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Cutting for Stone (The Mason's Ballad); ST:DS9; Miles & Julian; implied Miles/Julian/Keiko; the show practically invites us to believe that Miles and Julian are madly in love with each other; I love fic where that love doesn't sideline Keiko

Quark's Day (The Noh-Jay Remix); ST:DS9; Nog and Jake on DS9 after the Dominion Occupation has been defeated; one of the best TV friendships ever depicted so beautifully here

Hallmark Moment (Here in the Morning Remix); ST:Reboot; Joanna McCoy; time travel and timelines and angst

Professional Jealousy (The Black Propaganda Remix); SGA; McShep; Rodney really hates Neil Degrasse Tyson. LOL

Alchemical Solution (Swish and Flick Remix); SGA/HP fusion; the team bonds in the Room of Requirement
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Not really gonna rec these properly because I've been staring at this folder for months trying to get the energy to make the rec-set. LOL

Trek Reboot

We Live in Detail series by black_eyedgirl

Only Good for Legends by leupagus

at the going down of the sun by Dee
mostly gen; Spock/Uhura

On a Day Like This by oxymoronic


Families by sophiegrace
Kira-centric gen

Skinny Dipping on Risa by chesari


Dudley Redeemed stories

Rogation by wemyss

After the Storm by eruditefics

The Boy Who Fell by busaikko
Dudley/surprise slash pairing

From Dursley 'Til Dawn by wwmrsweasleydo
Dudley/surprise slash pairing

Other HP

For the Public Good

Life in Kind by Sansa
I think this is Harry/Snape

Little Red Courgette
Harry/Draco; <3

Night Watch by Mia Ugly
pretty sure this is Snarry


The White Road by Perverse_Idyll

The Sleeper Awakes by Snorkfics
Percy-centric gen

There Are Days I Wish I Lived in a Romance Novel (But This Isn't One of Them) by anguis_1

Sick and Tired of What to say (No One Listens Anyway) by Perpetual Motion

and the walls came tumbling down by alecto
Harry/Crabbe; not cracky; sad


Ten Thousand Miles by mimblexwimble
*sobby sob sob*


The Raggedy Edge
Sam/Jack; crossover with Firefly


Who Needs Enemies by the anonsisters; DS9

Wicked Game by obsessive24; BSG; Dee-centric

Suddenly I See by purplefringe; Firefly; Kaylee and Inara

Improper Dancing by marycrawford
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So the Story Goes by [ profile] megyal
Avengers/Die Hard XOVER; McClane/Farrell, Barton/Coulson
So, Matt starts working for Tony Stark. Guess who he runs into? *warm smishy hugs for this fic*

The Coming Storm is Gonna Be a Crazy Ride by [ profile] twistingingenue
Darcy/Clint; long; Adult
I am a sucker for Darcy/Clint, and this is a fine example of Darcy being a BAMF in a realistic way. Awesome, awesome.

Sine Metu by [ profile] galerian_ash
Expendables; Gunner Jensen/Barney Ross; short
This is a perfect gem of a story. It's funny and hot and sweet and canonically compatible, explaining some details of canon so delightfully that they've now become my personal headcanon.

And some mpreg, courtesy of that thread I started on [community profile] fandomsecrets:

Accidentally in Love by CMM
Trek Reboot; Kirk/Spock; looooong; Adult
Kirk gets knocked up non-sexually by Spock through the intervention of an alien god. The only problem? Spock's in love with Uhura. (Teensy bit of Uhura-bashing here; she's characterized in a way that I don't believe does justice to the character, but still an enjoyable read.)

The Shattered One by [ profile] miss_annthropic
SPN; Castiel/Dean; long
Castiel becomes pregnant as the result of asexual angel reproduction. How does he handle this pregnancy and the quest to save the world from Lucifer?

