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The Importance of Feasting without Panthers by Executrix
Elizabethan and Jacobean Theater and Literature RPF
Christopher Marlowe & William Shakespeare
If you like 'em witty, this is the fic for you.

Amber Eye by Penintime
Tenar, Tehanu
This is seriously beautiful prose. *shivers*

The Dark Places of Gont by Luzula
Tenar, Ogion, Moss
Tenar as an apprentice; quite lovely.

Purpose by Magelette
Stellaluna talks with the rest of the books on the shelf about why they exist. This legit made me tear up.

the stone in the river by Actonbell
Sebastian Stan/Chris Evans
This is the rare long Yuletide fic. Wonderfully smutty and excellent dialogue.

And have a little The Force Awakens Fic:

Let Me Tell You 'bout My Best Friend by Anon
Kylo Ren thinks he and Finn are best friends. This understandably scares the shit out of Finn. *dies laughing*
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Have a couple more Yuletide recs, both 19th century RPF (see how far I have made it into the archive? LOL).

Act of Union: Disraeli and Gladstone, magical AU

lingua franca: Byron and John Cam Hobhouse; hilarious and awesome
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The Land that Our Grandchildren Knew
'39--Queen song (lyrics here)
I'd never even heard of this song before, but it's a sci-fi song about colonists who leave earth to find a better world but return much later than expected. Interesting take on the song.

The Not Entirely Accurate Chronicle of John Polidori, Genius Physician and Brilliant Writer, and His Rather Less Distinguished Companions
18th and 19th Century RPF
Lord Byron/Percy Shelley, Lord Byron/Mary Shelley/Percy Shelley, Lord Byron/Claire Clairmont, Lord Byron/John Polidori
This is hysterically funny. I almost didn't click on this because I am not familiar with Polidori, but I'm glad I did.

a home at the end of the world
Alien Resurrection
Ripley and Call on Earth, figuring out how to survive.

A Princess and a Warrior Walk into a Tower
Disney Princesses
Mulan and Jasmine rescue Rapunzel.

Clear and Present Danger
This is really, really funny. It reads like an episode. I am impressed because it's really hard to write the kind of humor that characterizes Archer successfully.

Springtime for Krieger
Another hilarious fic for this fandom. Be sure to read the author's note at the end. Like the other Archer fic this year, a must read. (I wonder if these are written by the same person; they're both so spot on).
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I always hate that I'm traveling for Christmas, so I never have the chance to just sit down and mainline the archive like I want to. Have some recs, post-reveal. I still have several fandoms I've got bookmarked to read, such as Discworld and Star Trek DS9, so expect a rec set from that reading at some point in the future. :)

Catch a Falling Star by Lizzen
Aliens franchise; Ripley/Hicks
I love the nod to Prometheus, and I love that Newt and Hicks survive. Gorgeous story.

give me the honor (give me a name) by Ideal_Girl
Adventure Time; Jake and Baby Snaps
This fic sounds just like the show--the exact mix of silly and poignant.

Women Who Run with Whywolves by Gloss
Adventure Time; Fionna-centric
Gloss has the voices down perfectly here. Fionna and Cake are a joy in her hands.

Some Unexpected Properties of Wood by Fahye
Brave; Elinor and Merida
As the eldest Merida had borne the brunt of her protectiveness, too; nobody had told Elinor that along with children came the knowledge that you would tear holes in anyone or anything who tried to hurt them, and for years this knowledge had felt too large for her, almost its own creature. The only time it had fitted perfectly beneath her skin was here, in this ancient space, when Mor'du was trying to kill her daughter and Elinor's skin had been everything that the wild and instinctual rush of defense demanded: larger, stronger, with claws attached. Knowing that you would tear holes was one thing. Actually being able to do it was something else entirely, a furious and prideful exultation that filled your heart and your mouth like the taste of blood.

Thirst by Lorax
Cabin in the Woods
What an unexpected and awesome take on this fandom. Have the story of the unicorn, everyone.

so long to the headstrong by Spock
Chronicle; Andrew/Matt/Steve
The perfect kind of fix-it-fic that gives these guys the happy ending I was rooting for in the movie (but with doing it!). A nice long read.

The Very Secret Diaries of Augustine by Jay Tryfanstone
Augustine tweets his way through the years. Hilarious.

