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Comment with one of my fandoms and a number.

1. the character I least understand
2. interactions I enjoyed the most
3. the character who scares me the most
4. the character who is mostly like me
5. hottest looks character
6. one thing I dislike about my fave character
7. one thing I like about my hated character
8. a quote or scene that haunts me
9. a character I wish died but didn’t
10. my ship that never sailed

And then we can taaaaaaalk about it. :)
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1. My friend brought over two dip pens and a wild assortment of ink last night, and we had an ink testing party. It was really fun testing different inks; Emma had a good time, too. Worst name for an ink ever: Baby Lips. LOL

2. I'm going shopping today! Project Wardrobe is afoot. I hope I come back with arms laden with packages. LOL I'm on particular look out for dresses, skirts, a bathing suit, and *gasp* shorts. I haven't worn shorts in like 15 years, but I'm considering it.

3. The book I'm reading right now, The Lies of Locke Lamora, is awesome. I would love to watch the HBO series of this book. It's a little over 700 pages, so it's taking me longer to read than the rest of the books I've read recently, but so worth it. And when I'm done, there's two more!

4. Dollhouse fic is almost entirely crossovers and fusions. Very little straight up fic about the show.

5. One more week of class and then finals. I cannot adequately express my joy. LOL The grading will be brutal, but then my time is my own. Whooooooooooo!
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1. We were supposed to go to my parents' today, but Fiona threw up all night long, poor baby. She was pretty much okay today, but Josh and I both were way too wiped for an 8 hour drive. So, tomorrow we leave!

2. I love technology. I love the internet. I am not a luddite. But you know that moment when you realize that you were born on the other side of the tech chasm, that you didn't grow up with google or smart phones or Siri? I had one of those this week when I was reading reviews of Rogue One in which the physical appearance of a character was pretty universally panned, and the whole time I was watching the movie, I was all Spoilers for the name of a character in the movie )

3. I took all of your excellent advice and spent most of this week reading Hobbit fanfic. However, I've run into a problem there. I am getting bored with the eleventy millionth retelling of the quest for Erebor. No matter the variations, I can read the same story only so many times before it starts to get boring. And there are surprisingly few fics that are set post movie that don't also go through 100,000 words of retelling the quest. I am also not very interested in modern AUs for this fandom. What do?
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1. The time, it is upon us. I am contemplating the following for offer/request in Yuletide:

Imperial Radch
Jane Eyre
Mrs. Todd's Shortcut
Poems (Poe)
Tiffany Aching series
Wuthering Heights
The Yellow Wallpaper
Live Free or Die Hard
Jessica Jones
Penny Dreadful

2. I often read my network page, and I happened across someone whose dad has just been diagnosed with the same cancer as my dad. Would it be weird to reach out? It feels like it might be weird.

3. I did a little research about puberty and athletic performance in girls, and looks like puberty does often mean a decrease in running performance for a variety of reasons. I am relieved because I had started to worry that maybe something was wrong. If she can just stick with it, Emma should come out the other side alright.

4. I am done with my tagging project. Whoooooo! I realized about halfway through that I had missed a few things in the beginning years (for example, I didn't start tagging for music until I was well into the project), but I'll be damned if I go back through the whole thing again. It's as good as it's going to get. LOL

5. We watched Die Hard 2 yesterday. It is not nearly as good a movie as the first one for a couple of reasons. First, the villain is in a remote location and rarely interacts with McClane. One of the joys of Die Hard is that Hans Gruber is such a charismatic villain. He's in the same physical location with McClane for the whole movie; they're playing cat and mouse; they're talking on the walkie talkies. That's entirely absent from the sequel. The stakes also don't feel as high as they did in the first movie. I don't have a clear sense of who this general is and why he's such hot shit that so many people are willing to give up their careers for him. Plus, something about Hans Gruber manhandling Holly makes me worry about her in a way that her circling the airport endlessly never could (even if Gruber shooting her and her plane falling out of the sky make her equally dead). I like that Team Villain and Team Good Guys are multi-racial in both movies. Not much for the ladies to do in either of these movies although I would argue that Holly gets a good role and gets to play more than a victim in both. Josh and I about died at the end of the sequel, though, where McClane wanders around hollering, "Holly!" We both said, "Stella!" at the same time. It was more than a bit ridiculous.

