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1. We lost power for 7 hours on Monday; the temperature was great and we had awesome food lined up to eat. A tree fell down and didn't hurt any of us or the house. Other people in town just had power restored yesterday! Nothing like a little gratitude about the big stuff to get you through the car refusing to start and some necessary repairs. LOL Normally, I'd get all anxious and pissed off about that kind of thing. Not this week.

2. Tuesday, I picked up limbs for two hours solid and I have been paying for it ever since. Y'all know how physically active I am. I go to the gym every day. I'm biking like 13 miles at a time. I can run on the elliptical forever if the boredom doesn't kill me first. Picking up those limbs kicked my ass, and it surprised me. My hamstrings have been on fire ever since. I went to the gym on Wed and Thursday and they hurt so bad on Thursday night that I just didn't go on Friday. I might not go to today. It feels like such a little and stupid thing to be affecting me this way. I picked up limbs for an hour today, but I squatted to do it instead of bending at the waist like I did on Tuesday, and I think that's actually made my hamstrings feel somewhat better? IDK I'll let y'all know when I'm in agony again tonight and trying to sleep.

3. I got some new underwear! I had to go down another size, and the Bali underwear I've been buying doesn't come in a smaller size than 6/7 which is definitely WTF. But I got some Jockey ones and some Hanes ones at Target to try out.

4. Rising Strong by Brene Brown )
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1. I posted my Remix fic yesterday, and I am very happy with it!

2. Fiona had the rest of her dental work done, and she was a little trooper. Now hopefully we can keep her from developing any more problems.

3. cut for talk of weight and wardrobe )

4. I'm nervous about Irma. The public schools are closed Monday and Tuesday. The university is taking a more wait and see approach. We're closed for Monday but still reserving judgement for Tuesday and beyond. We bought a bunch of water and etc., and I think we'll probably be okay, but I'm still nervous.

5. I am reading A Perfect Heritage by Penny Vincenzi, and I am delighted with it. I was skeptical at first because it looks like a traditional romance novel, so I put it to the side for awhile and didn't start reading it. It's really not a romance novel at all, though. I'm about 150 pages into it and the only affair being discussed happened like forty years ago in the novel's time. It's mostly about the cosmetics industry and all that goes into running an enormous company; it's pretty fascinating. It's also about a clash of wills between the old matriarch of the company and the woman who's been brought in to save the outdated and failing company. The book is more than 500 pages long, so I can tell that the romance novel aspects will eventually come to the fore; I can already see two places where extramarital affairs are bound to happen LOL. But I'm loving the characters and the world. This was a good pick, [personal profile] executrix. Thanks for sending it to me!

6. I had a couple glasses of wine last night to celebrate a friend getting a job. Now that I don't drink very often, it's astonishing to me how potent just a small amount of alcohol can be. I'm going to be tired all day today as a result. Oh, well. Now for another couple months of sobriety. LOL
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1. Fiona started Pre-K! She is thrilled. On the very first day only, the school allows parents to park and walk the children in to their classrooms. I asked Fiona if she wanted me to walk her in or drop her off at the car-riders' line like I'd be doing the rest of the days of the school year. She said, "I want to do it by myself." She was grinning when I let her out and grinning when I picked her up. She doesn't have an ounce of anxiety about anything in her. I didn't even have time to tear up at all; I bawled like a baby when we dropped Emma off for kindergarten. I think some of that is because it's a second child, but mostly it's because Fiona was too happy and chill about it all for me to get a tear in edgewise.

