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1. Watching movies with Fiona is really funny. She's got the attention span to sit through Charlotte's Web or Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast, but something like Ratatouille has too much talking in it and she loses interest before the end.

We've been trying to get her to watch new movies (on the weekend, we go to the playground and watch movies) because she always wants to watch either Spongebob SquarePants Movie or what she calls Willburd (Charlotte's Web). So this past weekend, we watched Lilo and Stitch, which I'd never seen before. OMG, why did nobody tell me how hard this movie was going to tap dance on my emotions? Emma and I sat there with tears streaming down our faces pretty much the whole movie. It was so good and so sweet, and I felt so badly for how hard Nani was trying and still failing to meet the appropriate standards for keeping Lilo with her. AND THEN EMMA AND I BOTH JUMPED TO THE SPECTER OF EMMA HAVING TO TAKE CARE OF HER BABY SISTER AND THEN WE ALL CRIED SOME MORE AND FIONA THOUGHT WE WERE STUPID.

2. Josh and I watched Storks, which turned out to be awesome. Highly recommended. We just had the TV on in the background and then got sucked in because it was so cute and funny.

3. We saw Wonder Woman today and really liked it. SPOILERS )
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1. Emma, Josh and I watched Suicide Squad on HBO. It was alright.


2. Josh and I went to see Alien Covenant today. We both really liked it, but we both also really liked Prometheus so take that as your fair warning. LOL

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1. First an update on Josh. He's had another attack this week; he couldn't work yesterday or today. The gastroenterologist couldn't move up his appointment, so he'll be going tomorrow. I'm starting to get really worried that something is seriously wrong. I'm also concerned about how he's going to manage work until the doctors can figure out what's wrong with him and address that. We all know how long that process can take. :(

2. I thought the last episode of Lucifer was completely fantastic. SPOILERS )

3. Gotham remains a delight, and I can't wait until it comes back. Baby!Bruce is legit the best Batman of all time. I love watching him develop his Batman ethos. SPOILERS )

4. Finally, we watched Batman Versus Superman last night, and I will say this outside the cut so that you know what you're getting into ahead of time: this was a good movie. Like surprisingly, really good. SPOILERS )

I didn't expect to like this so well. I think it even makes me like the Superman movie, which I already liked just fine, even more because it deals with the fallout from the events in that movie.
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1. We watched Solaris on [personal profile] tamoline's recommendation that it was very reminiscent of Jeff Vandermeer's Southern Reach trilogy. I also suspect that whoever wrote Event Horizon was familiar with one of the first two versions of the film that precede the Clooney version we watched. SPOILERS )

2. We also watched Lucy a couple of days ago. Man, Scarlett Johansson is a good actor. I have loved her in every single thing I've seen her in, and she was exceptionally good in this movie, too. I must admit, though, that I enjoyed the first and second acts of the movie far more than the third. SPOILERS )

3. I finished How to be a Victorian by Ruth Goodman, a fascinating book that is structured around what Victorians from different classes and parts of the country would be doing throughout the day from getting up in the morning and washing and dressing to work and school and meals all the way to bedtime. What makes this a truly engaging read is that the author isn't just a historian; she's someone who tries out most of the activities she discusses in the book. So for instance, many Victorians did not bathe with water. They bathed using a combination of dry brushing the body and applying ammonia or vinegar to armpits and other potentially malodorous areas. Goodman went for four months without bathing with water and was happy to report that she didn't stink even once. She made many of the recipes for household goods like toothpaste or lotion or shampoo and tried them out herself. She frequently wears Victorian clothes and sews them herself in the Victorian manner using Victorian patterns, etc. I also found an answer to my previous question about exercise; Victorian men were being heavily encouraged throughout the entire period to exercise in a variety of ways. Women were discouraged from exercising at the beginning of the period because of the whole wandering uterus theory; scientists and doctors were genuinely concerned that vigorous exercise would damage a woman's ability to have children. However, as the period progressed, the benefits of exercise for women became more apparent and walking (which women had always been doing a lot of), some sports like archery, and calisthenics became popular for all classes of women.

4. Penny Dreadful, OMG, what are you doing? I love it! SPOILERS )
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So we finished Daredevil. SPOILERS )

We also watched Spy last night, and it was so good. I didn't watch the movie when it came out because the trailers convinced me it was terrible. The marketing for this movie was awful. It did not reflect at all the quality of the film.

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With Emma gone this week to camp, Josh and I have watched a lot of movies and read a lot of books. Fiona goes to bed at 7:00, so we've had two extra hours each day to kill.

