hope it lasts forever. :)

3. Finally got around to making Christmas cards with Shutterfly (seventy five free photo cards courtesy of Pampers rewards; it pays to singlehandedly keep the diaper industry solvent!), and they are criminally adorable.

On to the meme!

[personal profile] the_rck asked: One fandom you didn't expect to love but did (or one you expected to love and didn't. Your choice).

I'll answer both. I did not expect to like Harry Potter at all. I read the first book my first year in grad school. MLA was in New Orleans that year, and I read the first book in the hotel bathtub while Josh was staying out way past his bedtime on Bourbon Street. I did not like it at all. I'd had four years of hype to listen to, and I just didn't care for the book at all and assumed that would be the end of it.

I caught the first two movies on TV later and loved them. I saw the third and subsequent movies in theater. I think I didn't actually read the books, though, until right before the last book came out, and in the lead in to the release, I read them all from the beginning. My first HP rec post is dated 2007 which substantiates this recollection.

I still like the first book the least, but HP has grown to be my go-to fandom. If I decide to read fanfic, I am more likely to read HP than any other fandom.

As far as the second question goes, I thought I was going to be head over heels into Guardians of the Galaxy fandom, and for whatever reason--inertia, busyness, etc.--I have only read like two GotG stories period. Nothing is keeping me from the fandom. I haven't disliked anything I've read or seen. IDK why I'm not more actively pursuing participating given how much I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. :(
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If I have sent you a card before, I will send you one again unless you tell me not to.

Let me know if you have moved, please!

If I have never sent you a card and you want one, comment here (screened) with your address. International friends welcome!
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Josh, Emma, and I got to hang out with [ profile] crazydiamondsue, her husband, and their son last night on their way back to OK from Disney World. I love Sue to death, and it was great to see her and her family again. :)

I got a card from [ profile] talitha78 today. <3

Here are the wonderful stories I was given for Christmas this year:

Seven and a Half Cents by [personal profile] executrix
Inara/OFC, Simon/Jayne
Exec is aces at writing a true caper fic. She always comes up with fun and interesting jobs for the crew, and this fic is no exception to the rule. The voices ring so true in this story, making it a pleasure to read from beginning to end. An Exec story is always a wonderful mix of humor and cutting commentary with shrewd character observations. What makes this so special to me is that she wrote the story for me when she realized I'd gone out on the Yuletide pinch hit list. *sniffle* Seriously awesome friendage going on there.

Something Thicker than Water by [personal profile] hwc
Harry Potter
Dudley contacts Harry after years of silence, and with some trepidation, Harry decides to meet with Dudley at his home. I love that this story focuses on the ways that the Dursley's mistreatment of Harry shaped both Harry and Dudley. I love that Dudley is redeemed in a believable way that bodes well for a future relationship between him and Harry. I especially love that HWC wrote such a nuanced and complex story for me on such short notice. <3

For Yuletide, I received Feminine Bravery .
Golden Girls
I am so impressed with this story, especially since it was written on such short notice as a pinch hit. I can tell the author really spent some time thinking about what I like in a fic. It's canon compliant, slotting neatly into the space after an episode. It showcases the fearlessness that the women of the show so routinely displayed, and is a wonderful demonstration of how vital and interesting wonderful life can be after 60. Excellent gift and one more jewel in the embarrassment of riches I received this year.
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Thanks to everyone who sent me cards: [ profile] kaleecat, [ profile] sweet_exile, [ profile] altyronsmaker, and [ profile] lyrstzha.

Thanks to [personal profile] ariadne83 and [personal profile] executrix for the holiday packages.

Have a picture of Fiona enjoying the stuffed toy Ariadne sent her. )

[personal profile] agentcthulhu gave me 200 DW points; whoooo! :)

And I was also the recipient of some pretty freaking awesome fic written by [personal profile] executrix, [personal profile] hwc, and my mystery Yuletide writer. Rec post coming up soon!

Everyone reading this post has helped to make 2013 good for me. Thank you all for your friendship, and I look forward to another year of the same.
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It's that time again! If I have sent you a card in the past, I'll be sending you one again. (If you don't want to get cards from me anymore, let me know, and I'll take you off the list.) If I sent you a card last year and you've moved, drop me your new address. If you'd like to be added to the list, comment with your address. Comments are screened.
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I am getting around to this very belatedly, but many thanks to those of you who sent me holiday cards ([ profile] trobadora, [ profile] talitha78, [ profile] kaleecat, [ profile] crazydiamondsue, [ profile] shaddyr, and [ profile] altyronsmaker). I hope I didn't accidentally leave anyone out of the list!

