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I keep forgetting to link to the remix I wrote.

The Measure of Your Touch (the mortal coil remix)

SG-1/SGA; John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell

In the lovely original story by skieswideopen, John gets zapped by an Ancient Device and can only appear thereafter to Cam; he finally becomes corporeal again after many months and when Cam is in extreme danger.

I turned the story into something much more ambiguous and horrific and had a lot of fun in the writing.
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Title: Quicksilver in the Hand
Authors: [personal profile] ariadne83 and [personal profile] lunabee34
Pairings: Rodney McKay/Brendan Gall, Rodney McKay/Svetlana Markov
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 25880

Summary: Rodney McKay met Brendan Gall years before the Atlantis expedition. This story explains their relationship from the beginning through Gall's death in "The Defiant One."

Ariadne83 and I started writing this fic in 2008 because we decided "The Defiant One" just wasn't sad enough as it is. We also wanted to explain why Rodney, who almost invariably calls everyone by his or her last name, very comfortably and naturally calls Dr. Gall by his first name the entire episode. This implied some kind of history between them that we wanted to explore. Finally, we sometimes find it hard to reconcile the Rodney we first encounter in SG-1 with the Rodney he will later become in SGA. It's hard to watch him without cringing in some of those early episodes. So this is our effort, not to redeem Rodney or change him in any fundamental way, but to present him as he's given to us in canon and show how that man who is "petty, arrogant, and bad with people" might one day become the man who regularly risks his life for his teammates.

Story Link: Quicksilver in the Hand
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This is my contribution for this year's John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir [ profile] sparktober extravagance. Go check this comm out, y'all. All permutations of Sparky all month long.

The first time John kisses Elizabeth he has just killed sixty men. )
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This is based on the premise that they don't just shuck Elizabeth through the Gate for all eternity.

but a walking shadow )
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I am a dumbass. *crickets* What? This wasn't news? *sigh* I forgot to post here that I written an entry for [ profile] femme_fic way back in April!

So here it is:

Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History.

I also forgot to rec the fic that was written for me at the time. *headdesk* I'll get right on that; I need to re-read first. :)


10/5/09 21:44
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I did it again.

If you Wish Upon a Star; Gen; Five Things; Genii
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I have gone completely cross-eyed and simply cannot write any more of my column that's due on Monday.

And yet, every night this week as I lay down to sleep, I have coughed and coughed and coughed until I kinda think my esophagus is eroded. These are not the abs of steel I wanted! So, not really relishing bedtime.

Let's do this instead. Give me a fannish prompt--pairing, character, situation, *something*, and I'll write you one hundred words right now on the spot, insta-fic.


*is bored*
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In [ profile] springwoof's post How Koyla Really Died (an invitation to comment-fic the deaths of your favorite Gateverse villains), [ profile] auburnnothenna says:

I think there needs to be an SGA festival of [the] way Lucius Lovin died.

Methinks yes!!

Go play in [ profile] springwoof's sandbox. There's already several offerings there. And while you're at it, drop a comment here and let us know how you think Lucius kicked the bucket.
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I hope this isn't breaking the rules because I just joined and only skimmed the FAQ, but I wrote my first [ profile] sga_flashfic and I think you guys should go read it. Why? Because I seem to have a deep-seated need to dress guys named John in women's underwear.

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Title: Men of Integrity
Authors: [ profile] ariadne83 and [ profile] lunabee34
Pairing: Woolsey/Caldwell
Rating: Adult
Word count: 2995
Notes: Title from the SG-1 episode Inauguration. Thanks to [ profile] ana_grrl for the excellent beta.

[ profile] ariadne83 says: The whole thing started with the mental image of Woolsey and Caldwell sitting on the balcony sipping drinks, Boston Legal style, and grew into an epic comment fic (SGA: the fandom where characters just will not shut up).

[ profile] lunabee34 says: Writing this fic was some of the best fun I've had in fandom. What started out as kind of a joke ended up turning into something of which Ariadne and I are very proud. Enjoy.

Woolsey forces himself to wait patiently until Atlantis decides that, yes, he may gain entry to his quarters, and once inside he kicks off his shoes and trades his uniform for an exquisitely tailored three piece. The wine he brought with him across two galaxies is disappearing much faster than he had anticipated, but Woolsey pours himself a glass anyway. He deserves a drink. He almost killed his chief medical officer three days ago. )

Notes on the making of this fic
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Title: Of the Spotless Mind
Pairing: John/Rodney
Rating: Adult
Word count: 2309
Amnesia fic heavily inspired by The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

ETA I forgot to mention that this is for [ profile] ladycat777; I promised her OT4 fic ages ago and I just can't make it happen, so I hope this will suffice instead

An older woman walks her terrier along the dunes and down where the water licks at the sand, Rodney can see a man standing with his hands shoved in his pockets up to the black bands that circle his wrists. The man is dressed in black cargo pants and a black T-shirt and his dark hair is sharp and dangerous against the horizon. Rodney can’t look away. )


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