Deal by Starrrz
Devil Went Down to Georgia--song
I giggled my way through this whole fic. What a fantastic take on the song. Poor Devil. *pets him*

To Boldly Go by likeadeuce
Mad Men; Sally Draper-centric gen
I didn't watch much of Mad Men and so cannot comment on the context in which this fic is occuring, but I love the idea of Sally Draper as a nascent Trekkie. Best line of the fic:
Kirk was his friend – Kirk kept saying it like that; "Spock, I'm your friend"

Unbound by lonelywalker
Prometheus; David/Elizabeth
Nice character study of David set in alternating vignettes that occur on the Prometheus and then on the Engineers' ship after he and Elizabeth escape.

For I Have Put Away Childish Things by Medie
This David-centric gen is a lovely exploration of David's sentience.


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George Town, Grand Cayman by [ profile] lyrstzha
World War Z gen
I love the way Lyr's entry for Yuletide this past year perfectly mimics the narrative structure of the source text as well as the moral ambiguity of some of its characters. This is a chilling and compelling read.

Don't Hide Your Light by [ profile] laisserais
I really liked this fic. It features an unapologetically flaming Jared and a Jensen who is deeply closeted. It's been awhile since I read it, but I'm pretty sure it made me cry quite happily.

Hearthstone by [ profile] molly
Jensen is a reclusive bookshop owner, and when Jared shows up in town, the two of them gradually become more than friends. Nice build.

Fire in Her Fists by [ profile] escritoireazul
BtVS/Glee fusion; canon pairings; Lauren-centric
Read the prequel linked in the notes first. What happens when Lima goes all Sunnyhell? Also, LAUREN IS SO AWESOME OMG. AND TINA!
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White Picket Fences by [ profile] harper_m; Glee; Rachel/Quinn; explicit BDSM; Adult; medium
This fic is fantastic for a helluva lot of reasons. First, booyah for the femslash. To paraphrase something [ profile] hermionesviolin posted recently, slash to me does not exclusively mean boy-does-boy. Oh, no. Lorraine loves the ladies loving the ladies, and thank the goddess I'm not alone. What I love most about this fic is that both Quinn and Rachel are so perfectly characterized, and between the two of them, they manage to turn the conventions of BDSM completely upside down. I love controverted expectations so very, very much, and this fic delivers beautifully.

Sin Tetas, No Hay Paraiso by dress without sleeves; Glee; Rachel/Puckerman; PG-13; medium
I am in love with this story. I want to marry it and have its babies via detachable womb. (I'm besotted, y'all, not foolish.) Rachel and Puck are so awesomely rendered--selfish and kinda assholey but also endearing and funny and earnest and imminently loveable. I grinned and grinned and grinned and only broke my grinning to drink some wine throughout the reading of this.

And now for something(s) a little different but no less Glee-ful:

Harry Potter and the Eagle of Truthiness by Christine Morgan; HP/RPF fusion; PG; short
What if Stephen Colbert were the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts? What if he ran his classroom in the same vein as his "newsroom?" I may have scared the cats away with the giggling.
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No Reservations: Narnia Anthony Bourdain/Chronicles of Narnia XOVER
This is the kind of fabulous that only comes out of Yuletide. It captures all of Bourdain's gritty and wry sarcasm while retaining the wonder and magic of Narnia. I love the idea of him participating in all this range of culinary experience.

(Just Like) Starting Over Star Trek RPF; Nimoy/Shatner, Pines/Quinto; Adult
This story makes me think I should have been reading Trek RPF all along. Genuinely laugh out loud funny with an off-the-wall and kooky narrative voice that makes for a zippy, fun read.

Snow, melting Alice in Wonderland/Narnia XOVER
I have always believed that Susan gets a really shitty deal in the Chronicles of Narnia--barred from heaven forever because she dared to grow up, dared to *gasp* entertain the first glimmmer of a burgeoning sexuality? Wow. That anvil felt lovely, Lewis. (I love the way Gaiman addresses this in his short story about Susan). In this story, Susan meets up with Alice and finds her way once again to a land reality-adjacent. This is a deeply sad story.

A Lesson in Uselessness Alice in Wonderland/Beauty and the Beast XOVER
Here, Alice finds herself in the Beast's castle. She figures Belle is a pretty good role model. *loves*

we can't live in the present forever Back to the Future
Oh, my heart. *sniff* Memories all superimposed on one another, and how in the world is Marty to know which is real anymore. A nice look at the possible psychological consequences of time travel.

