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Cutting for Stone (The Mason's Ballad); ST:DS9; Miles & Julian; implied Miles/Julian/Keiko; the show practically invites us to believe that Miles and Julian are madly in love with each other; I love fic where that love doesn't sideline Keiko

Quark's Day (The Noh-Jay Remix); ST:DS9; Nog and Jake on DS9 after the Dominion Occupation has been defeated; one of the best TV friendships ever depicted so beautifully here

Hallmark Moment (Here in the Morning Remix); ST:Reboot; Joanna McCoy; time travel and timelines and angst

Professional Jealousy (The Black Propaganda Remix); SGA; McShep; Rodney really hates Neil Degrasse Tyson. LOL

Alchemical Solution (Swish and Flick Remix); SGA/HP fusion; the team bonds in the Room of Requirement
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This Will Always Be My Home by ManticoreEscapee
This vid features a shot from every single episode of DS9 and reminds me exactly why I love this Trek franchise the best.

Not Alone by LariGevaerd
I just watched the episode where Tony tells Ziva she's not alone as she goes to bury her father. This vid feels like that moment but stretched out for the whole team. I love family of choice, *hard*, and this vid showcases that family dynamic.


Never Morning Wore by Blue Moony
Remus/Ron; adult; long
In the aftermath of Hermione's death, Ron despairs. This is a deeply angsty fic, which y'all know I love, so don't go looking for a happy ending.

An Amiable Hock by [personal profile] executrix
Simon/Inara; Adult but not explicit; short
Executrix has a gift for witty dialogue, and this fic is no exception. One of my favorite lines: Simon knew he would never be seventeen again. He was growing to believe he would never be twenty-seven, ever, so he felt all the more disposed to take advantage of whatever declining sexual powers remained to him. I also appreciate this story for the sharp character insights.

No Kidding by [ profile] pir8fancier
McShep, Keller/McKay; Adult; long
John has a surprise!kid, and she sets Atlantis on it's head. I love kid fic, but you don't come across a lot where the kid's basically grown. I like surly, teenage Sheplet, and I love the way that she changes everything between John and Rodney.

Captain Trips Is Not the Name of an Air Force Officer by [ profile] infinimato
SGA/SG-1 fusion with Stephen King's The Stand
What if some of our favorite Gateverse characters survived the superflu and converged on Boulder. I wish this had more than just the two parts. It's a fascinating idea.
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Not really gonna rec these properly because I've been staring at this folder for months trying to get the energy to make the rec-set. LOL

Trek Reboot

We Live in Detail series by black_eyedgirl

Only Good for Legends by leupagus

at the going down of the sun by Dee
mostly gen; Spock/Uhura

On a Day Like This by oxymoronic


Families by sophiegrace
Kira-centric gen

Skinny Dipping on Risa by chesari


Dudley Redeemed stories

Rogation by wemyss

After the Storm by eruditefics

The Boy Who Fell by busaikko
Dudley/surprise slash pairing

From Dursley 'Til Dawn by wwmrsweasleydo
Dudley/surprise slash pairing

Other HP

For the Public Good

Life in Kind by Sansa
I think this is Harry/Snape

Little Red Courgette
Harry/Draco; <3

Night Watch by Mia Ugly
pretty sure this is Snarry


The White Road by Perverse_Idyll

The Sleeper Awakes by Snorkfics
Percy-centric gen

There Are Days I Wish I Lived in a Romance Novel (But This Isn't One of Them) by anguis_1

Sick and Tired of What to say (No One Listens Anyway) by Perpetual Motion

and the walls came tumbling down by alecto
Harry/Crabbe; not cracky; sad


Ten Thousand Miles by mimblexwimble
*sobby sob sob*


The Raggedy Edge
Sam/Jack; crossover with Firefly


Who Needs Enemies by the anonsisters; DS9

Wicked Game by obsessive24; BSG; Dee-centric

Suddenly I See by purplefringe; Firefly; Kaylee and Inara

Improper Dancing by marycrawford
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I am home! Finally! We had an excellent trip (Christmas haul post forthcoming) with very little drama which is almost unheard of for our families. LOL We have guests coming tomorrow, so I will be spending the rest of the night cleaning and packing away our awesome new gifts (and also finishing the last half of the column that was due today *headdesk*).