Yesterday we went to see Inside Out because Emma expressed negative interest in seeing the movie. One of the best movies I've seen in quite a while, y'all. We listened to the NPR interview with the writer of the film several weeks ago, and I was really impressed with the efforts he and the film team made to represent memory and cognitive processes as scientifically as possible. I am even more impressed now that I've seen the movie.

Spoilers )

What I do not recommend is John Wick. Josh and I watched that last night, and it was pretty middling. spoilers; brief mention of animal harm )

Tonight we're starting our good friends on Treme. He's a musician who just spent the past umpteen years living in LA, so I expect him to know everybody in the show. Should be fun.

One episode of Rome left. Joe Carroll in eyeliner makes a girl's heart go pitter patter. LOL
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Josh and I watched Mission Impossible 2 tonight. It was . . . not good. The main issue is pacing. If you strip out all the long stretches of John Woo slow-mo and edit out a little dialogue, it could be a perfectly solid bottom B action movie. But as is, not so much.

Emma has gone off to camp. Fiona hasn't quite realized she's missing yet; she asked for her a few times today, but didn't dwell on her absence. Hopefully she won't be morose tomorrow.

I'm still reading Trigger Warnings, about to start Jane Eyre, and looking forward to Naomi Novik's Uprooted. We've never read any of her published works, but Josh just finished Uprooted and said it reminds him of Patrick Rothfuss and Kelly Link. So much of fandom has what is to me an inexplicable hateboner for Rothfuss but we only have loveboners in this house for Rothfuss, so high praise indeed.

Have a couple recs from this round of remix:

The Pendragon-Gorlois Family Reunion (The Historically Inaccurate Remix)
Good Omens/Arthurian mythology
Aziraphale and Crowley in Camelot? Perfection.

light as a feather [circling all round the sun remix]
New Girl
Schmidt/Elizabeth; wing-fic
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2. I finally went to the doctor about my arm. I started taking steroids yesterday, and my arm feels almost normal now. Why did I not go to the doctor in March when I first started crying myself to sleep and having trouble lifting a glass of water? Why did I decide in May (IN MAY!) that what I should do is go to the chiropractor instead of the doctor? It may be time for my decision making powers to be revoked. *sigh* BUT MY ARM FEELS HELLA BETTER!!!!!!!!!!

3. Emma and I saw Jurassic World today, and it was awesome!!!!!! The score remains fantastic, I appreciated the continuity with B.D. Wong's character, and I loved all the callbacks to the previous movies in the franchise. Spoilers )
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I just finished reading Sabriel, the first novel in the Abhorsen trilogy. I liked it well enough. It's an interesting universe, great world building, the way the magic works is interesting. But it left me emotionally uninvested. I mean, I'll read the next two novels, but it's curious to me the way that this first book didn't move me at all. I can't tell you how many times I laughed out loud while reading Fionavar or how many times I put my hand on my chest and gasped when I was reading Ancillary Sword or how many times I cried while reading both. But nary a tear or a giggle or an OMG for Sabriel. I hope that changes in the next books.

Josh and I rewatched the first Mission Impossible movie last night. It came out in 1996. I watched it in the theater but remember almost nothing about it. I remember really liking it twenty years ago but not so much on this watch. I think it's just dated in a way that's not appealing to me now which possibly makes me shallow. LOL A movie like that now would be shot in shades of blue and grey and everything would be black and shiny and slick and fast paced. All the characters would be impossibly beautiful, and there would be a decent amount of humor and quippage, definitely a focus on snappy dialogue. Instead, everything moved really slowly, there wasn't a great deal of dialogue that seemed to matter, and I didn't feel super emotionally invested.

Even so, Ving Rhames and Vanessa Redgraves were awesome. Tom Cruise is always good; he's a phenomenal actor. I also liked the reveal of the villain(s).

What are y'all up to?
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I finally decided which story I want to remix yesterday and am about halfway through with the writing. I've got the whole thing plotted out, though. I'm extremely pleased with myself. :)

Josh and I watched The Heat the other night with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. It was fantastic, y'all. One of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. We were literally howling with laughter. I thought it had some wonderful moments of poignancy where you might not expect to find them. And even though it's a comedy and contains ridiculous and over-the-top element, I think there was a subtle message there about police officers being more effective when they police the communities they also live in; they're doubly invested and they're part of the fabric of life there and in tune to the cultural mores that surround them. Now I want to see Spy. I have heard such good things about that movie, and the NPR review makes it sound like the shit, but those trailers are god-awful and don't seem to bear any relationship to the things people are saying make the movie so good.