A Tangible Help Dracula by Stoker
This is a deeper look at Harker during his imprisonment by Dracula. Excellent narrative voice.
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Recs! But first, a lament.

I've been going through Painless J's HP recs, and I came across a story that sounded right up my alley--slavery, h/c, a little light bondage, the promise of angst. All my buttons. And then when I click on the story (which is Big Bang length, not one of those Repossession length double novels) it has been posted in 109 FRAKKING DISCRETE PARTS! Aaaand, the lj layout was created by somebody with magnifying glasses for eyeballs. Whyfore the teensy print? I have done with you story! Why do people post like that? It's maddening. It's like actually chewing each mouthful twenty times. Bah.

The Sinister Nature of Cul-de-sacs by [ profile] iminurface; j2 Big Bang; Adult
In this story, Jared is a reclusive writer and Jensen the landscape artist that moves in next door to him. There's mystery at work here as well as delayed gratification since Jared refuses to leave his home or allow anyone inside to visit him. The romance is primarily conducted through technology--email and chatting and Skype--and I like that. It's a fun read.(Is it just me or is that plural incorrectly formed? I thought it was culs de sac.)

Odysseus's Last Days by [ profile] amand_r; HP; Harry/Snape; PG-13; deathfic; shortish
Within the first few paragraphs of this fic, the reader is made aware that one half of Snarry has died. What isn't immediately apparent is *which* half. I'll admit that my reading comprehension may be to blame, but I think the author cleverly misdirects as to who the deceased party is so that it is a bit of a revelation in the second part to discover just who is mourning who. This is a weeper for sure. It's beautifully written--language evocative and lyrical, clever turns of phrase. And such a moving and perceptive examination of grief, of the way some of us settle slowly and pull it around us like a cloak, like a buffer, like anesthesia that pains as well as it numbs.

Star Trek Bohemian Rhapsody by rockandshock
This vid amuses the hell out of me. It's just what it says on the tin. Short and silly.

Brokeback M*A*S*H by Mrspocksbrain
Again, this is just what it says on the tin, but holy shit does this vid articulate so perfectly the Hawkeye/BJ ship. This gets the whole damn thing right--the despair and isolation and frustration of the war, the desperatation, the good times in the midst of such chaos and horror. And while this vid weaves together footage in such a way to give us a narrative very different from what canon shows, it feels so true, so very real and true. Hankies out, yo.

There are no words by battlestarchik
This Janet/Sam vid is also a weeper. Surprise! This is Sam after Janet's death trying to deal with her grief. I MISS YOU, JANET!!

Rain by Patty Griffin
This isn't a fanvid but rather a song I've been listening to and digging on lately. From what I gather on the recommended sidebar of Youtube, this song has been sung by a variety of artists, but I really like this version.
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The Life and Times of Lois Lane by [ profile] vorpalblades; SPN Big Bang; J2; Adult
What do you do when you're married to a superhero? How do you cope with secret identities, missed engagements, fear for your loved one, and the financial difficulties associated with the inability to keep a job for any length of time--especially when you still love your man as much as you did the day you married him? I really like this fic. Most of the superhero fics I've read are cracky and funny, and this one isn't at all. This is not to say that there aren't moments of humor and lightheartedness, but overall this fic is more serious and deals with a variety of issues from the problems of raising a superhero child to the dangers of sex with someone who can crush a person if he loses control. Really, really nicely done.
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Redemption by [ profile] ancastar; J2; Adult
This is one of my favorite J2s from this year's Big Bang. The basic premise is that Jared and Jensen live in a futuristic society in which it is legal for people to rent themselves for varying lengths of time (a night, a month, a matter of years) to perform varying services (nanny, gardener, sexual companion). It's very lucrative, but potentially dangerous; while there are laws to protect the bonded, they occupy a nebulous social space that while doesn't always lead to them being abused, can certainly be disconcerting and demeaning for them. As you all know very well by now, I am a huge huge huge fan of the slavery trope, accidental or otherwise, and for me this is a refreshing take on that trope. Now don't get me wrong. I love a fic where Koyla buys Rodney at the market and breaks him and beats him (all while forcing him to endure the utter humiliation of the best orgasms of his life) just as much as anybody else. (Possibly more. *sigh) In other words, I really dig those slave fics in which the slave is expected to obliterate self and live as an extension of the master's will, mostly because they are just so darn angsty and tense. What I really love about [ profile] ancastar's story, though, is that hir version of the slavery fic seems so plausible, like it's one possible future in which we've all decided to extend the terms of the legalization of prostitution that already exists in some places or to extend the terms of employment in other arenas. There's enough angst, enough discomfort with the role of owned and owner from both Jared and Jensen to keep the story riveting, but not so much that Jared is scrubbing Jensen's toilet with his toothbrush in penance for forgetting to call him master when Jensen was flogging him. LOL The worldbuilding is stellar, the secondary characters are all nicely fleshed out, and description is lush and evocative without running into Dickens territory. I think y'all should go read this. It's a great story.
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From the Ruined Tower to the Caves of Unknown Horror by [ profile] anella; J2 Big Bang
This is J2 done Dungeons and Dragons style, and I love it. [ profile] anella has taken the stock characters from gaming, given them CW RPF facelifts, and made a really fun and funny story with just enough pathos to make the story compelling and the characters interesting. I especially like the way that Jared's character is both limited by and yet more than the stock characteristics belonging to his character template. This is not porny at all, but it's a good read.