Emma started high school! At orientation earlier this week, we were both flummoxed at her schedule which had her taking Advanced Band (without ever having had any kind of band whatsoever). We asked to have her moved to a different class, but I didn't have much confidence they'd do so. The middle school forced her to take the same exact class with the same exact content two years in a row and forced her to take chorus when she has no interest in it, so I was worried we'd run into the same thing. Fortunately, they switched her to Intro to Health Care. Georgia has a handful of career paths they make HS students choose; naturally, none of them map on to what Emma wants to do. There's art, agriculture (which is the one she chose; there are a couple classes in it that seem like they might be at least tangentially helpful or related to the marine biology she wants to pursue), health care, and a couple more. The health care one is really cool because if you know you already want to go into that field, when you graduate HS you will have a certificate degree (like an LPN or something like that) that will allow you to immediately work. It's just weird to me that they don't have a separate college prep track and that they force the kids into these tracks they're not going to use. Oh, well. It's not advanced band. I hate to be That Parent, but I didn't want her stuck in some class that's guaranteed to lower her GPA. (She's probably not going to be Valedictorian, but she *could* be, dammit.)

2. One week with onions and no problems!!!! Now I'm getting antsy to try something else, but I will be good and remain committed to my two week trial period for each new food.

3. Josh's physical therapy is going well. I think he's feeling a lot better.

4. Screw you, pants! I am having such an issue with pants. cut for talk of weight and clothing sizes )

5. Finally, Downton Abbey is looking up! SPOILERS )
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1. Gotham is such a fun show. I am enjoying the hell out of this season. SPOILERS )

2. So glad Lucifer is back! I love this show so hard. SPOILERS )

3. Into the Badlands is almost done for this season. I have to tell you how much I appreciate the color palette of this show. After years of SPN and Angel (the last season of which was so dark that I often couldn't make out what was happening on screen) and shows like Gotham which are shot in blue and slate grey and black, I love watching a show that is saturated with vibrant and rich color. Last night's episode in particular was really pretty. SPOILERS )

4. Downton Abbey watch continues after a bit of a hiatus for us all to travel and conduct concerts and etc. SPOILERS )

5. I got a bathing suit! It's a size 10! It's a little snug under the arms, but bathing suits always stretch out a little if you swim regularly, so I don't think that will last long. I will post a picture soon. :)

6. I am finally done with this semester. Yay! Now I can start getting my class ready for this summer. I'm also going to do the responsible thing and get my classes ready for fall now so that I have nothing to do in that week leading up to fall semester beginning again. *nods decisively*

I have big plans for a productive summer. I want to go to the gym every day, swim most days, and have dedicated time to read books for pleasure, work on my class, and write.

This past semester teaching the senior level class was so wonderful. I've been teaching freshman and sophomore classes for more than a decade now, and while I truly do enjoy teaching those classes, they aren't really challenging anymore. The senior class was challenging; it was overwhelming; I had to be constantly reading, and I was constantly learning new things, and I felt so vital and alive and fucking good at my job. I think finally getting back into reading for pleasure helped with this, too. I'm reading all these Byatt novels which are full of the joy of writing and scholarship and talking with people about ideas and the glory of learning things, and I have felt brimful of intellectual energy, and I don't want to lose this feeling. I want to keep the momentum up. My chair said that I will probably get another senior level class next spring, so I want to try my best to keep this feeling stoked in the interim.
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1. My friend brought over two dip pens and a wild assortment of ink last night, and we had an ink testing party. It was really fun testing different inks; Emma had a good time, too. Worst name for an ink ever: Baby Lips. LOL

2. I'm going shopping today! Project Wardrobe is afoot. I hope I come back with arms laden with packages. LOL I'm on particular look out for dresses, skirts, a bathing suit, and *gasp* shorts. I haven't worn shorts in like 15 years, but I'm considering it.

3. The book I'm reading right now, The Lies of Locke Lamora, is awesome. I would love to watch the HBO series of this book. It's a little over 700 pages, so it's taking me longer to read than the rest of the books I've read recently, but so worth it. And when I'm done, there's two more!