But I did carve out a little time to read some Yuletide. I'm always traveling over Christmas and so I never feel like I get to properly participate in Yuletide. By the time I get a chance to really read anything in the archive, the reveal is already over.

Y'all, I got TWO GIFTS in Yuletide this year!!! I cannot contain my delight. Both of them are wonderful Star Trek: Deep Space Nine stories that I can't wait for you to read.

Son of a Preacher Man chronicles Jake and Nog's relationship through all the permutations we see on the show (mischief, Jake's role as teacher, Nog's entrance into Starfleet) and then adds a romantic element we don't see on the show. There's hurt/comfort, the best sentimental gesture Nog could ever make to Jake, and all in all, I am besotted with the story. :)

Cutting for Stone is a wonderful exploration of the relationship between Julian and Miles. That pairing is practically canon, and I love the way this Anon doesn't dismiss Keiko or vilify her while still acknowledging the depth of feeling that Julian and Miles share. The writing here is exquisitely lovely with gorgeous grace notes scattered throughout. This was a Madness Treat and so has very few comments as of yet. Go rectify that, y'all. :)

This was a fantastic year for DS9. There are fifteen stories in the archive proper (fifteen!), and I haven't even checked out Madness yet. My favorites of the other stories include Immortal, a beautiful and perceptive character study of Jadzia as she pursues Joining; Collaborators, a gen piece about the unexpected forms resistance can take; One Ordinary Week with Party Hats, which is chock full of excellent and funny dialogue, the best holosuite program ever, and a Julian who is his usual eager self in his quest to give Garak the best birthday party ever; Ask, a Miles/Julian story that has Keiko instigating the whole thing (love, love, love when Keiko is an integral and accepting part of a slash relationship between those two); Simulacrum, a lengthy piece (how do people write this much and so well in such a short time? *awe*) about Mirror!Verse Miles and his experiences with two Julian Bashirs.

Recs in Other Fandoms )

And one more rec, which although not part of Yuletide, I am considering as part of my holiday haul as [ profile] counteragent wrote it just for me: Untitled Luna drabble that perfectly encapsulates the things I love about that character. Love love love love love.
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I Wish I Was James Bond by [personal profile] kuwdora; DS9; Bashir-centric
I like the way this vid interweaves the lighthearted fantasy of spy-dom that Julian plays at in the holodeck with the much more serious and dark reality of Section 31. Very nicely done.

I Can't Hear the Music by Settiai; DS9; Kai Winn-centric
The lyrics of this song are absolutely perfect for Winn. I love the way this vid highlights her moral turpitude while also making her sympathetic and revealing how tortured she is. Excellent character study.

You've Got a Friend by llintrek; DS9; Jake&Nog
I adore this friendship so much. When Sisko catches Jake teaching Nog how to read, my little heart clenches every single time. I love that their friendship persists into the future (or at least one possible vision of it in "The Visitor"). In many ways, they are the heart of the whole show to me, the ones who grow and change the most, and the ones whose bond is arguably the closest.

J&J Tribute by DeepSpace9Fan; DS9; Julian&Jadzia
I think that what struck me the most on this rewatch of DS9 is how much Julian really loves Jadzia and how fond she is of him. He begins as this incredibly green and naive and irritatingly young doctor who is used to women falling at his feet and being with beautiful women and OF COURSE he's interested in Jadzia. If you're not interested in Jadzia then you're broken in a way Lorraine can't help. LOL And then they actually become friends and over the years, his love for her becomes real and true and deep and abiding and about much more than how sexy smart and sexy hot she is. They do so many little quiet scenes with him after she gets with Worf and then after she dies, and his grief is palpable. Frankly, it's hard to watch. It hurts. And what makes it even so much more poignant is that Ezri tells Julian it could have been him, that she could have loved him, that she DID love him. *sniffle sobs*