Every Judas Loved His Jesus by [ profile] croik
Avengers; Loki/Steve; Adult; long
This Loki is something else--beautifully characterized. He's sorry and angry and full of regret and shining with rage, and he just doesn't know how to stop himself. Even if you don't care for mpreg, I think this fic is worth a read for Loki's characterization alone.
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Now that Remix has been live for a million years, I can finally get around to posting a link to my story and linking you guys to the awesome remix that was written for me.

I wrote Poker Face (the she can read you remix). It's ST:TNG Deanna-centric gen, and I strongly recommend that you read the fabulous ficlet on which it is based before you read the story.

TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel wrote the fantastic Apple Candy (the fools rush in remix) which I think is absolutely wonderful. The story is Kirk/Spock/Uhura and rated PG-13ish. I love the wry humor and the bigger role given to Bones in the remix. This remix is much more fun of a read than my original which skews a bit more to the angsty. Once again, I feel like I won remix. :)
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100 Things Crowley Would Do Before the World Ended by [ profile] Shewhoguards; Good Omens; long; PG
Just like all the best fics centered around Azriphale and Crowley, this one is funny, more than a little heartbreaking, and pretty much entirely about how this duo needs each other.

Cut and Fucking Paste by [ profile] crimsonclad Trek Reboot; Kirk/Spock; short; R for language
This is really funny and a nice take on the whole "mindmeld opens up possibilties" for Kirk trope.

Light Unshone by [ profile] liadan14 HP; Charlie/Draco; Adult; Medium
After the war, the Weasleys are grieving, Draco's trying to survive, and somehow Draco and Charlie find a way to make life after Voldemort work at a dragon preserve in the Scottish Highlands.

Close Enough by Helenish; HP; Harry/Ron; Adult; long
Nobody writes HP like Helenish. I wish Helenish wrote HP all the time. There is so very little Harry/Ron out there (which shocked me to my very bones when I first started dipping my toes in the HP waters), and this is such a fine example of how amazing that pairing can be. This is set after the War and features a relatively fucked up Harry and clueless Ron.

Careful Where You Touch by [personal profile] dira; SG-1; Sam/Vala; PG; short
Vala understands the rules that govern how she and Sam must behave in public, but the secrecy is sometimes painful. Vala and Sam come out to the team. Yay, teamfic!

If You're Quick, For a Kick, You Can Pick Up a Christening by [personal profile] executrix; Firefly; Mal/Simon; medium
This is wedding fic as only Exec could write it, laugh out loud funny and deeply sweet. Wash shrugged. “Good things get better, bad get worse. Wait, I think I meant that in reverse. If you have problems, it doesn’t take them away. And there are special separate problems. There was that whole you could set your watch by Mal getting hysterical thing, but I guess he can’t make a thing out of it considering that he’s marrying you. I guess if you do make an honest man out of him, that could be a problem, unless you have some smart vocational ideas?” Simon shook his head. “I can recommend the married state heartily,” Wash said. “I mean, when you first came here, I didn’t think of you as someone I’d want to spend the rest of my life with, but then, I’m not the one who has to. Also, when you’re married, they can’t make you testify against your…against the person you’re married to.”

Froodian Slip by [personal profile] executrix; Firefly/Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy XOVER; short
I've never read Hitchhiker's Guide, and this fic makes me wish I had because I know this story would be even more awesome. Exec has a gift for character voices and this fic is no exception. If you want some wry humor, this is the fic for you.

Stealth Nanny McPhee by [personal profile] ariadne; H50; Steve/Danny; short
I don't even watch this show and I'm in love with this story. If you like sweet and happy with awesome dialogue, you won't be disappointed.


26/8/11 21:15
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Leave no Soul Behind by [ profile] triwislinthis; Trek Reboot; Spock/Kirk; Adult; long
This is a glorious AU of what is already an AU. Kirk and the others are emergency medical personnel who travel around the galaxy mopping up the mess Nero leaves behind. I love this Kirk. I love the reasons he chooses to leave Starfleet. I love the burgeoning relationship between him and Spock. I adore Spock's characterization and how loved he is by his crew. I love the reversal of the power dynamic (Kirk is subordinate to Spock here), and I love the exquisite writing. Excellent, excellent read.