Four Times Rodney McKay Got Shot Saving the Day (and one time he didn't) by [ profile] linziday; SGA; Gen; PG-13; shortish
I love this look at the evolution of Rodney's character and relationship with his team. This is about team and belonging and what it means to be a hero and how that sometimes means letting others take care of you. Also, TEAM!!!!!!!

Bad Habits Die Hard by [ profile] persnickett; Die Hard; McClane/Farrell; 4000 words; companion piece linked at fic's end
It's been awhile since I've read any DH fic and this is a nice example. It's not really porny but it is threaded through with that wonderful longing and sexual tension that is the hallmark of fic in this fandom. Does he like me? Could he like me? I'm too old, young, closeted, afraid. In this story, Matt thinks McClane might just be interested in him and he has a plan to find out.

SPN recs

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Happy Ending by [ profile] ashdoode; Spoilers for the finale
I have watched this vid at least ten times in the past two days. I can't get enough of it. It's brilliant and wonderful and it has like 15 comments which is criminal. (Please to be rectifying that, y'all.) The song choice is perfect: This is the way you left me. I'm not pretending. No hope, no love, no glory, no happy ending. This is the way that we love, like it's forever. Then live the rest of our life, but not together. I love the juxtaposition of joy and despair in this vid, the fast cuts between the fierce love and affection between them and the way they keep leaving each other. This hurts in that oh-so-good way of which I'm overly fond. And I love the ambiguity of the ending (much like the ambiguity of the episode's ending.)

100 Suns by dragonsofbadfaith; Spoilers for the finale
Another weeper. I really like the way the vidder has superimposed scenes to create this really cool collage effect. Again, excellent lyrics--the constant reiteration of "I believe in nothing" while we're seeing images that match the words is really, really powerful. Ultimately, it's not Mary on the Pedestal or the YED as he falls or the hope of heaven's saving grace, but "the beating of our hearts" that matters. *sniffles*

Grin and Bare It by [ profile] balefully; Big Bang; J2; Adult (read warnings in the masterpost before proceeding)
I really like this story. It's raw and gritty and the sex is just filthy hot. I didn't skip a single sex scene in this one because I didn't feel like I was reading the same old "one finger two finger three finger fuck" fic. The basic premise is that Jared is a stripper and Jensen is straight and repressing his attraction to Jared all while dealing with some pretty intense internalized homophobia that can be hard to read at times. I like this unflinching look at a Jensen who is, essentially, an afraid asshole, an insecure and cruel douchenozzle (to borrow from CMM's lexicon) who is forced to confront truths about himself that he finds dangerous and overwhelming. I think that part of the fic is handled really, really well. I find Jensen's ability to embrace his sexuality at the end of the fic a little implausible. I get that most everybody else comes to Big Bang for, well, a Big Bang of happiness at the end, and that's why we usually get the HEA in these stories. But I think the author did such a phenomenal and fantastic job of setting up this complicated and nuanced situation that I am disappointed that it just gets whitewashed over at the end. But hey, MMV. It's really well written and definitely worth your time.
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Slow Show by [ profile] cherie_morte; SPN Big Bang; J2, Jared/Genevieve, Jensen/Danneel; Adult
I really, really like this fic. It begins when Jensen and Jared are filming SPN and follows them through their marriages to after the show has ended. This is one of those stories in which J2 is clearly inevitable, clearly visible to everyone but J2. You can see their massive love from outer space, seriously. But I really like that J2 actually love their spouses, that neither Gen nor Danneel are vilified, and that the dissolution of those relationships *hurt* J2 terribly. I really like that J2 has massive difficulties making what should be an effortless transition from BFF to lovers. I like that Jensen can see the negative patterns in his relationships but feels powerless to change them. This feels like it could really happen to me in a way that a lot of truly fairtale-esque J2 doesn't.