Deep Space Nine (was Terok Nor) by GhastlyH
This is an awesome filk set to the tune of "Istanbul (was Constantinople)" by "They Might Be Giants." This would be fun to sing en masse at a con. :)

How Harry Potter Should Have Ended by HISHEdotcom; HP
This is very silly and also contains an element of yes please. :)

A Tribute to the Last Weasley Twin by Mirrorcat21; HP; George Weasley-centric
This is haunting. I love how the video constantly cuts to an image of an alone and bereft George, looking mighty pensive. Excellent use of black and white footage; the lyrics are soul-slaying given George's circumstances. Really well done and heart hurty.

Never Had a Dream Come True (Fred Weasley Tribute) by iamobsessedandproud; HP; Fred Weasley-centric
And by contrast, this vid on the same thing makes me laugh because it's about how everybody is in love with Fred. Even Ginny, I think. And possibly Molly. *gigglesnort*

Not Alone by ; HP; Death Hallows Part 2-centric
All the little moments of connection and togetherness in the midst of terrible and horrible tragedy. This makes me tear up every damn time I watch it. Harry and Snape, Hermione telling Harry she'll go with him (Oh god I love that difference in the movie, that she KNOWS, SHE KNOWS OH MY FRICKING HEART). This is one of my favorite vids period.

Lights Will Guide Me Home by Dazzlem7 HP; Ron/Hermione
Excellent use of voice-over, beautiful dark filter over everything. Lovely character study of Ron. I love the refrain--lights will guide you home--and how literally true that is given that he finds his way back to Harry and Hermione through the Deluminator.

Your Biggest Fan by [ profile] wistful_fever; SPN; Sam&Dean
I really like this vid. It's from the perspective of a pretty fucked up Dean (so, you know, Dean) who can recognize his own sacrifices but not Sam's. He's a martyr and very resigned to his martyrdom here. It defines him completely. This vid is quite dark, but somehow manages to be charming at the same time. It's probably all the grin shots interspersed throughout.

Someone Like You by Adele
Y'all, the first time I heard this song, I sat in the driveway until it was over and wept because it hit me in that visceral place, that place that cannot imagine what it would be like if Josh died or left me and I can just see myself trying to find someone like him and failing and it hurt in a way that a song hasn't hurt me in a long time, maybe since Mogwai's "New Paths to Helicon Pt. 2" or Ryan Adams's "Withering Heights" or Tori Amos's "Playboy Mommy" (or if I'm totally honest, "Holes in the Floor of Heaven." Don't judge me. I grew up in the country, okay.)
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End of an Era--Harry Potter Tribute by eeks1120
"Don't you ever wonder what will happen when it end? How can we let go of the ones who we call friend?" *sniffle* This is the best kind of fan song--it really *gets* what it is to love a book deeply and wholeheartedly and the sort of bittersweetness that comes when a series ends. The vid is perfectly edited to match the lyrics. The part over the bridge where it shows many of the fallen slays me. This is destined to become a classic that will be around for a long time, I think.

Draco's Milkshake by AndieHeartsYou143
Oh, it brings all the boys to the yard. And it's better than Potter's and Snape's and, well, you get the idea. :) This makes me grin like a loon.

I Swear by [personal profile] dualbunny; Smallville; Clark/Lex; MPREG OMG
Looks like the streaming is down, but you can still dl. I love this kind of vid where a completely different story is woven from existing footage. At the end of this vid, I truly believe that Clark and Lex are the parents of one adorable CatBaby. This is the bestest kind of crack of ever.

Secret Agent by llintrek; women of Star Trek
I love this vid. First, it's got the subject matter going for it. Not enough love for the ladies of Trek to ever suit Lorraine. :) Secondly, the song is fantastic. She's a sinner (cue Kai Winn); she's a saint (cue Edith Keeler). LOL I also really, really like that this doesn't showcase only the big name ladies; there are some unexpected faces in this vid, and I really like that.