The Laundry Ultimatum by [ profile] explodedpen; SGA; gen; medium
This is an extremely funny chronicle of the precarious life and times of the Atlantis laundry division. It's also a reminder that even the smallest aspects of life as a member of the expedition are fraught with danger and the potential for great harm.

Parenting, Pancakes, and the Professor by [ profile] violet_quill; HP; Neville/Percy; PG-13; medium
Percy has been divorced for some time, and his son has begun attending Hogwarts where Neville is a professor. The slowly building relationship between the grownups is interspersed with letters from Percy's son about his life at Hogwarts and with George's good natured meddling. This is a really sweet and fun read.

The Herald by RaeWhit; HP; Snape/Harry; long
This is a very interesting story. Snape has completely left the wizarding world yet one day finds himself living next door to Luna Lovegood. I very much like the descriptions of Snape living on his own and of the interactions between Snape and Luna (who fascinates me here). I could kinda care less about the Snape/Harry which feels pastede on yay to me. The joy in this story is, for me, all about Snape and Luna's quiet friendship.
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I promise I will now stop making up for months of not posting regularly. Well, after I make a post talking about my own Remix. And post the last batch of Remix recs. LOL

Trek Reboot and SPN )
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I finished these just before the reveal! I got hung up on S; I still have Trek Reboot and SPN to finish. :)

Star Trek Reboot

Like a Rolling Stone (The Metamorphic Remix)
Gaila-centric gen; non-con; Adult
I love this backstory for Gaila and the way that her own journey to Starfleet is in some small way tied to Spock's. Lovely fleshing out of a minor character.

A History of Handcrafts (Because a Sweater Equals Love)
Amanda/Sarek, Kirk/Gaila, Uhura/Spock; Adult
This made me tear up in the best way. Way to make explicit that what knits crew and family together is love. Also, apparently, yarn. And does Gaila ever stop being awesome? No, she does not.

whether they saw heaven or land (the shipwrecked sailor remix)
Kirk/Bones; PG-13
This is a remix of P3's pirates in space AU, and it is glorious. Terribly funny and witty with dialogue that just zings off the page. Excellent read.

Stars in My Pocket
Kirk/Bones; PG-13
A lovely burgeoning Academy romance. *loves*

Rocket Science (Earth Girls Aren't Easy Remix)
Gaila/Sulu, Chekov/OFC, implied Gaila/Sulu/Chekov; Adult
How is a 17 year old boy genius trapped on a starship ever to get laid? With a solid mission plan and the help of his two best friends, of course. :) Fun read with a moment of poignancy that really resonates.


Bird Watching (The Lofty Pigeon Remix)
Radek-centric gen; PG
Radek and Elizabeth visit a planet that uses homing pigeons. Nice meaningful look at a hobby that is used as a joke in canon.

Dear John (WIP remix)
McShep; PG
As he's coming down from Wraith enzyme, Rodney writes John a letter. I love the way this skirts the line between a lot of different emotions--Rodney is funny in this letter and witty and scathing and flippant and horrified and so very vulnerable. I love the way Anon screencapped an actual letter and I love all the marginalia.
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No Reservations: Narnia Anthony Bourdain/Chronicles of Narnia XOVER
This is the kind of fabulous that only comes out of Yuletide. It captures all of Bourdain's gritty and wry sarcasm while retaining the wonder and magic of Narnia. I love the idea of him participating in all this range of culinary experience.

(Just Like) Starting Over Star Trek RPF; Nimoy/Shatner, Pines/Quinto; Adult
This story makes me think I should have been reading Trek RPF all along. Genuinely laugh out loud funny with an off-the-wall and kooky narrative voice that makes for a zippy, fun read.