Theory of Relativity by [ profile] wutendeskindfic; SPN Big Bang; Sam/Dean; Adult; Warning for underage sexuality
The premise of this fic is really interesting. After the apocalypse ends, Sam writes a couple of books, the latest of which wins the Pulitzer,, and when he reads what Sam has written, Dean is shocked by what his little brother reveals. I have to suspend my disbelief that Sam could write a novel about his childhood, file off the serial numbers, and still not have a whole heck of a lot of people who know who the book is about. They've left behind a network of people they've saved, not to mention all the hunters and other people in the know, who are going to put together the puzzle pieces. Once I suspend that disbelief, though, I think there's a lot of really unique things going on in this story. Most of the action of the story takes place in the excerpts of Sam's book, and I really enjoyed seeing not only a slice of the Weechester upbringing but also Dean's reactions to Sam's interpretation of what happened. I love that Sam thinks he's writing a work of fiction and Dean thinks he's writing a memoir and only in middle of the Venn diagram do they truly understand each other.

Character Bleed by [ profile] lazy_daze; SPN shortish fic; J2; Sam/Dean; Adult
This fic drops a giant anvil of love on so many of my fic kinks. &hearts Jared and Jensen are talking about character motivation and character trajectory, and Jensen has a theory that the fangirls aren't all wrong about the subtext of the show. I like that number one, this is a fic about the actors acknowledging that the author is dead and that inferences are there for the making. I also like that it's about those blurry lines between character and actor, between real and scripted, between imagining and doing. So sososososososososossoso hot.
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Untitled Blanche/Dean vignette by [ profile] minim_calibre; SPN/Golden Girls XOVER
This, my friends? This is what I like about Delicious. It finds me Dean Winchester/Blanche Devereaux ficlets. RIP, Rue. Wherever you are, I hope you're eating 'em alive like you are in this short.

Damned Demented Demons by [ profile] hells_half_acre; Harry Potter/Supernatural XOVER; Gen
This story is massive (103,000 words) and it's awesome. The basic premise is that Dementors are on the loose in North America and Harry's been sent to deal with the problem; he runs into the Winchesters along the way. I really, really like the way the author meshes the worlds of HP and SPN together. I love the parallels drawn between the sets of characters (Bobby and Hermione are totally research BFFs, for instance), and I love watching each world come to terms with what it learns about the other. Harry's portrayal is extremely well done, as are the connections between what happened to him as a child and what happened to Sam. Malfoy doesn't appear for very long, but every second he's on the page is completely golden. The tension between him and the wizarding world and the very fraught and tenuous mutual respect between him and Harry makes for excellent reading.

Common Knowledge by [ profile] elucreh; Jared/Jensen; SPN Adult; Medium length
I already alluded to this fic in my recent post on RPF, but it deserves a rec proper. This is such a meta-tastic, fourth wall breaky fic of the highest caliber. In it, Jared discovers fanfic, actually becomes a serious reader of fanfic, and becomes true friends with some fangirls. What makes this fic so meta-wonderful is that fandom is the catalyst for change. Rather than fandom accurately interpreting the "clues" that J2 give about their relationship, J2 is intercepting the fannish signal and allowing that to inform their behavior. And so, when the fic comes full circle, the fangirls have had J2 pegged all along. It's really masterfully done. I also love that this fic is so full of real actual fans--the songs they've written, etc. It's a nice little love letter to the SPN fandom.

She walks like she's on a mission; by [ profile] latentfunction; SPN Big Bang; Jo/Pamela; Adult; 38,000 words
This fic is set immediately after Pam loses her eyesight and follows canon from that point on. Jo's been sent by her mom to check on Pam and she ends up staying; that's the plotline boiled down to a sentence, but so much more is going on than that. Jo feels so real to me in this fic--she's the mixture of young and immature and unsure of herself and not nearly so hardened as she'd like to be we see on the show coupled with a toughness and a bravery and a strong beauty that show gave us all too little of. I don't know about you, but I coulda stood to see more of Jo sitting in a circle of salt and getting the drop on a decades dead serial killer or dragging's Dean's ass out of the water before he bled out. Pam here is wonderfully characterized too, bold and sassy and amazing and despite the loss of her sight, the one in the relationship that really sees most accurately. Wait until you get to the last lines--they'll stick in your head and in your heart and they'll hurt, but you'll like it. When I left feedback, this fic had like no comments. Go run change that, y'all. Femslash in this fandom between characters who are actually presented as female on the show is all too rare not to be loved on when we get it.