I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper by llintrek; women of Star Trek
Another fun vid in the same vein as the previous. I LOVE LIKE BURNING the implication here that all the ladies of Star Trek are queer! Yay! OMG the femslash possibilities in this vid. Deanna/K'Ehlehr, anybody?

Heroes by llintrek; DS9
I love the tone of this vid. It begins with all the holosuite adventures the crew has and their venture back to Kirk's Enterprise. And then there's a subtle tonal shift. Interwoven with all the fantasy heroics are the crew actually being heroic and leaning on each other. It's extremely emotionally affecting.
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Things #1 and #2:

Happy birthday, [ profile] lyrstzha! Happy birthday, [ profile] zillah975!

I'm lucky to have friends like you in my life. *hugs*

Thing #3:

[ profile] mosca has written the most exquisitely wonderful DS9 fic I think I've ever read called Parallel Evolution. The story is Worf/Jadzia, Garak/Bashir, Leeta/Rom; rated Adult. And it was written for MEEEEEEEEEEE! But I would love this story even if it were not written for me. It's about sexual expression that isn't human-centric and heteronormative. It's about Jadzia and how she differentiates her own desires from the desires of all of Dax's other hosts. It's about Worf and how sometimes he likes to bottom. It's about the Wildean banter that characterize Garak and Bashir. It's about turning conventional human sexual expectations on their head. It's about the web of shared experiences that link these people, about the secrets they share, about the vast variety of this family they have made. *squee squee squee* Also, Worf and Jadzia doing it is never not awesome.
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It Wouldn't Happen to Homer Percy Jackson; Percy/Annabeth
This author really has the narrative voice of the source material down pat. Nice, fun read.

Let it Be Deep Space Nine
Oh, be still my heart. Ezri, Worf, Quark and Julian in the aftermath of Jadzia's death. So moving and wonderfully written. Worf did not know whether he wished for the station’s power converters to swallow him or whether he wanted to throw himself into his mother’s arms in a fashion not befitting a warrior.

Water will keep running, rivers will turn True Blood; Eric/Godric
Godric is such a fascinating character, and we get far too little of him in canon. This is a wonderful backstory for both him and Eric.
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So You Want to Get a PhD in Humanities? by Allisonles
This is LOLarious, hitting all the high points of academic employment in the Humanities. Yes, my fresh-faced and rosy-cheeked English majors, you too can look forward to a career teaching in the middle of nowhere Nebraska for a salary that very nearly supports your Miller Lite habit.

STAR TREK 40th Anniversary Tribute 1966-2006 by ENTERPRISENX01
I am not ashamed to admit that this loving tour of all the treks pre-reboot makes me bawl like a baby.

Sam Needs a Haircut (mini vid) by juicy1111; SPN
Oh, Sam. *pets him* The boy's hair is just a hot mess. This made me giggle.

The Safety Dance-[Multi-fandom, Movie Dancing by shoopdancer2504
Just what it says on the tin.

Marching On by dazzleme7; HP
This is the best love letter to the Harry Potter series I think I've seen. This is about family, family of origin and family of choice, and most of the characters get a moment in the limelight (Yay, Neville and Luna! All the Fred and George bits kill me. *sniffle*) This is about solidarity and standing together and nobody really being alone. The vid uses footage from all the movies, including trailer material from Death Hallows Part 1, and the vidder has put this beautiful filter over everything that puts everything in high relief and makes all the images look very stark. It's visually beautiful to look at, I love the song, and it makes me tear up watching all the characters we so love march on toward their destiny. Basically, this is genius, pure and simple.

Star Trek Girls on Film by Boss DanMark
A parade of ladies from the original Star Trek series.
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Vid recs!

Avatar Dance Mix by [ profile] friendshipper; Avatar
This is a really fun vid to watch. Sholio does an excellent job of editing here, and I will always always be a sucker for those kids hugging each other. And Appa!!