4. Dollhouse fic is almost entirely crossovers and fusions. Very little straight up fic about the show.

5. One more week of class and then finals. I cannot adequately express my joy. LOL The grading will be brutal, but then my time is my own. Whooooooooooo!
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1. I got my hair cut and I really like it. I have zero desire to wear anything but pjs or to put on makeup this weekend, so I'll take a fancy picture on Monday. I didn't take one on Friday because I also got my eyebrows done, and I always look like I have face herpes after a waxing. LOL She didn't have enough time to really change the color since I sprung the whole I want a drastically different cut and color on her at the last second, but she went a shade lighter and did a few highlights. Next haircut I'm going red with a variety of red highlights.

2. Our wedding anniversary was Friday. 16 years. Feels both like five minutes and my entire life. So glad I found someone like Josh to share my life with.

3. Also late Thursday night, early Friday morning, someone stole my debit card number (probably on Thursday when I was driving back from MS; I got gas at some podunk gas station at the pump outside, and I bet that's when it got stolen). They managed to get $600 before they got cut off, so it could have been much worse. I did all the stuff with the bank, so I expect to get reimbursed soon.

4. Mom and I went shopping. I got five pairs of pj pants which may not sound exciting, but I've been wearing pj pants that are 3 sizes too big for me, and it feels glorious to wear pjs that fit properly. I also got two dresses and two cardigans, one of them short sleeved. It was an excellent haul.

5. I also had an epiphany about my relationship with my parents that I'm not ready to post about yet. I'm either super relieved or super pissed off (maybe it's just gotta be both?), and I can't decide what I want to be yet. LOL

6. I hit 153! I am now officially not overweight according to the BMI chart. It's an arbitrary milestone, but it amuses me.
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1. My dad is not doing well. He's been feeling physically bad for the past two weeks, including one ER visit. They uploaded the latest results of blood work to the portal yesterday, and his cancer markers are rising again. This is not good news. Mom is extremely depressed; she's trying to wait to completely give in to despair until she speaks to the doctor, but she's losing her optimism.

2. I feel guilty being upset about my own health when Mom and Dad are going through something much more traumatic, but I am really bummed out. I've been having some low level twinges this past week from my IC which pisses me off because if I am giving up eating everything I truly love then I better damn well not have any IC symptoms, you know? I also had to strike another thing I'd been eating frequently because it has soy in it; well, may have soy in it. The ingredient list says something like "vegetable oil (corn, soybean or safflower"), so no way to tell for sure. *sigh* At least I'm not having any side effects from the Elmiron; I did have night sweats a couple times since I started taking it, which is annoying but not on the level of losing my hair or feeling like I have to throw up all the time. So at least there's that.

3. On a more positive note, I have replaced some of my underwear with the correct size and bought several pairs of yoga pants and a pair of pajama pants in my size. I hope to buy a few more pairs of underwear and yoga pants this weekend and close out those categories of wardrobe building. My friends and I are going shopping on the first weekend of March, and I hope to get some nice dresses at that point. I'm going to see Mom and Dad that week, and I hope Mom and I can go shopping. cut for discussion of weight )
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1. Emma was sick for one night and felt tired and puny the next day, but then she was fine.

2. I was sick Christmas Day and the next but now am also fine.

3. Came home to more cards from [personal profile] lyr and [ profile] kaleecat. Yay!

4. I ran on the ground, OMG! I didn't think I could do that, but I did! The first day I tried running, I alternated running and walking, but last night I ran continuously for two miles without stopping. Whooooo! I am super ready to get back into the gym and work out hard. I wasn't able to exercise the two days I was sick, and it was hard to fit in the time the other days because we were so busy.

5. Y'all, I am in a size 12. I cannot believe it. I had a gift card to Talbot's from my MIL and there's an outlet in Gulfport, so I got three pairs of beautiful pants for 19.99 each. I tried on the 14s first because that's what I'd been wearing at the beginning of December, and they were too big. I loved everything I received for Christmas, but that was really my favorite Christmas happy. :)

6. I got an awesome Yuletide gift: Retirement Might Be a Myth, and Bullet Holes Suck (According to John McClane). Loved revisiting my fandom days of yore with this McClane/Farrell fic. Check it out, everybody.