Snow, melting Alice in Wonderland/Narnia XOVER
I have always believed that Susan gets a really shitty deal in the Chronicles of Narnia--barred from heaven forever because she dared to grow up, dared to *gasp* entertain the first glimmmer of a burgeoning sexuality? Wow. That anvil felt lovely, Lewis. (I love the way Gaiman addresses this in his short story about Susan). In this story, Susan meets up with Alice and finds her way once again to a land reality-adjacent. This is a deeply sad story.

A Lesson in Uselessness Alice in Wonderland/Beauty and the Beast XOVER
Here, Alice finds herself in the Beast's castle. She figures Belle is a pretty good role model. *loves*

we can't live in the present forever Back to the Future
Oh, my heart. *sniff* Memories all superimposed on one another, and how in the world is Marty to know which is real anymore. A nice look at the possible psychological consequences of time travel.

A Tangible Help Dracula by Stoker
This is a deeper look at Harker during his imprisonment by Dracula. Excellent narrative voice.
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Just about every day, I take a look around lj and think, "I get to hang around these people for free? Wow." I am surrounded by some of the smartest, funniest, most clever people--and let me not forget, kindest and most generous while I'm at it. Sometimes it boggles my mind that so many exceptionally good writers are just one mouse click away from me at all times. Y'all make me feel lucky and grateful. Here's what a handful of you have been up to lately.

Famous Brown Raincoat by [ profile] executrix; Firefly; Mal/Zoe; Wash/Zoe; PG-13
Among executrix's many gifts is the ability to tell a hell of a backstory. I love this picture of Zoe and Mal following the war, of the minutiae of the lives of two people putting themselves back together. I love Zoe's voice here--how plainspoken and unapologetic she is even as she's apologizing. And mostly I love that River gets to save them all this time.

Let's Give 'Em Something to Talk About by [ profile] ariadne83; SG-1; Cam/Sam but mostly gen; PG-13
Ariadne is one of the most thoughtful and insightful writers I've ever read. Her understanding of character motivation is unparalleled, and she has a way of spooling out tiny plot points in canon to the far-reaching consequences that escape me sometimes as a viewer. This is the story of how Cam and Sam's marriage fails, and they learn to be friends. The voices are amazing here (Lorne in particular brings a grin to my face), and the end is pretty much the definition of perfect.

In Imitation of Apples by [ profile] possibly_thrice; Good Omens/Trek Reboot XOVER; Chekov-centric gen; PG
P3 is a genius, pure and simple. To call her a wordsmith somehow reduces the magic she makes to mere craft, and believe me, y'all--the way she puts words together goes far beyond the limitations of craft. I think she's the most evocative, sensual writer I've ever read anywhere, not just fandom. Her fic just begs to be read aloud (by Alan Rickman LOL). Sometimes I get chillbumps when I read her work; I *always* get jealous. In this fic, Chekov meets Azriphale and Crowley and it is GLORIOUS!

Apocalypses I Have Known by [ profile] lyrstzha; Non-fiction
I love Lyr's stories. I love the way she sees the Buffyverse, the way she writes the ensemble cast of Firefly, the way she lets me imagine Dean interacting with the world of Babylon 5, but I never love her writing so much as when she's writing about herself. This piece is, in a word, exquisite.

Absumption by [ profile] drsquidlove; Voyager; Paris/Janeway; Adult
This fic does not fit the category of lately, but thanks to the timelessness of the internet, it's as new to me as if it was written yesterday. I was introduced to the Doctor through hir Buffy fic (specifically Giles/Xander), and I was struck by hir skill with characterization and plotting. The Doctor tells a damn good story. So when I discovered that the Doc had written Voyager fic, I was pretty much beside myself with joy. This is a riff on the episode "Timeless," and it is just as angsty and heartrending as you might imagine. The depiction of grief and shock in the wake of the accident is particularly fine.
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Star Trek Voyager Summer Nights by SazzyAgain; Janeway/7
And here's a celebration of femslash so obvious my seven year old can spot it. Very fun vid.