6. Downton Abbey watching continues. SPOILERS )
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1. I got the best package from [ profile] decynthus today! She made me all these cool fandom magnets with multiple picture options so I can switch them out when I want to. My favorites are one of Tyrion that says "I drink wine and I know things," another one that says Lyanna Mormont for President, a photo of the TOS crew on the bridge (*sniffle*), and one of River Tam that says "my food is problematic." LOL I have the best friends. Thank you so much, sweetie.

2. In random autoimmune disorder news, I don't know exactly when this started happening but it's been since we lived here, so sometime in the last eight years, I started getting this rash on my chest and jawline. It wasn't really visible, maybe slightly red, but nothing anyone would notice if I didn't scratch it. It would appear randomly and for no reason I could discern. Turns out this is a almost certainly a celiac thing or even a Hashimoto's thing. Lots of people with both report rashes that get better or go away entirely when they go gluten free. I haven't had the rash since I went gluten free. Over the last couple of days, it's started to appear again, and I couldn't figure out why. I haven't eaten in a restaurant in weeks. Well, son-of-a-bitch the ibuprofen I've been taking over the last three days has gluten in it. Aaaaaarrrgh! Why is gluten in everything OMG?

3. I fell twice pretty spectacularly at the beginning of this month, the second time banging myself up pretty badly, and now my arthritis is acting up pretty terribly in my knee. Boo and hiss.

4. Don't forget to sign up for the Letter Writing Challenge!
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I am slowly going through my journal and cleaning up tags; I mostly didn't use them the first few years I had a journal, and I want my journal to be usable. I've done 2005, 2006, and most of 2007. Have some observations:

1. Wow, I used to post a lot. And write a lot of fic. And host ficathons. And mod communities. And post a lot of meta. And make a metric fuckton of rec posts. I mean, 2005-2008 are the halcyon years of posting for me. It was my most productive fannish era. But, sheesh. I'm jealous of myself. LOL

2. I'm amazed at what got left out of my journal. Over the years, I've gradually done more and more personal life posting, but these first years are almost exclusively fannish, and I'm surprised at what I don't mention. Like, for instance, in 2006 I lost fifty pounds and only mention losing weight in a very general way like one time.

3. Oh, man. The memes. I did lots of memes, the fun ones like "Give me a fake fic title and I'll write you a drabble" or "five things I X." I miss doing those.

4. DVD commentaries! Also really fun. I haven't seen any of those in quite some time.

5. I also found one or two places where I had given too much identifying info and deleted that info.

In other news, would anyone be interested in participating in some of kind of paper goods challenge? Like maybe sending snail mail letters or cards to each other?
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1. [personal profile] antares_dw made beautiful cover art for my J/D Ficathon story. You can see it HERE. *squee* Very few times have I been given art for a story, so this is extra special. :)

2. Josh has logged into both his online classes and reports that they don't look as scary as he thought they might. Yay! I think getting a couple weeks under his belt will help him become more confident.

3. How sad are you that [community profile] paperjournals is a defunct community? Not as sad as I am. This looks like it was a really cool comm in its heyday; lots of posts of beautiful journals, pages inside journals, journal projects. I have recently gotten super into looking for planners, notebooks, fountain pens, paper suitable for fountain pen use, etc., online and would love to play around in a comm devoted to that. Some of the people posting there were super creative. If anybody wants to talk paper goods, pens, pencils, art supplies, etc., I am happy to have that conversation (although I will politely not get it if you wax enthusiastic about the washi tape).

4. Although we've already had two weeks of department meetings, committee meetings, and the mad rush to get syallabi and online components finalized, today was the first day back at school, and I am so glad for it. I've been ready to get back to a regular work week since June. I am one of those people who do not do terribly well with a lot of downtime. Lacking a regular schedule is not good for my mental health and allows me to indulge my worst habits. I am excited about the start of the semester, looking forward to my classes, and really optimistic about getting a lot of work done. In the past few years, I've been teaching two classes online and two in the classroom; this has allowed me to arrange my schedule where I only have to be on campus three days a week. While fun in many ways, this schedule is not conducive to me getting much beyond what I need to do for teaching accomplished. This semester, I'm on campus four days a week and think I will be much more productive for it. I've got a senior level class to prep for and some publications to get out there; it'll be time to apply for full professor before I know it.