I just started reading Garth Nix's Abhorsen trilogy; it starts with Sabriel. Anybody else read these?

What are y'all reading and watching? Rec me some stuff.
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I don't know why, but I haven't read very many books this semester, so it has been wonderful to start reading them again. What I have mostly been doing with my spare time since Christmas is reading FFA (not even commenting really, just reading the finished posts) instead of reading books or fic or writing it myself or posting something here. It's become a habit I want to break, I think. I successfully quit going to fandomsecrets several months ago, and it's been a relief to have that time back. Everyone in the comm was very nice to me; I had great interactions there, but I spent a great deal of time there and didn't get a lot of conversational return out of it. I'm starting to feel the same way about going to FFA. What I really want to be doing is talking to y'all and writing fic; I don't know why I keep wasting my time passively reading something rather than actively creating material myself.

So, to serve those interests, let's talk about books, baby, and also two movies.

I just finished:

Ancillary Justice and Ancillary Sword )

The Telling )

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children )

Jurassic Park )

Mad Max )
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I think Iron Man 2 is vastly superior to Iron Man.

I think Christian Bale was a way better actor when he was still singing about delivering papers and swing dancing to defeat the Nazis.

I liked the Brandon Routh Superman movie. Why are they rebooting that franchise yet again?
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True Blood is so fantastic this season. We're talking crazy!good. I have many many theories about where the show is going, but I have grown too weary to type them out. :) Anybody interested in talking vampires?

And now to the dumbassery: I totally dropped my laptop last night. It appears to have survived the plunge with some cosmetic damage. :( I am concerned that the screen part is not as securely attached to the bottom part as before and fully expect it to detach at some point in the future. *But* as this was a cheapie laptop, replacing it shall not be overly taxing on the finances, and should it break apart like a fortune cookie, whatever's on the hard drive (which is next to nothing really) can still be salvaged. Therefore, I shall cease the pity party forthwith and focus instead on Alcide's abs and Tara's ta-tas.
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I have nothing Profound to say about Dark Knight, just that I enjoyed it and wish I had been able to see it on the big screen. Heath Ledger and Thank You for Smoking guy turned in amazing performances. I was a little confused when Katie Holmes turned into Maggie Gyllenhall, so much so that I didn't realize they were the same character for far too much of the movie. My favorite part of the movie was that one beautiful and surprising moment of grace, when the tension has been building and building on both ferries and the prisoner takes the detonator and instead of triggering it, he throws it out the window and then the businessman on the other ferry chooses not to detonate the bomb either. In a movie that I found unremittingly dark, with violence and horror that constantly escalated, this was a wonderful bit of counterpoint that kept the movie from being entirely too fatalistic.

Preaching to the Perverted was an uneven movie but an enjoyable one. It's another of those that we discovered while watching that IFC documentary on sex in films. There were moments that I would characterize as hot and as funny and as sweet and as emotionally touching, but overall, this movie didn't feel very cohesive to me. Or maybe it's just that parts of it bored me. I did like that kink and sex weren't necessarily treated as synonymous; I liked that people whose kinks and sexual practices marginalize them were treated as actual human beings (even if some of their scenes were often over the top); and I liked that the movie seemed to advocate a real balance of kink and vanilla, with neither approach to life and sex being demonized, but rather shown as complementing each other. Overall, a solid 3 out of 5 on this one.

Shadowboxer surprised the hell out of me. I had no idea at all what it was about. The only thing I had seen was a clip from the movie on that IFC documentary of Steven Dorff in a sex scene. I think this movie was uneven as well, but the things I liked about it, I liked so much that I think everyone should watch it. There are a lot of people of color in this movie and they are all interesting and complicated characters and none of them is the bad guy (with one exception) or the magical black man. We have a lot of inter-racial relationships, a relationship between a significantly older woman and a much younger man (yay!), older people portrayed as legimately sexual beings, and people of varying sizes and shapes treated as people (not the comic relief or the supportive fat friend who lives vicariously through the heroine's exploits). Macy Gray kicked ass in this movie; her character was so funny and off the wall. And Helen Mirren and Cuba Gooding, Jr., pretty much chewed up the scenery every time they were on the screen. Yes, you read that right. Helen Mirren and Cuba Gooding, Jr. *fans face* Go watch. Now. (Be advised that this is a violent movie with references to and one short depiction of child abuse.)
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I'm leaving tomorrow to go out of town for the fourth, but before I do, here's what I thought of Superman Returns.


Also check out [ profile] krayat's Infinitely More Poetical Review

This review was interrupted by a knock on the computer room door and Layton standing outside wearing my bra and gesticulating wildly. Good times.


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