7. I wrote three fics this year for Yuletide: one treat and my main assignment are in the same fandom and another treat is in a book fandom and the only fic for that work. Correct guessers entitled to a drabble.

8. Dad is doing really well. This second kind of chemotherapy is kicking cancer's ass. I was so encouraged to see how good he's feeling.
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1. All my holiday cards have been sent, so you should start to receive them shortly, my friends.

2. The X-Rays of my knees showed no arthritis (which apparently sometimes it doesn't show up in X-Rays), so I can either get an MRI or my GP can refer me to an orthopedist. Whatever. I think I'll just go on as I have been. I don't have time to deal with trying to get in to see another doctor right now.

3. My appointment with the urologist is on Wednesday, so I'll know more then about whether or not I might have IC.

4. My dad is doing well. He is responding really well to this second kind of chemotherapy. His numbers are looking really good. They are flying out to Dallas this month for the initial consult for the stem cell transplant. I hope he'll be able to have the transplant early in the new year.

5. cut for talk of weight loss and clothes shopping )

6. We saw Fantastic Beasts over Thanksgiving and loved it. SPOILERS )

7. I just finished reading Guy Gavriel Kay's The Last Light of the Sun. SPOILERS )
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1. I am just so pleased with myself my friends. cut for talk of weight loss )

2. I have discovered Not Your Daughter's Jeans. They cost a little more than a hundred dollars a pair which seemed ludicrous to me, and then I tried them on. When I reach my goal, I am buying these jeans. They look like a million dollars and feel so damn good. Wow. Highly recommended.

3. I took Emma to get a proper bra fitting yesterday. She's in a 32 D, bless her heart. I had hoped she would get to spend less money on bras than I have to, but alas. At least Wacoal has so many beautiful styles.

4. If you've not yet tried Noosa Yoghurt, you totally should. It's so good, y'all. I just had some blackberry serrano and it was divine (genuinely spicy with great blackberry flavor).

5. Saw the doc about possible interstitial cystitis and my knees. Going next week for an X-Ray and should hear next week from a urologist about a referral. Of course, now I feel pretty good LOL. I don't know if that's because I eliminated all the triggers and my bladder has healed or what. I wonder if part of the issue has been psychological, that I was shunting my anxiety about my dad's cancer, and Josh's employment situation and everything else onto this issue and obsessing about it too much. IDK I want to talk to the doc about other possibilities beside IC and about how to/if I can add some of the foods back that I cut out. Regardless, I'm going to continue to eliminate carbonation and caffeine. I find that those ended up being less onerous to stop than I had feared (and were costing me the most); I do want to add back citrus, tomato and chocolate if I can.
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1. I had bloodwork done today--thyroid and celiac panel. I wanted an actual appointment with the doc, but this will do. I should have results by Monday. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET MY THYROID BE DEAD AND THUS BE AN EXPLANATION FOR THESE BODILY SHENANIGANS.

2. I found a dress for that freaking wedding. Naturally, it's Calvin Klein. I made myself deeply sad by going to Dillard's (excellent online plus size selection, maybe a fourth of that in store) and then David's Bridal. But Macy's was awesome. I found multiple dresses that fit me. I left the store feeling awesome.

3. After we go to the wedding, I'm doing a thirty day autoimmune diet. It's crazeballs restrictive and will require a metric fuckton of planning as I will not be able to eat out or eat most of what the family is eating. After the thirty days, I'll go back to eating most of what I was eating before with some exceptions. I'll post more about that closer to time.

