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1. Fiona started Pre-K! She is thrilled. On the very first day only, the school allows parents to park and walk the children in to their classrooms. I asked Fiona if she wanted me to walk her in or drop her off at the car-riders' line like I'd be doing the rest of the days of the school year. She said, "I want to do it by myself." She was grinning when I let her out and grinning when I picked her up. She doesn't have an ounce of anxiety about anything in her. I didn't even have time to tear up at all; I bawled like a baby when we dropped Emma off for kindergarten. I think some of that is because it's a second child, but mostly it's because Fiona was too happy and chill about it all for me to get a tear in edgewise.

Emma started high school! At orientation earlier this week, we were both flummoxed at her schedule which had her taking Advanced Band (without ever having had any kind of band whatsoever). We asked to have her moved to a different class, but I didn't have much confidence they'd do so. The middle school forced her to take the same exact class with the same exact content two years in a row and forced her to take chorus when she has no interest in it, so I was worried we'd run into the same thing. Fortunately, they switched her to Intro to Health Care. Georgia has a handful of career paths they make HS students choose; naturally, none of them map on to what Emma wants to do. There's art, agriculture (which is the one she chose; there are a couple classes in it that seem like they might be at least tangentially helpful or related to the marine biology she wants to pursue), health care, and a couple more. The health care one is really cool because if you know you already want to go into that field, when you graduate HS you will have a certificate degree (like an LPN or something like that) that will allow you to immediately work. It's just weird to me that they don't have a separate college prep track and that they force the kids into these tracks they're not going to use. Oh, well. It's not advanced band. I hate to be That Parent, but I didn't want her stuck in some class that's guaranteed to lower her GPA. (She's probably not going to be Valedictorian, but she *could* be, dammit.)

2. One week with onions and no problems!!!! Now I'm getting antsy to try something else, but I will be good and remain committed to my two week trial period for each new food.

3. Josh's physical therapy is going well. I think he's feeling a lot better.

4. Screw you, pants! I am having such an issue with pants. So, my weight has stayed constant since February, but I've lost another 1/2 inch in my hips since about March. This means that in dresses, I'm in a 10 (even an 8 in one notable case!), but pants continue to elude me. 12s are way too big, but I feel like 10s look too tight on me. IDK if they really do look too tight on me or if my perception is skewed because it's been years since I wore anything with a button and a zipper. I know that it took me multiple times of wearing the jeans I purchased to feel comfortable in them; I am so used to an elastic waist and nothing being tight that they *felt* too tight while not actually being too tight and looking perfectly fine. I also have the additional issue that my waist is way smaller than my hips, so when something fits me in the hips, I can stick a fist or two into the back of the waistband. I'm starting to think that I'm just not going to wear pants. Which is mostly fine but probably cold in winter. IDK

5. Finally, Downton Abbey is looking up!

Robert starts out this episode being an ass, but I am so glad he finally relents when forced to confront his own flirtations. That's why I can't help but like him in between his bouts of assholery. So many times, he does the kind and generous thing. Mary is most certainly her father's daughter in this respect: bouts of assholery followed by kindness.

Mary's hair is exquisite, but the way she's so mean to Edith totally overshadows the look for me. Mary has lost the love of her life; I cannot understand why she has so little empathy for her sister finally discovering the truth of Gregson's death. I'm starting to suspect that Mary and her rival are going to be friends. They seem cut from the same cloth.

I'm glad Mrs. Patmore extended the olive branch to Mr. Carson and invited him to see the house. That rare moment of honesty when Carson says he envies her future and Mrs. Hughes admits that she thinks it won't really matter in her case because she'll be dead was fairly gutting. I loved Carson suggesting that they retire together. Their relationship could not get more Remains of the Day if it tried.

I am so glad Edith is on her own with her daughter. She's inherited the publishing company, so she can live without any of her family's money. Good on her.

I had been seeing the farmer's wife as an unreasonable obstacle, but her genuine pain when Edith takes Marigold makes me reconsider. I can't help but think that all the anguish on both sides could have been eliminated if the wife had just been told the truth.

So Thomas has been trying to cure himself of homosexuality. I still don't like him, but I feel very sorry for him. And how wonderful and kind is Baxter?! I hope she and Molsley get married. I love the two of them. I was also very impressed that Mrs. Hughes just asked her if Lady Grantham knew her story and left it at that.

Molsley was so wonderful this episode. He's such a favorite of mine. I loved him helping Daisy because he wants to make sure at least one of them gets away. *oh, my heart*

The Dowager about broke my heart this episode. She clearly still loves the Russian prince and he loves her and none of that matters. She looked like she was about to cry when Isabel said she'd decided to marry again.

We now know that Bates did not kill Mr. Green. May that story line now die as quick a death as Mr. Green.

Finally, what's wrong with Isis? *worried*
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