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I'm about to have an evening to myself. Josh is taking Emma to Atlanta to watch Markiplier (I have no idea what a live show by a guy who does Let's Plays on Youtube would even look like, but fortunately, I don't have to go!), and I will have this whole evening to devote to conversation.

Ask me a question. Tell me something. *bats eyelashes*

I'll get back to you around 7:30 tonight.

Also, does anybody know how to get your own posts to show up in your friends list on DW? My LJ was set up that way, and I really liked it because I often used my latest post as the marker to start with when I began reading my flist. Any help would be appreciated.
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Let's do a silly meme.

Tell me about the episode (or book chapter) that never appeared in one of your fandoms but should have.

Here's mine.

Buffy: I always wished that Buffy's dad had showed up again after Joyce's death. I found his complete disregard of his children horrific, and while I didn't want him to be redeemed at all, I wanted him to show up at least once again so Buffy could tell him off for abandoning her.

Firefly: I would have liked a trip home for one of the crew, maybe to meet Kaylee's parents or Jayne's siblings or Mal's extensive network of female cousins.

Star Trek TNG: I really wanted more episodes with Beverly and Deanna being besties. I would have especially loved an episode where they were trapped on a planet and in survival mode or spent the episode with only each other to rely on.

What about you?
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Comment with one of my fandoms and a number.

1. the character I least understand
2. interactions I enjoyed the most
3. the character who scares me the most
4. the character who is mostly like me
5. hottest looks character
6. one thing I dislike about my fave character
7. one thing I like about my hated character
8. a quote or scene that haunts me
9. a character I wish died but didn’t
10. my ship that never sailed

And then we can taaaaaaalk about it. :)
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Josh is away at a party, and I would love to talk to you guys about anything really, but here are some talking points:

1. Give me your Game of Thrones predictions. How will it end? What plots points will be resolved and how? What will happen to your favorite characters?

2. How would you have ended Penny Dreadful? Rewrite that awful ending for me, my friends. Or if you, *gasp*, liked it, tell me why. I'd love to see a ray of sunshine in that ending.

3. Tell what you would have done for a sixth season of Stargate Atlantis or an eleventh season of SG-1. What would you have the Gateverse people get up to?

4. What do you hope to see on this new Star Trek show? Is it true that it will only be available on some weird streaming channel that you have to sign up for? *sad face*

Tell me something. Ask me something. :)
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Josh has been gone since Wednesday; he'll be back on Monday. Emma is away at a friend's birthday party sleepover. Fiona has been asleep for three hours. I can only watch so much back to back Bluebloods reruns and read so much very very bad fanfic in which Oliver Wood tricks Harry Potter into shagging him because Ginny Weasley paid him to (although I suspect more of both will be occurring later tonight). Talk to me, my friends!

I'm up for talking about anything but potential topics of conversation include

Game of Thrones
Harry Potter
Star Trek
Star Wars
Supernatural (the rewatch with Emma continues; we're in season 7)
food, the eating and cooking thereof
fashion, cosmetics, and jewelry

ETA: WTF, PBS? I appear to be watching Ramsay Bolton and Gandalf the Grey in a terrible sitcom with a laugh track. *boggles*
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so talk to me, my friends, before I get on the road!

Ask me things. Tell me things.

I'm bored. Josh is watching . . . basketball. *shudders*
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[personal profile] executrix just told me: BTW I tried to Make Fetch Happen by calling 50-word stories "byatts".

Why not?

Give me a fannish prompt (characters, pairing, episode, color, song, whatever), and I'll write you a Byatt. If I don't know the fandom, I'll make something up. It will be adorable ridiculous.

Feel free to play along if you like.
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1. I'm reading a fantastic book that Executrix sent me about the way that American heiresses started invading Victorian England because they couldn't achieve social recognition or make good marriages in an American society ruled by stuffy old birds like Mrs. Astor. Anyway, fun factoid: kid gloves were worn by both men and women at society functions so that flesh never touched flesh while dancing; the gloves were thin and tight enough that the outline of the fingernails was visible through them, and they only lasted for a single use. Talk about disposable income.

2. cut for discussion of exercise, weight, and mental health )

3. cut for discussion of dieting )

4. cut for discussion of sartorial woes with a side of self-loathing )

5. Getting to Know You Meme: Ask me a question, and I'll ask you one in return.
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Hey, everybody. I've got an evening to kill. Up for some conversation?

Potential topics include cooking and food, my SPN rewatch with Emma, Star Wars, TV shows you're loving. Maybe there's something you've always wanted to ask me. I'm up for talking about anything. :)
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[personal profile] wendelah1 gave me 20. If you want to do it, just leave a comment and I'll give you a number.