Dreams by [ profile] newkidfan; SGA; McShep; vid
This is such an interesting vid and a novel watch for me. It's the first vid I've seen in which the narrative is not imposed by the music. Even in instrumental vids that I've seen, there's a melodic narrative to the music that propels the images of the vid. And while this is beautiful music, don't get me wrong, the narrative is propelled entirely visually--through images interspliced with text. It truly invokes the dreamstate it's intended to capture. (As an aside, what happened to Imeem? I know for awhile there, vidders were putting everything up on that site, but now, it seems every fan vid I had recced hosted there is just gone. Did they do a massive TOS or something? I reckon that'll teach me to link to the vid itself rather than the lj post announcing it. *sigh* Sometimes I just wanna rock out to [ profile] astolat's "Bohemian Like You.")
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I read a lot of CW RPF. A lot. All Hail the CMM!

But I get that RPF seems kinda weird to some fans. Recently, [ profile] ariadne83 said to me: I think I just fundamentally don't *get* RPF. I don't know how you tell if something is 'in character' or not because really, we don't know anything about what these people are like in private, you know? I mean, we have the 'canon' of performances and interviews and appearances but to my way of thinking none of that counts because they're still in performance mode. It just seems like they're OCs in all but name, and I'd rather read characters I'm familiar with, you know?"

So, what follows is why RPF works for me. [Note, this is not intended to be prescriptive, but rather descriptive of what I have noticed in RPF and what I personally like as a reader/writer of RPF. That's all.]

Teal deer! Stampeding across your flist! )

So that's my spiel. What are your thoughts about RPF?
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And now it's time to put into practice what I learned in my last post about reccing!

Black Swans by [ profile] omphalos and [ profile] wolfling; Sam/Gabriel; Adult
This story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Lucifer has been defeated, but the planet's taken a beating in the process. Sam and a wounded Gabriel have been separated from the others and must find their way back across treacherous terrain. I really like the way that both Sam and Gabriel are characterized here. This is a Sam who's very much portrayed in terms of hunger and addiction, and even when those needs shift into something more positive, they still disturbingly echo a Sammy with his mouth painted in demon blood. This Gabriel is the perfect combination of the Trickster, the ineffable superbeing, and the forlorn son who has just helped to kill the brother he still loves. That aspect of Gabriel's character was so well done--the way he could kill Lucifer while hating himself for having to do so. The sex is fun and interesting--nice use of supernatural elements during sex that I found really hot. I might have to add "grace play" to my list of kinks. I also like that what Gabriel did to Sam during the loop of Tuesdays is not glossed over in the least. This isn't a completely unqualified rec. I think that Sam descends into some annoying and slightly ridiculous, "OMG, Gabriel, you are so awesome, dude!" from time to time, but other than that, this is a highly enjoyable and well-written story featuring a rare pairing.

Coming Down on a Sunny Day by [ profile] maychorian; Castiel-centric gen (references to, although not depictions of, child abuse); I'd say PG-13
After the apocalypse ends horribly, Castiel flings himself back in time to try to stop what's coming. Unfortunately, he doesn't bring his vessel back with him as he's intended, leaving him injured and stuck in the body of a young Jimmy Novak who is adopted by John Winchester in the immediate aftermath of Mary's death. I have to suspend my disbelief that John would so easily trust Castiel and accept him into the family, but once I do that, I have no complaints about this story whatsoever. This unique vision of Castiel/Jimmy, these two beings superimposed on each other and forced to share the same space, is utterly riveting. I really like the commentary on what it means to be a vessel, to be the physical embodiment of an entity of such power. It's a painful existence for both of them. I also like this look at a John Winchester who's told what his quest for revenge will do to his children and chooses to put Sam and Dean first. He's still John Winchester, but he's nobody Sam will ever need to walk away from and I love that.