Supernatural- Ain't no Sunshine by garfield2424
First, I love Eva Cassidy's version of the song. So haunting. I like the cuts between shots in the opening scene, and I like how whenever the brothers are in the same scene, one is immediately foregrounded and the other fades into obscurity. Even when they're together, they're alone. And then the song turns, and over the refrain of "I know, I know, I know, I know, I know," we see Sam and Dean together, talking it out, being brothers--only to have it all ripped away again.

Verb by lapillus; Trek Reboot; Kirk/Spock
OMG this is kind of perfect. I think this is pretty much the gold star for reboot vids of this pairing. Such fun.

vid recs

9/10/10 12:15
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If I Had You by Adam Lambert
I love this song. Love it. Earworm to the max. But why is Adam Lambert having a party in the woods behind my house? Why did he borrow Janeway's wig for the occasion? *flaily hands*

Wesley Windon Price by deebrenton; Jossverse; Wes-centric
Oh gods it hurt my fingers to type that. *shakes them out* If we overlook the gross misspelling of Wes's name, this is pretty much a kickass vid. It's Wesley at his most ridiculous (and endearing).

Brokeback Enterprise by Tranchera; TNG; Picard/Wesley
Oh, yes. you read that pairing right. This is such a cleverly edited vid; the audio clips are very well-chosen to form a compelling narrative about a forbidden love affair. This should be a parody (the title even says so!), but it isn't funny in the least. This reminds me so much of that fic where Picard is in love with *all* the Crushers. I especially love the final image of Picard staring at his reflection in a viewport, both for its resonance with the imagery of the film and for its inherent impact.

Everlong by Bullwinkle520; Trek Reboot; Kirk/Spock/Uhura
Oh what a glorious tangle this is. Each of them wanting the others and Kirk looking in from the outside, always. Love the quick cuts between images near the end of the vid, the kind of building frenetic energy there. Well done.

Muppet Show by Badger33; Star Trek Voyager
Voyager does the Muppet Show. Short and silly.

Ain't No Rest for the Wicked by reaper333x2
Oh, man. This artist sounds like Beck and Jack White had a baby. *loves* This is the quintessential Firefly song to the degree that I can image the writer mainlining the show and then thinking, "That would make a great song!" The footage quality is high, the editing tight, and the narrative well constructed. Nice.
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The Angst Archive: otherwise known as the archive of issues of consent
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, here it is for your perusal. A multi-fandom collection of non-con hijinks, child abuse, slavery, and OOC evilness. LOL I've been going through all the Voyager entries and, surprise! In almost every fic uploaded to this archive, Tom Paris is one half of the pairing and he's almost always the abused party. Fandom seems to have decided that his dad and Tony Harris get together every Friday to drink a few beers and swap child abuse pointers. And a prolific subset (please, spirits, let it be a subset!) of writers really, really, really get off on manipulating Chakotay's character until it's barely recognizable to me. Now, I know that happens in every fandom, but I think I can pin down what's motivating writers to create such an OOC Chakotay. In more than a few of the stories in this archive, Chakotay is either evil and sadistic and fond of making Paris pee himself or he's this emotionally immature person who is extremely possessive of Tom and prone to jealous fits and existential crises about his age when faced with Harry Kim. Oh, the guffaws. One of the stories explicitly articulated where these character changes come from; basically--how could someone as centered and peaceful and non-confrontational as Chakotay have been such a storied leader of the Maquis Resistance? Surely he's been ruthless and unscrupulous and prone to rapery all this time and just hiding it under a veneer of calm. Another factor is that because the character is presented canonically as being passive in many ways, I think writers had fun writing a Chakotay consumed by passion; what better way to validate an OTP than having this normally placid character driven to jealous rages, but only by his one true love? Also, I think some of these stories were written by kiddos who really think a man in his forties is just about over the hill. LOL Anyways, I found almost nothing in the Voyager section I liked well enough to rec, but there's tons of other fandoms represented in the archive.