5. A friend's post about her relationship with her parents has got me thinking about mine. I don't know if you guys remember my post from earlier in the summer where my dad yelled at me, but he and mom really hurt my feelings. After we left their house, I didn't speak to them for weeks, and pretty much the next time we talked was for them to tell me that dad was sick and getting tests to figure out what was wrong. So I feel this futile mixture of guilty for being angry at him and not speaking to him since he's sick and really angry because he never acknowledged hurting my feelings, will never acknowledge hurting my feelings or apologize for it, and will probably do the same thing again at which point I get to decide if the man potentially dying of cancer gets a get-out-of-jail-free card for being an ass or if I want to press the point of how treating your grown daughter like that is Not Acceptable. I also had a realization about that incident which made me even angrier about it; what set off the tirade was (no lie) that Josh and I did not agree with Mom and Dad that Mark Hamill looks deformed in the closing shot of TFA. That led to Dad hollering about how Josh had been so ugly to Mom all weekend and talking down to her (he had not), and I realized today that right before we watched the movie, Mom had been reading the paper and she started talking about that kid that was attacked by an alligator at Disney. I asked her politely a couple times to stop talking about it because I have serious issues with child death and I get caught in thought loops where I can't stop thinking about it. I had been having intrusive thoughts about this situation the whole car trip down after hearing NPR reporting and had trouble sleeping the night before because I couldn't stop thinking about it. She. Would. Not. Stop. Talking. About. It. Finally, Josh snapped at her and asked her to please stop talking about it in a Not Nice Tone of Voice. *shakes head* I can't imagine continuing to talk about something after my child told me it was harming her.

6. In other parental news, Josh's mom had a nice ER visit last week. She did not have a heart attack, but she had something called acute coronary syndrome which was not explained to her beyond, "You did not have a heart attack." She had a heart cath and had no blockages (which yay). They also did not set her up with a follow-up with a cardiologist. So she's getting that taken care of this week so she can figure out what happened to her and how to proceed from here.
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Josh has been gone since Wednesday; he'll be back on Monday. Emma is away at a friend's birthday party sleepover. Fiona has been asleep for three hours. I can only watch so much back to back Bluebloods reruns and read so much very very bad fanfic in which Oliver Wood tricks Harry Potter into shagging him because Ginny Weasley paid him to (although I suspect more of both will be occurring later tonight). Talk to me, my friends!

I'm up for talking about anything but potential topics of conversation include

Game of Thrones
Harry Potter
Star Trek
Star Wars
Supernatural (the rewatch with Emma continues; we're in season 7)
food, the eating and cooking thereof
fashion, cosmetics, and jewelry

ETA: WTF, PBS? I appear to be watching Ramsay Bolton and Gandalf the Grey in a terrible sitcom with a laugh track. *boggles*
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1. I realized that I didn't leave enough outside the spoiler cut when I reviewed Hard by Wayne Hoffman. It's a novel about the gay community in NYC in the late 90s that would be right up a lot of y'all's alley.

2. I am overhauling my tags; I've been through almost all my existing tags and cleaned them up. Now I'm going to start at the beginning of my journal and make sure it's all tagged appropriately. I am giving myself permission to only do this on DW and not worry about LJ.

3. I read another book, Ragnarok: The End of the Gods by A. S. Byatt. SPOILERS )

4. I just finished my first week as gluten free, and it's been a bit of a mixed bag. When I got home from NYC, I went through the pantry, fridge, and freezer and piled on the kitchen table all the gluten containing food. Some items were not clearly marked. If a quick google search could not tell me the gluten status of the product, I put it in the pile. I did not want to spend hours on the phone with the companies who manufacture all the random jars of spices in our cupboard. Next I added the plastic dishes and implements, tupperware, melamine bowls, all the cast iron and non stick, the colanders. cut for length )
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1. Fi is sick but not desperately so (lungs completely clear, no sign of pneumonia). This is the first time we've had to keep her out of daycare since December, and I have high hopes we'll be able to send her back tomorrow. Ems has been a little under the weather, mostly just tired rather than anything else, but Josh says she seemed better this morning. Last night I developed a splitting headache that seems to be sinus related, and I am starting to feel kinda bad. Boooooo. Josh seems okay; he got sick yesterday giving blood because the nurse talked him into the kind of donation where they take something out of the blood and then put it back in. So he got the distinct pleasure of puking all over the donation van in front of our students. He's fine today, though.