4. I'm also going to focus more on strength training in the coming months. Lots of good info from you guys on that front.
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1. I'm reading a fantastic book that Executrix sent me about the way that American heiresses started invading Victorian England because they couldn't achieve social recognition or make good marriages in an American society ruled by stuffy old birds like Mrs. Astor. Anyway, fun factoid: kid gloves were worn by both men and women at society functions so that flesh never touched flesh while dancing; the gloves were thin and tight enough that the outline of the fingernails was visible through them, and they only lasted for a single use. Talk about disposable income.

2. cut for discussion of exercise, weight, and mental health )

3. cut for discussion of dieting )

4. cut for discussion of sartorial woes with a side of self-loathing )

5. Getting to Know You Meme: Ask me a question, and I'll ask you one in return.
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I'm really enjoying the conversation we're having about clothes and personal aesthetics. (Just in case you missed it, Lyr and I are having a fascinating exchange about wearing clothes to conceal personality vs wearing clothes to reveal it; she sees clothes as costuming, and I have always wanted my clothes to reveal my inner self.)

I've been doing a lot of thinking this month about my health, my wardrobe, and the way I look.

cut for talk of weight, exercise, dieting )

Commiseration and/or any other thoughts you have also welcome.
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So as you all know, I'm about seven months into Project New Wardrobe. The lovely [personal profile] executrix sent me a box full of books about fashion and wardrobe construction early into the project, and I've just gotten around to reading one of them--Linda Grant's The Thoughtful Dresser, which is a collection of essays rather than a how-to book.

I just read this passage today: Clothes as text, clothes as narration, clothes as a story. Clothes as the story of our lives. And if you were to gather together all the clothes you have ever owned in all your life, each baby shoe and winter coat and wedding dress, you would have your autobiography. You could wear, once more, your own life in all its stages, from whatever they wrapped you in when you emerged from the dark red naked warmth of the womb, to your deathbed.

This got me to thinking about the personal narrative of my lifetime's wardrobe and from there to the idea of a personal aesthetic, mostly how I seem to lack a realized personal aesthetic.

I look at Emma, and already at 13, she has a highly developed personal aesthetic. She's very picky about her glasses. She wears her hair a certain way. She wears dark wash skinny jeans with striped long sleeve shirts or sometimes sweaters layered over tanks in the winter--a long, lean, athletic look. In the summer, she wears Bermuda shorts with fitted t-shirts. She mixes in some nerd wear--a tree of Gondor shirt, a Lego Star Wars shirt, a Cowboy Bebop shirt. Her wardrobe is cohesive in a way that mine isn't even now.

When I was her age, I wore things because my parents bought them for me. The only thing about the way I dressed that approached a personal aesthetic for me as a teen was that in tenth grade, I was told my shorts were too short to wear to school. I hated Bermuda shorts, so I wore jeans to school every day after that no matter the weather, and I don't think I've worn shorts period since my senior year of high school. I've generally kept my hair short over the years more often than not. I tend to favor lip gloss over lipstick. These items do not a personal aesthetic make. LOL

Project New Wardrobe is giving me a pretty cohesive color palette--black, grey, purple, a little red, a little blue. It's also giving me the chance to think about how I want to build a distinctive style, and I do so want to have a distinctive style. I've had several friends over the years with distinctive personal styles, and I've always envied that way of dressing.

What about y'all? Do you have a personal aesthetic or a cohesive wardrobe? If so, how did you develop it? If not, how would you describe the way you dress?

I'm also really taken with the idea of clothes as narrative, so is there a particular item of clothing that tells a story about you that you want to share? Or a brooch or a ring? Or a reason you favor red lipstick?

Tell me something about clothes and accessories.
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I think your pocket square and your tie ought to match, not consist of competing patterns, especially when your suit is Armani and your tie and pocket square together cost more than my rent.

That is all.
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I had the most wonderful shopping trip on Friday. Those pants that I posted about a few weeks ago don't fit me quite right; I'm keeping them but they're just a smidge too big for me to buy more pairs.

However, Friday I found a black pair and a brown pair of pants that fit me very well, and I found a coat! Specifically, this Calvin Klein peacoat in purple. I got it on super sale, too.