In Becoming Who We Are by [ profile] elizah_jane; Jensen/Jeff; Jensen/Jared; Adult
After he's hurt by a failed relationship with Jeff, Jensen doesn't let himself get close to anyone again. Until he meets Jared. First, I love that you get such an extended look at Jensen and Jeff's relationship, thus fulfilling my dire need for more JDM in fic. I love the extended network of friends Jensen has, particularly Misha and Clare and the way their relationship is characterized. I adore that Jensen and Jared take so long to get on the same page, misreading each other and misunderstanding what the other wants (yes, yes, this is totally my narrative kink and I OWN it!). This feels like an instant classic to me, one of those wonderful long romances with an ensemble cast that's got pitch perfect dialogue, more than a handful of funny, and enough pathos to make everything that much sweeter. My favorite J2 so far.
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In the flesh and in the clod by [ profile] troyswann; Sam-centric team gen
Those of you who read Gateverse fic know that Salieri is an amazing writer, but I would recommend that even those of you who aren't into SG-1 read this story. This is what it means to be Team, what it means to be Scoobies, what it means to be fugitives on Moya. This is what happens when your family is of your own choosing.

The Lost Expedition by Chaletian; SGA future fic; gen
This is freaking brilliant is what this is. Wow. *boggles* I am ever so reminded of A.S. Byatt's The Biographer's Tale which is so deliciously frustrating for all it's wonderful ambiguity. You wanna know how to craft a story? How to write a mystery? How to create suspense? How to make heart ache with hope and regret simultaneously? Hie thee hither, folks.

Solitary by [ profile] esteefee; McShep
So, who wants to read a primer on how to write John Sheppard? This is one of those stories that's all about the little things, the tiny tiny character grace notes, the smallest observation.


Untitled We Saved the Fucking World OMG and Ellen and Jo are awesome snippet by [ profile] rogue_clasique
“You drink better than anyone,” Sam says fiercely. “Better than anyone I ever met in the whole goddamn world, Dean.” *heart in throat*

Exiles by [ profile] nwhepcat; XOVER with Buffyverse; Oz/OFC
This is set during "Mystery Spot," and while it's a story about Sam, it's really more a story about Oz and a woman named Alice who is transgendered. It's about love and sacrifice and HOW FREAKING COOL OZ IS ALWAYS AND FOREVER AMEN. It's also an exemplar of a what a successful OC reads like.

Leave My Heart Out of This by [ profile] elles18; J2 AU

Sam's Best Friends He Doesn't Know About by [ profile] clex_monkie89; Stanford gen
This is a five things piece and what a doozy. It's been five seasons and we all know that Winchesters can be clueless when it comes to things that really matter. *passes out tissues*

Trek 09

The Story of Creation by [ profile] tinocka; Kirk/Spock, Spock!Prime/OMC, other tangential pairings both het and slash
I think that what I love most about this fic is that while this is a story about the Kirk and Spock of the reboot universe, it is mostly a story about Spock!Prime and Kirk!Prime and the courage, the determination, the tenacity of a SP who will wring out of this life he has now all the joy he can muster when he knows so well what he has left behind. This is a tearjerker, but always with joy threaded through the tears.

lie back and think of Starfleet by [ profile] curiouslyfic; Kirk/Sulu
So this is where the hoshit comes from. LOL I find this a rollicking good tale of hilarity, misunderstanding, and epiphany. I wish I could take my laptop in the bathtub for yea verily this is the sort of tale I would read therein if I were able.

We Have Loved the Stars Too Brightly to be Fearful of the Night by [ profile] brighteyed_jill; Chekov/McCoy
Okay. This is not a pairing that in thirty years of watching Star Trek I'd ever considered, but *man* does it work here. This is ye old slave fic in all it's glory, and I can't say I've ever turned down that particular brand of h/c.

The Most Precious Thing by [ profile] soloproject; Chekov/Sulu
This is such an exquisite character study, such a lovely lovely bit of worldbuilding for StarFleet. There is such a sweetness that runs so deep through this work. *loves*

For Brethren to Dwell Together by [ profile] jessofthebugs; Gen
Turns out that Chanukah, Solstice, Ramadan, and Christmas coincide in 2258. It would be really nice if we didn't have to wait that long for this kind of ecumenical solidarity.
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Cheating the Other Guy by [ profile] friendshipper; Teyla and Sam-centric gen
There is not enough fic with these ladies to suit me. :) Sholio's got the voices down perfectly, and there's such a lovely humor to this.