Special thanks to [personal profile] executrix for the awesome package: a kickass set of books (as per usual), some Origins bath products (in ginger, which is like manna to the pregnant woman LOL), some ginger lemon tea, and some great clothes (including one top that I've already worn twice! and a beautiful hand knitted shawl).

Thank y'all for making the holidays a merry time for me.
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I am leaving for the holidays. Dubious internet access as always. We're coming back on the 30th I think, so talk to y'all then.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy December!
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It's that time again. If I've sent you a card before, I'll be sending you one again, so let me know if your address has changed since last year. If you have not received a card before and would like to, leave me your address (comments are screened) or PM me your address if you prefer.
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I got cards this year from [ profile] talitha78, [ profile] sweet_exile, [ profile] crazydiamondsue [ profile] shaddyr, [ profile] altyronsmaker, [ profile] tabaqui, [ profile] kaleecat, [ profile] lyrstzha, and [ profile] trobadora. (I hope I didn't leave anyone out!)

[personal profile] executrix also sent me an amazing parcel of books which everyone in my acquaintance has been enjoying. :)

It was so nice to receive cards from all of you; it really makes my year to get these personal notes. Happy 2012, everyone!
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I am home! Finally! We had an excellent trip (Christmas haul post forthcoming) with very little drama which is almost unheard of for our families. LOL We have guests coming tomorrow, so I will be spending the rest of the night cleaning and packing away our awesome new gifts (and also finishing the last half of the column that was due today *headdesk*).

But I did carve out a little time to read some Yuletide. I'm always traveling over Christmas and so I never feel like I get to properly participate in Yuletide. By the time I get a chance to really read anything in the archive, the reveal is already over.

Y'all, I got TWO GIFTS in Yuletide this year!!! I cannot contain my delight. Both of them are wonderful Star Trek: Deep Space Nine stories that I can't wait for you to read.

Son of a Preacher Man chronicles Jake and Nog's relationship through all the permutations we see on the show (mischief, Jake's role as teacher, Nog's entrance into Starfleet) and then adds a romantic element we don't see on the show. There's hurt/comfort, the best sentimental gesture Nog could ever make to Jake, and all in all, I am besotted with the story. :)

Cutting for Stone is a wonderful exploration of the relationship between Julian and Miles. That pairing is practically canon, and I love the way this Anon doesn't dismiss Keiko or vilify her while still acknowledging the depth of feeling that Julian and Miles share. The writing here is exquisitely lovely with gorgeous grace notes scattered throughout. This was a Madness Treat and so has very few comments as of yet. Go rectify that, y'all. :)

This was a fantastic year for DS9. There are fifteen stories in the archive proper (fifteen!), and I haven't even checked out Madness yet. My favorites of the other stories include Immortal, a beautiful and perceptive character study of Jadzia as she pursues Joining; Collaborators, a gen piece about the unexpected forms resistance can take; One Ordinary Week with Party Hats, which is chock full of excellent and funny dialogue, the best holosuite program ever, and a Julian who is his usual eager self in his quest to give Garak the best birthday party ever; Ask, a Miles/Julian story that has Keiko instigating the whole thing (love, love, love when Keiko is an integral and accepting part of a slash relationship between those two); Simulacrum, a lengthy piece (how do people write this much and so well in such a short time? *awe*) about Mirror!Verse Miles and his experiences with two Julian Bashirs.

Recs in Other Fandoms )

And one more rec, which although not part of Yuletide, I am considering as part of my holiday haul as [ profile] counteragent wrote it just for me: Untitled Luna drabble that perfectly encapsulates the things I love about that character. Love love love love love.
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1. Christmas cards are away. Sorry, my international friends; yours will be more like post-Christmas cards. :)

2. I will have dubious to no internet access for the next two weeks. If anything happens that I need to know about, PM me or email me. I'll miss you guys!

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If I sent you a winter card last year, you're getting one again. :) Let me know if you have moved this year. If you didn't get a card last year and you'd like one, comment with your addy (comments screened) or PM me. Offer not restricted to the flist or the USA. :)
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I got the sweetest card from [ profile] hyding today, which really made me smile, and I realized I had not thanked everyone who sent me cards over the holiday. *headdesk* Somehow, I thought I'd done that already.

So thank you to [ profile] talith78, [ profile] lyrstzha, [ profile] kaleecat, [ profile] ponders_life, [ profile] tabaqui, and [ profile] altyronsmaker for the lovely cards, and thanks to [ profile] executrix for the Christmas package, which was (as always) fantastic. I have read the Elizabeth David Classics cookbook from cover to cover, marked all my favorite recipes, and started cooking!

You guys are so important to me--all of you! Not just the ones that sent me cards. LOL I don't tell you enough how important you are to me. *hugs*


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