One Girl Revolution by [ profile] dangen; Multi-fandom
I don't know if I can be coherent enough about this vid to say anything other than, GIRLS ARE AWESOME OMG GIRL POWER FOREVER! Love, love all the fandoms represented (including B7 and my girl Janeway!), and I adore the lyrics to this song. Guaranteed rewatcher.

Around the Bend by [ profile] dangen; Multi-fandom
This is a vid about women driving cars and flying planes and spaceships and riding motorcycles and in general being all kinds of badass and awesome. As with the previous vid, I am so stoked about all the fandoms represented, but what's even better is that the vidder intersperses images of actual for-reals-yo woman taking the wheel.

Wild Child by [ profile] calapine; Multi-fandom
You should be sensing a theme about now, and that them is LADIES! AWESOME LADIES! This has some wonderful and unexpected fandoms represented (hello, Lois and Clark), and like the vids recced before, does an excellent job of celebrating women.

What About by [ profile] fizzyblogic; Multi-fandom
This vid belongs to the same family as the ones I've just recced, and yet inexplicably it has only a handful of comments. Run, go, watch this vid! Revel in the women being awesome. Tell the vidder you liked it. :)

I Enjoy Being a Girl by [ profile] absolutedestiny; Multi-fannish
In this vid, fewer fandoms are represented than the others I've recced, but the vid forms a much more cohesive narrative. Strong parallels are drawn between the characters in the vid, and we're shown clips of the women engaging in the same or similar activities back to back. Quite fun to watch.

Kiss Mr. Spock by gin1119; TOS Kirk/Spock
Oh, the silly! This is really a nicely edited vid that reimagines Kirk and Spock as Eric and Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Thank you, TOS, for giving us slash so thick, you can scrape it off the screen.

Voyager versus South Park by ZoeAmory; Voyager and South Park
Aahahahhahahaaahahah! This is like thirty seconds of South Park audio set to Voyager video, and it makes me snort milk out of my nose.

Janeway's Hair by dreamsavvy; Voyager
Just what it says on the tin--the many and multifarious hairstyles of Kathryn Janeway. (I am so besotted with this woman, it's not even funny.)

With or Without You by northernstar24; Kira/Odo DS9
This vid really cleverly mixes audio from the series with the song. It's pretty much the best shipper vid I've ever seen for these two. Makes me tear up like nobody's business. I love the way this vid articulates the tension between the love Odo feels for Kira and the duty he feels to his people.

Atheists Don't Have No Songs by Steve Martin
Give the vid two seconds; it's out of focus to start with. This is a barbershop quartet singing the whole of the Atheist Hymnal. *loves*
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It has come to my attention that some of you are unfamiliar with the Star Trek franchise.

*cries of blasphemy*

Instead of summary execution, I offer you this very basic compendium of the top ten episodes of each franchise and why they are Must See Trek TV. Also I might mention some novels. *snerk*

Trek in a nutshell )

How's that jive with your lists?
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Secondary by [ profile] glossing Spike/Dawn This is a glorious piece of unfic here, a bit of what-I'd-write-were-I-to-write-it. They're both made of leftovers. Afterthoughts, second thoughts, and he's never going to be Angel or Darla or Buffy or Connor. He's no one's son, no one's first. Just like she's never going to be Buffy or anyone else. She's a construct of blood with the weight of reality pressing in on her; he's a monster of blood with the weight of a soul.

Remedial Buffy by [ profile] glossing Cordelia/Buffy This is about a Buffy that's hard and a little broken, and a Cordelia whose very much want-take-have.

And I Would Know You Anywhere by [ profile] inlovewithnight Fred/Gunn I don't want to give too much away, but this is beautiful and heartrenching. Gunn is unwilling to let Fred simply be dead, and he's willing to risk everything to bring her back.

Five things Wesley never taught Illyria and Five methods of torture Faith didn't get to use on Wesley, but contemplated by [ profile] killabeez These are short and written in list form, and man do they pack an emotional punch.