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda by [ profile] liketheriver; Team Gen
I love outsider POV; I love lower decks!fic; I love some good team fic (and, oh, how much do I love that learning about Slater's team is really learning about Sheppard's team) and I love watching the new wave and the original expedition share their unique and different perspectives on Atlantis. This is also a refreshingly frank and open version of Sheppard. I'm crying just a little bit in fic joy as a re-skim to write the recap. *sniffle*

My Father Before Me by Telleer; McShep; kidfic
This is a different sort of kidfic and a different sort of McShep as well. The story starts off slowly and builds suspense, but the reveal is worth the wait. If you like to wallow in angst the way I do, this is the story for you. SO SAD. *SOBS*

Lost in Translation by [ profile] khriskin
Very, very cool poem about Pegasus cultures

Supernatural and CW RPF

The Coming of Wisdom with Time by [ profile] longsufferingly; J2
The five pages of comments is probably fair indication that I don't really *need* to rec this to you guys, LOL, but on the off chance you haven't read, this is J2 Anne of Green Gables. It has everything! The slate and the lake of shining waters and the cordial whiskey and Chad as a bosom friend penis friend comrade in arms. *loves*


Mission Impossible by [ profile] executrix; Angel, Connor
Because I have the most awesome friends in the whole world, they write me ANGEL/CONNOR CURTAIN FIC OMG. Well okay. Of a sort. *dies laughing*


Sea-kitten by [ profile] executrix; Simon/Fess Higgins; Kaylee/OMC
I absolutely love Exec's eye for details and the character grace notes she strews like confetti through everything she writes.


One Night Fandoms: a Tribute to Yuletide by [ profile] thingswithwings and [ profile] eruthros; Vid
Normally I detest dling vids; hate it, hate it. I wanna watch them streaming. I almost never watch a vid that you have to dl unless all you guys go on and on about it. I'm glad I dled this one because it truly encapsulates the joy of Yuletide.
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As we are by [ profile] lelise; Toy Soldiers; Joey/Billy; PG-13
This story only has 18 comments which is truly a fandom shame. You all know how much I love this movie if you've been reading this journal for any length of time, and [ profile] lelise gets the characters pitch perfect: Billy has always been a practical guy. He likes things that make sense to him and that he can take apart and put back together again with his own hands. He doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, doesn’t wish on falling stars and when he was six he watched his mother throw his tooth in the trash and take five dollars from her purse. He sees things for what they are and he doesn’t wish they were different. The bunk slats creak above his head when Joey shifts in his sleep and Billy rubs his tongue against the sharp edge of a tooth and doesn’t make any wishes.

Never Brought To Mind by [ profile] queenzulu; Buffyverse; Dawn/Faith; Adult
As [ profile] thelastgoodname described it to me, this is the best Dawn story ever and ever amen.


SPN including Big Bang )

Star Trek Reboot )
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I haven't made a rec post in a long time and my bookmarks are getting unruly again.


Happy Alone by Danegen; SPN RPF
Because Jared and Jensen make this shit so easy. :) <3 (Also I love this song.)

i fell in love by proofpudding; SPN RPF
I hate downloading vids. Hate it. I want to watch them streaming. But I downloaded this one and I'm glad I did.

We Will Rock You by proofpudding; SPN gen
This is Sam and Dean being brothers. *loves*

Soul of Man by Lolawaldorf; SPN
I think Beck is pretty much a musical genius; I adore black and white film and photography; and this is one hell of a narrative. I know there was some controversy over the vid maker actually manipulating Beck's music for the vid, but I think the inclusion of the "wing sound" from the credits is a great touch.

Blue On Black by absrip; SPN Wincest
Okay, I fess up. I'd watch a vid to a Kenny Wayne Sheppard song if it was a black screen. Fortunately, this is a little more entertaining. :) Lovely use of color; wonderful editing. I like the use of audio clips here--like a haunting punctuation to the music.

In My Pants by Deirdre_C; SPN; Wincestyish
I love Lonely Island, those musical geniuses and this song never fails to make me laugh. Once you realize that SPN is one long money shot, it gets even funnier.

Like a Boss by [ profile] winterevanesce; SPN
More Lonely Island! More Yay!

This is a transcript (and some audio) of an On the Media radio program about Star Trek and its many franchises. Really interesting with lots of interviews with cast members. Oh, Kate Mulgrew, never stop being awesome.


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