Distorted Image by Mandragora; Paris/Chakotay; Adult; warnings for rape; epic novel length
This is one of the stories I did enjoy enough in the archive to want to read again. In it, Paris and Chakotay are sent into a mirror verse where Paris is sexually enslaved by MV!Chakotay. Chakotay works with the good guys (an Alliance of Bajorans and Cardassians that includes MV!Seska) to rescue him and get him back to Voyager. This is an utterly predictable story; it's clear from the outset that Tom's enslavement is going to lead to a relationship with the real Chakotay. However, this is one of those wonderful slave fics that really dwells on the horrors of the slavery part without descending into implausible and ridiculous trauma for the slave. Nice long read.

Slave by Yvette; Tuvok/Kim; Adult; consent issues
Ignore the first paragraph which is weird and unnecessary. In this fic, Harry is transported to an alternate reality where everything seems to be the same except that Vulcans own human slaves. Harry's doppelganger takes his place on our Voyager, and both of them have real problems adjusting to their new realities. This was a nice change of pairing after the all Chakotay/Paris all the time club that is this archive. I also think it's in many ways a nice character study of both Tuvok and Harry. Ultimately, what I find fascinating is the inability of the people in either reality to understand where the other is coming from.

Fighting Gravity by pantswarrior; Trek Reboot; Kirk/Spock; Adult; novel length
In this story, Spock decides not to join the Enterprise on her first five-year mission. And then for reasons Kirk slowly comes to fathom, Spock is reduced to living on the streets of Earth and begging. That sounds like a really dumb premise; it's hard to envision the scenario that would lead to Spock, of all people, having to live that way. But pantswarrior pulls off this plotline with the kind of skill that makes you wonder why you ever doubted how awesome hobo Spock could be. There's a lovely amount of emotional h/c, excellent psychological insight to both characters, and an unfolding mystery that fascinated me. Wonderful read.

Stain of Silence by [ profile] brummell; HP; Harry/Draco; Adult; Big-Bang length
After the war is over, Draco serves out his sentence in Harry's house as his ward. Ginny dies, leaving Harry with their child to care for. I love this story to bitty bits. Draco's despair and his endeavor to reconstruct his identity, plus the domesticity of the fic coupled with the way that the Weasley family does not see Draco as a fit caregiver for its newest member make this a very enjoyable read.

This Irregular Breathing Thing by [ profile] monjtales; SPN Big Bang; Chuck/Zacariah non-con; Chuck/Castiel; Adult
I am so tired of Sam and Dean right now that this fic is like a breath of fresh air. Big Bang nearly kills all my SPN love. I wish they would limit participation somehow so that it's not just a million bajillion Wincest fics with minor plot variations. /rant Ahem. In this fic, Zacariah has been abusing Chuck since he became a prophet. I like the way this fic gives Chuck more agency in some ways than the show does (for instance, it explains his attempts to actually help the boys behind the scenes and why he doesn't recognize Sam and Dean when they appear on his doorstep). This is h/c all the way, and what a nicely broken Chuck. The dialogue is awesome and I love Castiel's characterization here.

With Muffled Drums by [ profile] ariadne83; SGA; established Ford/Lorne; PG
I think that [ profile] ariadne83 has the best understanding of the nuances of this show and its characters of anyone else I've met in fandom. Her attention to the subtle details makes every single thing she writes an utter (if sometimes hurty) joy to read. This is her interpretation of "The Last Man." Rodney's not the only one who's lost someone.
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Never Put My Hope (the Second Generation Masters of Our Destiny remix)
TOS; Pike/Number One
You should read [ profile] bosette's original fic, Bring the Mountain To first. This fic is gorgeous, striking, the best kind of world building and mythos-making. In this fic, the crew of the Enterprise is stuck on Talos, animals in the zoo of a far more advanced race. And drawing liberally from Judeo-Christian (but mostly Hebrew) sources, Number One kicks ass and takes names. This is a story about rebuilding a society from the ground up, about making new rules and negotiating new truths, about the death of Gods. Anon Remixer's fic is about the fallout, and it is freaking awesome.