The Absinthe Heart by Seema. This is Ezri-centric and told from Quark's POV. Very short with great dialogue.
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Water in One Hand by [ profile] ana_grrl. Mal/Simon, post-BDM. Ana makes the world end again, and oh is it so sweet. Simon half-smiles at him and steps forward, his hands – wet, sudsy – wrapping around Mal's biceps. "I will. Soap gets itchy. But this first." And he leans in, gets closer, kissing Mal on the lips. It's hard, firm, there's nothing tentative about it. Maybe Simon learned that from Kaylee, years ago, how to take what you want.


Making God Laugh by [ profile] puritybrown Jayne/Simon, rated R, post-BDM and long. "Is this going to scar?" Simon ties off the last of the sutures and cuts the thread neatly before answering, "No, I don't think so." "Good," says Zoë. "I don't know about you, but if I'm going to have scars, I'd like them to have some kind of story behind them. 'I was cutting some bread and my hand slipped' is not the kind of story I had in mind."

Watcher by [ profile] executrix This is such a bleak portrait of Mal. It hurts me and I love it.

Decor by [ profile] executrix Simon/Inara, Adult. And this is the story I'm mad for. The story you've got to read, everybody, because it will blow your minds. This is chock full of amazing imagery and some of the most extraordinary sensory image I've read in fanfic. It is in some ways, a truncated character study of Simon and Inara, and I adore their two approaches to the arrangement they make. I'm not gonna quote from this because you have to read everything in its original context.

Star Trek: DS9

Five Things That Might Have Happened To Julian Bashir (If Anyone Had Asked) by Nostalgia This pairs Bashir with O'Brien, Ezri and Garak, and is a nice take on the five things meme.

Ghost in the Machine by Nostalgia This Ezri-centric fic explores her confusion after being given the Dax symbiont.

Intifada by Nostalgia What happens when Ezri and Bashir are captured by the Dominion? Something that's guaranteed to make your heart break.

How to Start Over by [ profile] mosca This fic deals with the dissolution of O'Brien's marriage and his unresolved feelings for a certain doctor. Bonus points for the list format.
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Not fannish, but a list of actual porno movie titles that had me in stitches: HERE

Star Trek

Seeds of Retribution Kirk/Khan by Wildcat One possible, NC-17 rated, version of what happens behind these scenes between these two in the episode "Space Seed."

Kanaar by The Archivist Garak and Bashir, pre-slash. This is a really interesting exploration of Garak's character through the medium of Cardassian cuisine and dining rituals. This fic excellently invents aspects of Cardassian culture that brilliantly illuminate a burgeoning relationship.


She Fixes You by [ profile] executrix Faith/Giles Adult The first thing Giles noticed was not Faith's beauty, or her damaged charisma (broken at the strong places, just the thing to appeal to a Bitter Old Chaos Queen) but how very much….larger she was than Buffy.

Weighs Nothing: Five Lies That Connor’s Father Told Him by [ profile] kita0610 5 drabbles that deal with each of Connor's fathers. The last is a killer. Really amazing piece.

Sweet, Sour, and Sweet Again (The Monster at the End of this Book Remix) by [ profile] wisdomeagle Cordy and Fred. This piece is brilliantly constructed. I'm such a sucker for clever narrative styles and this is certainly a piece that plays with narrative and highlights our complicity as readers/viewers in the narrative arc. Very thoughtful.

Again by [ profile] kindkit Ethan/Giles, rated R. Three decades of meetings for these old Mages. Truncated, but all the powerful for the brevity.

Prerequisites by [ profile] tkp A poem from Angelus's point of view. Really captures the mood of his voice-over narration of the episode where he kills Jenny. Great read.

As if We Should Forget We Have No Hands by [ profile] tabaqui Spike/Xander Adult. Xander has amnesia and Spike helps him to reclaim his past and his future. Tabi always has such novel ways of writing about an old theme. Also, one chapter of this is just pure-d scary, something that's really hard to pull off, I think.

