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Y'all, I had forgotten how much I love this show, and how full it is of teamy goodness and close friendships.

Jennifer Keller rocks just as much as I remember her doing on the first watch. "The Missing" is such a fantastic episode for a lot of reasons but mostly because I love the way Keller's character is portrayed. I love that she's not a badass. I love that she's a competent and gifted doctor and that she possesses the sense of adventure and bravery required to leave her home planet and serve on a dangerous expedition in another galaxy but that those qualities don't translate to badass. We already have so many extraordinarily gifted badasses on the show--Ronon and Teyla and Sheppard (all covered with sexy bruises and knife wounds from which he almost instantly recovers LOL) and even McKay (whose brains are definitely a kind of badassery)--and since a great deal of the expedition is composed of people who are not soldiers and have minimal combat training, it's really nice to have a character with realistic limitations. Jennifer's afraid (OMG, that scene right before they take her out of the cage to be tortured and she starts crying--Jewel Staite knocks that out of the park), and she isn't a fighter, but she's not dead weight either, and she's willing to stand up for what she believes in, even to Teyla. I also really like Teyla's irritation with Jennifer; she's used to being surrounded by the other badasses after all, not coaching one of us regular Joes through a life and death situation. I also like her fierce desire to protect Jennifer, and the respect Jennifer earns from her during the ordeal. Just a great episode all around.

I'm also finding some wonderful nuances to Ronon on this watch--all things I noticed before but which are leaving me with the warm fuzzies. For all that he is gruff and uncouth and stoic and tight-lipped--Ronan the Barbarian, as McKay might say--Ronon is remarkably and nakedly emotionally open. When he cares about someone, he says it and shows it. When he's sad or hurting, he does the same thing. I'm thinking about his farewell to Elizabeth as she's dying on the operating table and the way he hugs Carson when Carson kills the Wraith that hunted him and the way he congratulates Teyla about the baby and leads her by the hand to the infirmary and the way he invites himself along to Sheppard's dad's funeral.

I love Sam so much, and I wish the show had been able to utilize her to her full potential. It sucks that she gets so little episode time. My favorite moment so far is when she tells Ellis if he ever speaks to anyone else in her command the way he just spoke to Rodney that he won't be welcome on Atlantis (and I imagine Caldwell is behind him going, "Dude, you better recognize" and shaking his head).

What else, what else?

I want to write fic! I want to write fic about John knowing that his face was the last thing Kate saw in her dreams before she died. I want to write an epic Kate/Teyla romance. I want to write Repli!Team on ass-kicking adventures. I want Ronon and Carson to fall in love!!!!!

I'm also looking for some new fic to read. I've been through my recs and done some looking about on Wraithbait and on AO3; not finding a great deal of new-to-me fic, though. Anybody got any good SGA recs from the past year or so? Any pairing, any subject matter (although I do love a long read and anything sad is pretty much a bullet-proof kink for me).
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Excuse the typos because today was Writer's Group and I am drunk off my ass and also I am PISSED OFF at show. Who knows what my rage will do to Querty?

Let's begin with last week's episode, which was less rage-inducing and was an engaging set-up (I thought) for this week's premise.

Crap I lost my notes on this one )

Inquisition )
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Oh, show!!!!!!! I had forgotten how much I love Supernatural. I didn't take notes while I was watching so this reaction is rather off the cuff and not very substantive.

SPN Lazarus Rising SPOILERS )



I will post my reaction to "First Contact" after I get the chance to watch this week's SPN.
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Oh, SGA. Why, why, why when we are counting down to your demise must you be made so wholly of FAIL?!


In conclusion, SGA, please go back to not sucking.
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I signed up for [ profile] dvd_commentary and I would love it if you guys wanted to do a commentary on one of my fics. I'm going to be tackling [ profile] ana_grrl's "The End that Crowns Us" and possibly a second story if I have enough time. This challenge is one of my favorite things that fandom does; it never fails to make me happy.


Who knows where I can get some Woolsey icons?
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SGA: I like to move it by HMatlova
I unabasedly love this song. I really, really love this song. This is a stupid song. That I also really love. This vid perfectly captures the frenetic energy of the music. Besides, don't you wanna watch Teyla beat people up, like all the time?

SGA: Another One Bites the Dust by Phenix00princess
Well edited. Awesome song. Team McShep kicking ass. *loves*

Dr. Horrible: the Early Years
This vid is precious. I wanna squish this kid.

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Dr. Horrible

Check-up by [ profile] lily22; Billy/Penny
This is a fix-it fic, but particularly unique for Billy's divided internal monologue. Short and interesting.

Dr. Horrible, Act 3 by [ profile] amaliedageek; Billy/Penny
Another fix-it, in which Penny has not been all that she seems. The dialogue here is laugh out loud funny.


Honey Flower, Apple and Lime by [ profile] veronamay; Jared/Jensen AU; Adult
This is Jared and Jensen in Victorian England and it is exquisite. Simply exquisite. With very few tiny, tiny (single word choice) exceptions, the dialogue here is spectacularly in keeping with the period. There is an Oscar Wildean kind of humor and wit in the conversations and the careful attention to details of class and propriety is very well done. I enjoy particularly the conversation that Jared and Jensen have through flowers.

Halfway Home by [ profile] lemmealone; Jared/Jensen AU; Adult
The basic premise is that Jared and Jensen meet in a mental institution. This fic manages to be incredibly funny and very heartbreaking all at the same time. I also really enjoyed the puzzle of what exactly happened to Jensen to make him lose it.
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OMG, y’all.

There is so much joy in my life. So much.

I have applied for four tenure track positions in English (one in OK and two in GA) (as we can see, none of these positions is in the Mathematics Dept) and I have people on the inside at both places and I feel incredibly excited about my prospects with all of them. I am super qualified for all these jobs and my vitae is excellent and man, the wheel is turning up, people. UP.

IT IS SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS STICKING!!!!!!!!!!!! It has only snowed once in my daughter’s life and she was wee and it was pissing me off because it snowed every year before she was born and my one regret about leaving here was her not seeing snow. She caught some flakes on her tongue before bedtime and in the a.m. it’s snowmen. And hot chocolate!

We watched the inaugural ep of Speed Grapher tonight and this chick said, “Don’t make me domestic violence you!” And I was all, “Hey! That’s my line!” Srsly. I say that all that time. Right before I smack Josh.

And now, Stargate Atlantis love. LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Yep. Love.

Kindred )

Now, on to “The Last Man.”

The Last Man )
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While watching "Trio," I found myself wondering what was going on with Keller.

Review of Trio )
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First off--everybody get over to [ profile] sga_talk and comment on [ profile] wojelah's Parley. It's an excellent story and so far it's just me and Lyr talking to each other about it and I'd love to get a conversation going.

Also, is not this icon awesome? [ profile] catharsis_o_s made it and it's one of an incredible set of SG-1 icons. Go check out hir journal.

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I have really mixed feelings about this episode. It’s not my favorite by a long shot, but I don’t think it’s a terrible episode. However, overall, it left me feeling uneasy and disturbed.



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