In other news, I am trying to think of a title for my Yuletide story. I know that titling something without awareness of the content is difficult, but any suggestions for a story that diverges from canon in a pretty significant way?
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I HAVE PURCHASED A PAIR OF PANTS! This is monumental. I am going to wear them over the next week, and if I continue to be pleased with them, I am going to buy more! Yay!

Yuletide assignments went out. I am excited. This is the first year my recipient didn't write a letter, but I'm just taking that as license to write what I want. *decisive nod*

We have been eating like kings, my friends. Tonight Josh roasted two cornish hens; he basted one in sweet soy sauce, ginger, and garlic and the other in the same plus gochujang and they were so damn good. Cornish hens are always so tender and juicy, especially if you stuff lemons up their butt before roasting. They're not expensive either; Kroger sells them in two packs for about six bucks. I sauteed mushrooms in teriyaki and ginger and served them over wild rice. Delicious!

We're watching Cowboy Bebop with Emma, and wow, was Joss Whedon clearly inspired by this when he was writing Firefly. Emma's enjoying it although not as much as other anime we've watched; I think it's not as silly and overtly funny as some of the other stuff we've watched.

We got paid, so I got to go grocery shopping today. I know most people despise grocery shopping but I love it. Hard. Walking down every aisle, looking at everything, trying new things--so much love. And my RL BFF keeps me in coupons, which is awesome.
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[personal profile] executrix sent me back-to-back packages of clothes and perfume. I am thrilled!

On the clothes front, almost everything she sent me worked: an adorable tan jacket, a beautiful pashmina, a sex-ass black wrap dress that I wore to teach today with a big chunky necklace my mom made (I had to wear a tank top underneath so as not to detract from the majesty of Achilles' love for Patroclus, but that's pretty standard for wrap dresses anyway; I meant to take a picture to post and forgot, but I will the next time I wear it), and a purple cardigan that's a little too long in the sleeve but looks nice with the sleeves cuffed.

And on the perfume front, my friends, Exec sent me a full bottle of Tom Ford Santal Blush. A. Full. Bottle. Of. Tom. Ford. Santal. Blush.

Let that sink in.

I have been wearing it every day since it arrived.

perfume blathering )

I also put in another BPAL order, so that will be fun when it arrives. I'm looking forward to getting back into perfume testing.
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So I made my first shopping foray as part of Project New Wardrobe.

It was pretty disappointing.

Under the cut, I'm detailing my experience at each store with sizing information and etc. Please chime in with your own experiences at these stores, sizing info, particular lines, etc. if you want to. :)

In which Lorraine realizes she lacks the emotional fortitude to climb Mount Doom in search of the One Pair of Pants to rule them all )

Now that I'm at some remove from the experience, it wasn't as bad as it felt to me in the moment, but it felt pretty bad in that moment. I probably won't go shopping again this month because Josh got a PS4 for his birthday LOL and we paid off the bed completely, too, but hopefully by my October shopping trip, I will have developed a little more emotional fortitude.
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cut for discussion of weight )

So I am beginning a year long project to build a wardrobe. I'm going to have to start thinking differently about buying clothes. I'm going to have to recognize that shopping is going to be more time consuming and expensive for me. I'm going to have to travel to Atlanta and Savannah and to explore online shopping options. I need to find a tailor so that I can have clothes altered.

I've started doing some preliminary research, but I wanted to ask y'all for your help, too. Any recs for stores that carry good selections of plus size clothing (including business wear) and particular brands are welcome. Has anyone (plus size or not) shopped at Modcloth or eShakti? What was that experience like? How did the sizing run? Did you return anything? What did you think of the quality?

Any advice you can give me on wardrobe building, shopping, etc. would be heartily appreciated. Also, prayers to whatever deities you think might deign to listen that I can conceptualize this as a positive project instead of feeling like a loser and giving into despair would not go amiss.


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