The Moment of Our Greatness Flickers (The Love Is A Losing Hand Remix)
TOS or nu!Trek
This is the story of the end of McCoy's marriage.

There is Joy in Repetition (But Sometimes You Have to Break Routine Extended Remix)
Christine Chapel is a FRELLING BADASS, and I love it love it love it love it. Really nice character insights and commentary on heroism and command.

Pipe Dreams (The Marzipan in Your Pie Plate Megamix)
This is so disturbing and dark and creepy, all while being more than a little funny. What lengths do you go to to keep the people you love and what does it say about you that you can't let go?
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Star Trek of various ilk

Confessions of a Q; Gen
Oh, man. This weaves together the canons of TOS and TNG through the seamless and ingenious use of the Q Continuum. Guaranteed to make you smile.

The Loudest Noise (affannato, affettuoso, agitato); Gaila and Uhura Gen
This is a remix of one of [ profile] possibly_thrice's Trek fics, so the original material was amazing to begin with. This remix is solid gold, y'all. Amazing world building, amazing characterization of Uhura and Gaila, amazing insight into what it must mean to learn to communicate with an ever increasing number of beings who are so very little like you.

Free, Freefalling (The Home Is Wherever I'm With You Remix); Chekov gen
Nu!Chekov is so painfully young, so exquisite in his rawness. Lovely character study.

Medical Leave (the Brain Bleach remix)
Told from McCoy's POV, this is really funny and lighthearted. Good times.

Not your Daddy's Starfleet (The Through a Mirror Mix)
Ouch. And Yay! This is a very fucked up Kirk who desperately wants to hurt himself and is using all available resources to do so. And while I usually backbutton out of daddy!kink faster than a jackrabbit over a hollow log, I totally dig the multiplicity of layers of dirty!bad!wrong it carries in this fic.

The One Constant
Oh, Anon Remixer, you win at Remix for life. This fic reimagines the original as an RPF fic written by a Castiel fangirl someone in the Trekverse. Such a cool idea. THIS STORY WINS A SHINY PONY!
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In the flesh and in the clod by [ profile] troyswann; Sam-centric team gen
Those of you who read Gateverse fic know that Salieri is an amazing writer, but I would recommend that even those of you who aren't into SG-1 read this story. This is what it means to be Team, what it means to be Scoobies, what it means to be fugitives on Moya. This is what happens when your family is of your own choosing.

The Lost Expedition by Chaletian; SGA future fic; gen
This is freaking brilliant is what this is. Wow. *boggles* I am ever so reminded of A.S. Byatt's The Biographer's Tale which is so deliciously frustrating for all it's wonderful ambiguity. You wanna know how to craft a story? How to write a mystery? How to create suspense? How to make heart ache with hope and regret simultaneously? Hie thee hither, folks.

Solitary by [ profile] esteefee; McShep
So, who wants to read a primer on how to write John Sheppard? This is one of those stories that's all about the little things, the tiny tiny character grace notes, the smallest observation.


Untitled We Saved the Fucking World OMG and Ellen and Jo are awesome snippet by [ profile] rogue_clasique
“You drink better than anyone,” Sam says fiercely. “Better than anyone I ever met in the whole goddamn world, Dean.” *heart in throat*

Exiles by [ profile] nwhepcat; XOVER with Buffyverse; Oz/OFC
This is set during "Mystery Spot," and while it's a story about Sam, it's really more a story about Oz and a woman named Alice who is transgendered. It's about love and sacrifice and HOW FREAKING COOL OZ IS ALWAYS AND FOREVER AMEN. It's also an exemplar of a what a successful OC reads like.