Then, at 20

I lived in: a shitty apartment complex. It was within walking distance of the college I was attending. It was probably condemnable, and lots of druggies lived there. When our friends moved in next door, they found used needles stuck up under the ceiling panels and on the top of the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. And yet, our landlord (who also lived in the complex) was the best landlord ever--kind, generous and amazing.

I drove: a Ford Tempo

I was in a relationship with: Josh. We got together when I was nineteen and he was twenty.

I feared: death.

I worked at: being an undergrad. I also worked at the university library and as a tutor for the tutoring center.

I wanted to be: an English professor.

Now, at 36

I live in: a three bedroom, two bathroom house that I am renting in a tiny Southern town

I drive: a Hyundai Sonata

I am in a relationship with: Josh; March will be 15 years married.

I fear: death. Josh dying. Something happening to my children. Josh not getting tenure.

I work at: a state university as a English professor.

I want to be: less anxious.

Hit me up with a number if you want to also meme.
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Josh is away at a party, and I'm pulling Feefers duty. *sob sob* However, this gives me an excellent and rare opportunity to talk with y'all in real time.

So, tell me something. Or ask me something. I miss being able to make a post and spend the evening leisurely discussing. Most of my replies to comments to my posts are made over the course of several days now. It'll be nice to spend an evening discussing something.

Potential topics:

Fashion and wardrobe creation
Adult coloring books
Your go-to gift ideas for the people in your life
Dishes and silverware
Literally anything else you want to talk to me about
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Some lovely someone(s) has been nominating my stories for the SunnyD Awards and for the No Rest for the Wicked Awards. I have been very anxious about Fi, and that's been a bright spot in the past few days for me. Many, many thanks, Mystery Nominator!

Fi went to daycare today; she doesn't seem any worse. I am crossing my fingers so tightly they are cramping that she will not get any worse.

I had a lot of fun learning about your collections and tea preferences, so let's do something along those lines again.

Tell me all about your

1. Favorite animal
2. Favorite historical figure
3. Favorite terrible movie
4. Favorite item of home decor
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I love talking about this kind of stuff and realized I don't know the answers for these questions about a lot of you, so I made a questionnaire. Answer any or all!

1. Do you collect stuff? If so, what and why?
2. What's your favorite color?
3. Favorite dish to cook or eat out?
4. Do you handwrite letters? Use a physical notebook? Care to wax rhapsodic about either, including the perfect writing utensil?
5. Do you drink tea or coffee or another hot beverage? What's your favorite brand or blend?

Tell me anything else interesting that might occur to you. :)
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Epiphanies brought on by the Nineties Weekend we listened to on the way home from Atlanta:

Tyrion Lannister is the likely pen behind the lyrics of "Where Do You Go?" [My Lovely]

Enrique Iglesias is not in fact singing, "Te quiero no burrito," but, "Te quiero amor mio," which makes much more sense.

Who wants to talk about fannish stuff? I'm up for talk about any of the following: Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, Penny Dreadful, Game of Thrones, Gateverse, Buffyverse, Star Trek, etc!
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I want to do this meme again. Not going to have sign-ups for specific days, but give me some topics you'd like me to talk about, and I'll post in December about them. <3 :)


Intriguing: How did you first get into fandom/what were your your first fandom experiences? (define "fandom experiences" however you'd like to) :)

Endeni: if you were in charge of the next Trek movie what would it be like?

PrincessofGeeks: How you envision Jack and Daniel and how you fell in love with them. Your fannish trajectory. Your writing process. Some hobby that you love outside fandom; why and how.

Elfin: Which Star Trek captain is "your" captain and why?

Zulu: A tradition you have started or maintained--not necessarily connected to a holiday, but could be. :)

Executrix: What's the line between being "fannish" about something and "watching/reading/listening" to it?

The_rck: One fandom you didn't expect to love but did (or one you expected to love and didn't. Your choice).

Sallymn: tell me about three of your favourite authors?

Lyr: What's your little black dress fandom? You know, that fandom you find yourself trying to crossover with everything else - whether you actually write it or not.

Umadoshi: Are you able to describe the way scents evoke characters for you? So far I don't have that relationship to scents at all, but it fascinates me!
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I realized that in the rush of the semester starting again that I forgot to link to the lovely story written for me in the Jack/Daniel ficathon. Everyone go read Blue World by [personal profile] topazowl, who did wonderful things with my prompt. The rest of the stories can be found HERE (some are still pending).