Remnants of a Whatchamacallit Evening by [ profile] wisdomeagle Harmony/Cordy The Harmony here is so perfect--so believeable. So funny and yet utterly tragic at the very core, which is how Harmony should be. A MUST READ.


What River Knows by [ profile] trekgirl55 River and Zoe have a conversation after the BDM. This is very sad, but very plausible. Great read.

Fowl Play and its sequel Fowl Tempered by [ profile] lyrstzha 'Cause chickenification is so a word. LOL

Cave Cave by [ profile] executrix This is crack-fic at it's best--Wash as the Xander victim of a love spell he intends for Zoe. Will test the structural integrity of your bladder.

Babysitters' Club

Kristy and the Horrible Breakup by [ profile] thelastgoodname Kristy/Stacey Oh the voices in this are so so so perfect. Made me wanna go check all the books out of the library again. This fic is guaranteed to make you all grinny.

Trek rec

7/4/06 23:50
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My dearest [ profile] trekgirl55 has posted her first fic to her journal: The Vow. It's a Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Kira-centric fic that features the Major's life in the resistance. Everybody go and give a new (and wonderful) writer some love!
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After by [ profile] thelastgoodname. Dawn/Faith, post-NFA. "Dawn's going to be my Watcher," Faith said. "She's ready. She can do it. And she's not going to die." "No," said Giles. "I'm not asking, Giles," she replied, smiling. "I'm telling you. If she says no, then I'm gone. If she says yes, then I'm still gone -- and she's coming with me." I didn't quote my favorite section; I want you all to read it in the context of the fic so as not to miss any yummy goodness.

Living Dangerously by Andraste. This Andrew-centric fic is set in the Summers' home before the big show down with the First Evil. The smell is all wrong. It's not like he was in love with the way Jonathan always left his laundry on the floor, or how Warren never turned on the fan before firing up the blowtorch, or the haze created by large quantities of takeout nuked in a tiny space. But the combination was somehow ... homely. He can't talk about this with anyone, but back then Andrew thought he'd found his evolutionary niche. Late at night - when Warren was fiddling with his next shrink ray or whatever, and Jonathan had dozed off in front of the widescreen TV - he would sit in the lair pretending to read, just listening to the little sounds they made. At times like that he'd feel in total harmony with the cosmos. Part of something bigger than himself. Even after everything that happened, he misses it. Misses Warren and Jonathan both. Sometimes when he wakes up after one of the nightmares he doesn't share with anyone anymore, he gets pissed with them for being dead and leaving him here with all these girls and a crappy dialup connection.

Annunciation by [ profile] nwhepcat. I *know* I've recced this before, but I couldn't find it in my recs when I looked back. sigh..... This fic contains Faith and Willow looking at paintings of Madonnas and discovering a very insightful connection between Slayers and the Mother of God. Excellent read.

Forgive and Renew by [ profile] stoney321 A Buffy/Giles drabble that encapsulates many of the things I love about that ship.

The Waking by [ profile] mpoetess. We're discussing this fic in [ profile] club_joss this week, which is why I read it. I can't believe I haven't read this fic before. It's so beautifully done. Another commenter has said that it has very much in common with fairy tales, and I agree. It's very magical, and I know that can sound like a bad pun in the Buffyverse, but I mean it. It's just magical.

Star Trek: DS9

Converse Symmetry by TDrummonds. This is a DS9 fic that explores the ramifications of a crossover between an alternate reality (not the Mirror!verse); it's Garak/Bashir, but I would term it more porny gen than anything else. There's a lot going on here besides that. At times it can be a little hard to tell whether the writer is referring to a character or her doppelganger, but that might be attributed to laziness on my part as a reader rather than a lack of clarity on the writer's part. I can't recommend this highly enough; I enjoyed it thoroughly. It's so in keeping with the tone of the last seasons of the show as well. [ profile] trekgirl55 this is the fic I was telling you about


Last Act by [ profile] executrix A Simon and Jayne fic in which everyone misunderstands everyone else. You will giggle.