2. My grandmother is in the hospital for some sort of heart irregularity.

3. Emma has been talking for months now about having a crush on a girl at school, and yesterday she told me the girl admitted she likes Emma back. Emma was radiant. It is adorable. And I am ashamed to admit that my second thought following being happy for her was to be worried for her. I don't want her to be bullied. :( She's already been bullied once this year for telling her classmates not to say the word fag and for saying she thinks gay people should be allowed to get married. Fortunately, it was short lived and seems to have entirely blown over, but she was so despondent when it happened. Whoever she wants to date, we will back her play, always and forever; we support her 100%, but this is a cesspool of the worst kind of Republican, fundamentalist, evangelical conservatism on offer in the South, and I just worry about her. *sigh*

4. We are getting so close to the end of Jessica Jones. Can't wait to finish it so I can post all the squee.

5. I tried dipping my toe back into MCU but am having trouble finding what I want to read. I have pretty much negative interest in Steve/Bucky, but it's just pages and pages of that on the AO3. Anybody have any rare pairings recs? The best of Darcy-centric fic? Jane? Anything Thor that isn't Thor/Loki?
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So now that I'm done with Daredevil, what do I do? Sort fanfic by kudos and then start reading all the crossovers with Avengers where Foggy is like Sam's best friend and Clint invites Matt over for movie nights.

I love movie nights. I love Clint in the vents. I'm okay with Thor chowing down on poptarts.


Not one.

I'm gonna rub all them cliches all over my body, y'all.

I'm gonna progress to Frank/Karen, cross my heart, but right now, I'm all tangled up in Darcy going to law school with our avocados at law. (Although a bit of a blip in my happiness that I'm like three pages in and zero Frank/Karen at this point; boo hiss; oughta be at least one per page.)

Also, I am totally right about Lucifer. SPOILERS )

Also, Tasha Yar is on Castle and she's not cooking people and eating them or senselessly dying in a sentient tar pit, so that's a win.
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fall TV lineup, mostly for my own records; I am notoriously bad for forgetting to watch shows I am looking forward to )

I made amaranth for the first time last night. I boiled the amaranth in beef broth until it was a thick porridge (I had thought all the liquid would absorb like with couscous, but it didn't quite; I followed the directions on the package, but next time I will use less liquid). While that was boiling I sauteed up some baby bellas in butter with garlic and thyme and finished that off with sherry. When the amaranth was done, I stirred the mushrooms in. So yummy.

Josh and Emma don't like the texture, but I do. Amaranth is tiny, and cooked, it has the texture of tiny fish roe--nice little pops against your tongue.

Tonight I made quinoa that will go into wraps. I cooked the quinoa in water, cooled it, stirred in olive oil and lemon juice and popped it in the fridge. In a bit, I will stir in chopped tomato, cucumber, orange bell pepper, and feta cheese. Then we will smear lettuce leaves with hummus and make some wraps. Yay! I can't wait until dinner.

What are y'all planning to watch and/or eat for dinner?
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I don't know why, but I haven't read very many books this semester, so it has been wonderful to start reading them again. What I have mostly been doing with my spare time since Christmas is reading FFA (not even commenting really, just reading the finished posts) instead of reading books or fic or writing it myself or posting something here. It's become a habit I want to break, I think. I successfully quit going to fandomsecrets several months ago, and it's been a relief to have that time back. Everyone in the comm was very nice to me; I had great interactions there, but I spent a great deal of time there and didn't get a lot of conversational return out of it. I'm starting to feel the same way about going to FFA. What I really want to be doing is talking to y'all and writing fic; I don't know why I keep wasting my time passively reading something rather than actively creating material myself.

So, to serve those interests, let's talk about books, baby, and also two movies.

I just finished:

Ancillary Justice and Ancillary Sword )

The Telling )

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children )

Jurassic Park )

Mad Max )
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Everyone, please join me in signing up for the J/D Ficathon. I have had a wonderful experience participating in this ficathon, and I think you will, too.

Signups are HERE and don't close until June 7th. Stories are due on July 26. This year, the ficathon is also hosting an After Party for Complementary Fanworks for people who want to make art or podfic or other kinds of fanworks. Should be a lot of fun.
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1. I made best dinner!

Best dinner consists of . . .  )

2. Next week we should have the results of Fi's tests--broad spectrum allergy test and immune deficiency test and be able to plan accordingly for the future.

3. Anybody else remember in the late nineties when networks decided to have their logos constantly displayed in the bottom right corner of the TV screen? I was randomly thinking about that the other day and remembering how pissed I was and how long it took me to get used to the logo obscuring part of the screen. 15 years later, I don't even notice the logo anymore.

4. Somebody wrote a Keeping Up Appearances/NCIS crossover. The premise was ridiculous but the Keeping Up Appearances voices were perfect.

5. My arm pretty much hurts all the time now. Bah.
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Fiona's fever is better, but her breathing is worse. We're counting her breaths per minute to determine if we need to take her to the ER. I thought we'd see some improvement today (and to be fair, she did eat a lot more today than previously), but she was so pitiful. She'd just say, "Mama," and whimper or cry and not be able to tell me anything.