Leave My Heart Out of This by [ profile] elles18; J2 AU

Sam's Best Friends He Doesn't Know About by [ profile] clex_monkie89; Stanford gen
This is a five things piece and what a doozy. It's been five seasons and we all know that Winchesters can be clueless when it comes to things that really matter. *passes out tissues*

Trek 09

The Story of Creation by [ profile] tinocka; Kirk/Spock, Spock!Prime/OMC, other tangential pairings both het and slash
I think that what I love most about this fic is that while this is a story about the Kirk and Spock of the reboot universe, it is mostly a story about Spock!Prime and Kirk!Prime and the courage, the determination, the tenacity of a SP who will wring out of this life he has now all the joy he can muster when he knows so well what he has left behind. This is a tearjerker, but always with joy threaded through the tears.

lie back and think of Starfleet by [ profile] curiouslyfic; Kirk/Sulu
So this is where the hoshit comes from. LOL I find this a rollicking good tale of hilarity, misunderstanding, and epiphany. I wish I could take my laptop in the bathtub for yea verily this is the sort of tale I would read therein if I were able.

We Have Loved the Stars Too Brightly to be Fearful of the Night by [ profile] brighteyed_jill; Chekov/McCoy
Okay. This is not a pairing that in thirty years of watching Star Trek I'd ever considered, but *man* does it work here. This is ye old slave fic in all it's glory, and I can't say I've ever turned down that particular brand of h/c.

The Most Precious Thing by [ profile] soloproject; Chekov/Sulu
This is such an exquisite character study, such a lovely lovely bit of worldbuilding for StarFleet. There is such a sweetness that runs so deep through this work. *loves*

For Brethren to Dwell Together by [ profile] jessofthebugs; Gen
Turns out that Chanukah, Solstice, Ramadan, and Christmas coincide in 2258. It would be really nice if we didn't have to wait that long for this kind of ecumenical solidarity.
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Sunshine State by [ profile] innie_darling; SPN; Sam/OMC, Sam/OFCs, Sam/Jess; Adult
Wow. This is a Stanford story, and it is so richly crafted, so wonderfully layered. This version of Sam is one that I very much buy and the cast of original characters that surrounds him feel as real and as multi-dimensional as he does (no mean feat). Its sequel is Dean/OMC, and my only complaint is that the damn thing ended. LOL

So Wise We Grow by [ profile] captanddeaster; Trek 2009; Spock/Kirk; Adult; Warning: non-graphic allusions to child abuse
I kept forgetting while I was reading this that this isn't canon. LOL I was so immersed and engrossed in the story that when it was over, I had to remind myself that none of this actually happened. The author of this story has a real gift for voice, and not just character voice, but the accompanying narrative voice that surrounds each POV character. It's really hard, IMO, to switch back and forth between characters with very distinctive voices and have it read this effortlessly. I think that the premise of the story (Spock and Kirk adopt a child together) was handled very plausibly, and I really like the exploration of how Vulcan society might radically change in the aftermath of the disaster. Go read! Shoo.
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As we are by [ profile] lelise; Toy Soldiers; Joey/Billy; PG-13
This story only has 18 comments which is truly a fandom shame. You all know how much I love this movie if you've been reading this journal for any length of time, and [ profile] lelise gets the characters pitch perfect: Billy has always been a practical guy. He likes things that make sense to him and that he can take apart and put back together again with his own hands. He doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, doesn’t wish on falling stars and when he was six he watched his mother throw his tooth in the trash and take five dollars from her purse. He sees things for what they are and he doesn’t wish they were different. The bunk slats creak above his head when Joey shifts in his sleep and Billy rubs his tongue against the sharp edge of a tooth and doesn’t make any wishes.

Never Brought To Mind by [ profile] queenzulu; Buffyverse; Dawn/Faith; Adult
As [ profile] thelastgoodname described it to me, this is the best Dawn story ever and ever amen.


SPN including Big Bang )

Star Trek Reboot )
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Thanks to [ profile] ariadne83 for pointing this out to me.

Dance Floor by Sloane
This is a glorious piece of meta. It's beautifully edited, slick, the beat is sick (to quote Lady Gaga) and the words, oh the words. Because, yes. There *are* too many dicks on this dance floor.


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