Now for that meme everyone has been doing:


All my fic is here at AO3.
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A Meme via likeadeuce )

For those of the Stargate SG-1 persuasion, a couple queries:

1. When Daniel de-ascends the second time, he re-appears naked in .... General Hammond's broom closet? Is that right? Or is it off the conference room? IDK I can't remember.

2. Jack drives a pick-up truck, yes?
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I don't want to read, there's nothing on TV, and I miss talking to y'all.

Ask me something. Tell me something.

We could talk about NCIS, specifically Abby or Diane (Gibbs and Fornell's shared ex-wife).

Or we could talk about the educational system in the US.

Or we could talk about makeup and nail polish.

Or Penny Dreadful. MMmmmmmm. Penny Dreadful.

Or, you know. Anything.

Ever since being sick, I am struggling with the worst apathy. I could post more but it seems too much trouble. I could read fic but nothing is pinging me. I could *write* fic and even have several WIPs already started, but I never work on them. Maybe a rousing convo with my friends is the kick in the butt I need to start feeling engaged again. :)
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The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

This old ass bio of Dickens by Una Pope Hennessy

The Never Ending Story (which I did not know was originally a book until now)

Bill Maher's outfit this past Friday; so disappoint, my friends

This is the End starring Seth Rogen and friends

The Expendables 2

Warm Bodies

Holy OMG Walking Dead; *wails*

Any takers? :)
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1. Favourite Christmas episodes of tv shows. :) for [personal profile] aryas_zehral

This actually ended up being more difficult for me to answer than I thought it would be. I can't think of many Christmas episodes of TV just off the top of my head. I liked this year's NCIS Christmas episode (I am a sucker for sick kids OMG). My favorite Christmas movies are White Christmas and Holiday Inn, and my favorite Christmas story is "The Gift of the Magi." Makes me tear up every time I read it. My favorite Christmas song is "Some Children See Him" sung by Andy Williams, and I am the target audience for every holiday commercial ever made. Those coffee commercials where people come home for Christmas slay me. The commercial this year where the couple decorates their elderly neighbor's house for Christmas brings me to tears.

2. Your favourite Farscape episode or moment. :-) for [personal profile] china_shop

This, in contrast, is an easy question to answer. My hands-down absolute favorite moment in the show and miniseries is SPOILERS )

3. Best/wackiest/most memorable story about grad school for [personal profile] zulu

We started grad school in the fall of 2001, and so I had been teaching for a matter of a few weeks when 9/11 happened. At this time, Josh and I did not watch the news and you couldn't really check the news on the internet at that point and we didn't listen to NPR unless we were in the car, so we slept in late as usual and went onto campus. Everything was so quiet and still and people were huddled together or talking on their phones, and it was just weird. We knew instantly something was wrong. I went into my office, and my office-mate told me what had happened. We went home; I think classes were cancelled for that day (I can't remember) and watched the planes crash into the Towers over and over again for hours. I had a student that semester who quit coming to class and tried to give me the excuse that he was a journalist who was needed to cover the terrorist tragedy. Talk about an utter lack of sympathy for that bullshit.

I got pregnant with my first daughter in the second semester of grad school. I was deeply, horribly sick the entire time I was pregnant with her. This led to me throwing up pretty much everywhere in Oxford; behind every bush, in every parking lot, in the trashcans of every building on campus. It was awesome to overhear the wife of one of my professors say at a social gathering how pitiful it is that the female students get so drunk, and so early in the day even. She then recounted the story of what I recognized as pregnant me throwing up in the parking lot of Blockbuster as an example of this issue. LOL

And for an even three, my undergraduate classes in English were pretty light on the theory. I'm certain that theory was informing what my professors chose to teach us and how they did so, but I didn't read any Lacan or Foucoult or learn anything about the different theoretical schools. Our first semester in grad school, we all had to take an intro to theory class that exposed us to the most important theory at that time as well as a history of the discipline of English as taught in America. Fascinating class (even if it remains the most contact I've really had with theory; a lot of the older profs at Ole Miss at that time were more into close reading and historical readings than anything else, and so I'm really weak in that area to this day; I'm totally cool with that, though; while I find some theory useful for understanding literature, I find a lot of it obfuscating and clearly something somebody wrote to get tenure rather than because it added anything to the discipline LOL; I accept that I may be alone in this feeling, fellow profs on the flist). There was this one girl in the class who just got more and more upset as the class wore on, and one day she just stood up, announced "Fuck this" and flounced on out the door never to be seen again. I have never seen anyone implode like that before. It was bizarre. We still have the book of Lovecraft poetry Josh had borrowed from her and could not return on our shelf.


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