Emma is worried about her sister but also really disappointed that the big trip we had planned for next weekend (to spend time only with her) is almost certainly canceled now.

I was supposed to take out my Nuva Ring this morning and forgot to do so until now.

Other work thing [redacted].

I am going to go re-read that Tira Nog fic where Snape and Harry get turned into children and Ron and Hermione are their parents before I have to wake Fee up for her next breathing treatment and then go to bed so I can try to get at least a little sleep before giving her another at two.
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Poll #16544 Which WIP should I start working on again?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 13

I opened my WIP folder and was surprised to find a whole bunch of documents in there that I barely even remember starting. Excerpts beneath the poll.

View Answers

4 (30.8%)

1 (7.7%)

4 (30.8%)

1 (7.7%)

3 (23.1%)

HP excerpt )

SG-1 excerpt )

SGA excerpt )

Firefly/BtVS excerpt )

Voyager excerpt )
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1. My exposure to this concept consists only of Bill Maher making fun of it on HBO last night, but apparently, scientists can now engineer a baby with three parents (two of which must be female). If fandom does not jump on this as a way to make Teyla/Jennifer, Elizabeth/Janet, and Vala/Sam have babies with each other, I will sorely disappointed!

2. Also on Bill Maher last night, Janet Mock was a guest. After the show was over, Josh said he might buy her book because he doesn't know very much about transgender issues and he'd like to. I don't know anything about Janet Mock or her book and whether it would be a good resource for him. Has anybody read it? Do you have other recommendations for books he might read? I think he's looking for something more in the memoir vein rather than something academic.

3. 15 days at 10,000 or more steps!

4. I think I am finally, finally getting better. Two days ago, I pulled several muscles in my abdomen while coughing. Those are still sore, but I feel much less congested and haven't done much coughing. I also don't feel as tired and run down. Only a month to get here. *sigh* But the good news is that Emma and I can finally start testing perfumes again!
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1. Allison Janney is now the Robot Queen of the Universe. Thank you, Key and Peele. (Don't think I don't remember you from The Planet's Funniest Animals, Key. You've come a long way, dude.)

2. I cannot stand that "Black Widow, Baby" song. I hear "I'm a black little baby" every damn chorus.

3. We just finished a second watch of Penny Dreadful and SPOILERS ) *gasp*

4. Who can read Italian? I may need some help that I will repay with fanfic. *bats eyelashes coyingly*
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1. In my New Year's Resolutions, I committed to posting at least once a week. I've been feeling disconnected from fandom for a long time now and not truly actively fannish about anything except maybe reading FFA, and I don't know if you can call taking a vicarious interest in the mean things people want to say to their bosses a font of fannishness.

In a fit of curiosity about how often I'd actually been posting last year, I went to the archive only to discover to my surprise that I'd posted a hell of a lot more than I thought I had. I posted at least once every week in 2014 with the exception of one week in February, one week in March, and a four week stretch that lasted from September 19 to October 18. I averaged about two posts a week, and posted six times! one week in May. I am truly shocked, y'all. I expected to see that I'd been posting about once a month, maybe twice.

So now I'm not sure how committing to do a thing I'm already doing is going to have any impact on feeling disconnected from fandom in general and y'all in particular. LOL

I suspect that a lot of what I miss is getting feedback on fic, so committing to posting one fic a month should help there. And if I make weekly perfume posts, I might continue to meet people in perfume fandom and generate interesting conversations as a result.

2. I'm reading an academic book right now that could be so interesting. The author is talking about the significance of the blush in Victorian novels, and in the introduction she references Cher and Estee Lauder ads and an interesting documentary about skinheads that came out shortly before she wrote her book, and I should be digging this--except I'm not, and here's why. There's a way to talk about important stuff without sounding like an asshole, and this lady is not accomplishing it. Especially if you're throwing around pop culture references and making jokes with them, doing so in the middle of a sentence about the reification of the Foucauldian rhizomes and the textures of the evaluative binary (note: I just made that shit up and it sounds about like what she's writing LOL). It's like tonal whiplash. I do see value in specialized language in my discipline; however, I am a firm believer in writing as clearly, concisely, and plainly as possible (all while still using big girl vocabulary words!). I feel like many more people agree with me now than otherwise as I find much of the recently published scholarly stuff I read very approachable. But, man. The nineties. So much ridiculous posturing and saying everything in a much more complicated way than necessary.


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