THE WITTGENSTEIN SOCIETY by [ profile] executrix Simon-centric. This is a really interesting look at a teenaged Simon, one in which he's the elitist ass Mal imagines him to be when they first meet.

Synchronal by [ profile] ana_grrl Jayne-centric fic that reminds me very much of the TNG episode "All Good Things." Very well done.
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These are archives or lists which I have not completely gone through yet, so navigate them at your own peril. I will still be reading through them and posting recs of the stories that interest me.

Cardassia Sutra All Garak/Bashir--Erogenous neck ridges, my my.

Kathryn's DS9 Fanfic Looks to be once again mostly the doctor/the tailor.

Odo's PADD Pairs up Odo with every character under the

TOS rec list Some of these you must subscribe to a list to read.

ASCEMGO Golden Orgasms Award List And here we have the motherlode, ladies and gents. This is an archive of fic going back to 1997; not only are there links to fic, but links to websites which in turn have rec and link lists; you get the picture. I'm still stuck on '97 myself.

Bitter Glass by Killa Kirk/Spock, told from Spock's POV. I am impressed as hell at this. It sounds just like Spock; it is as I imagine his internal thoughts would be. It's also so incredibly detailed and conversant with the Trek mythos (even the novels) which is no easy feat. It is LONG, and you guys know if I am saying something is long than it is indeed gargantuan. But it is so freaking moving. This is also something to be read carefully, for the nuances are many. There are layers here, people. But, oh, this should be read. And the end!!!!!!!

Never Sing Alone by Quoth. Uhura/Data Adult. This is just darn fun. Nyota just never got enough screen time for my taste, although she does get some lovely stories in the profic world. And Data got enough screen time but not near enough lovin. *g*

Johnny by AdmiralTAG Picard/Beverly This takes place long into the future and is so bitter and full of emptiness. It is, given "All Good Things," rather plausible.
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Star Trek Fan Fiction's page of links

Better Living Through Trek's Huge Ass page of links

A lot of what's linked to here doesn't appeal to me, but it might to you guys, so I thought I'd list these sites. (Warning: a lot of these links are broken, and some of the archives, the Fuh-Q-Fests in particular, never really got off the ground and only house a handful of fics)

Julian Bashir Fanfic Archive Gen and het only (looks like the only ship archived here is Julian/Jadzia)

Debriefing by Taylor Dancinghands Picard/Data; NC-17 This is not so much a recommendation, but a "hey, this is a really cool idea; I can so see this working, but the execution here is not so great; somebody else please write this fic!" LOL The premise is that Picard and Data have both suffered atrocities at the hands of the Borg and can help each other to recover (remember this is emotionchipped!Data). The characters are often in-character, and sometimes the dialogue is just spot on. I also think the writer's analysis of Picard and Data's motivations, fears, etc., is pretty well spot on. The problem is that the characters say OOC things often enough that it's jarring and the sex scenes are a mite ridiculous in their glowy aura of magical spunkitude.

Diamond Wall by Blue Champagne Bashir/O'Brien/Keiko Rated a hardish R; none of the sex between any of the characters is explicit and the slashy sex even less explicit than the het sex. Nice dose of h/c as well. Again, this is a recommendation with reservations. The writing here is good, much better than the first fic. It uses a sequence of dreams to really great effect and gets extra points for including, rather than excluding, Keiko. However, the basic premise of the fic bothers me. O'Brien and Bashir have a thing for each other; I'm good so far. O'Brien can't handle it cause he loves Keiko; Keiko finds out and can't really handle it either; I'm still cool at this point. Then, Keiko confronts Bashir and they decide that if O'Brien has sex with Bashir, his feelings will go away. *That* I find problematic. It ends with some suggestion that the sex might be repeated in future, but it would be a much better piece if the three of them actually formed a relationship.

And for sheer blasphemy points, Picard in the Garden by Ascem Noone Picard/Jesus. Yes, that's right. Wesley gives Picard a time trip to the past, and the rest is heretical history. Adult.


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