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Emma and I went to see Spiderman: Homecoming a couple days ago and loved it. SPOILERS )

We are also continuing to watch Downton Abbey. Y'all, I love this show, truly, but I am getting a bit fed up with some of the plot lines. Please don't spoil me for future episodes.


I don't think we're that far from the end; we're about halfway through this season, and then I think there's just one more.


25/5/17 08:26
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1. Josh, Emma, and I watched Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 this week and loved it. I think I even liked it more than the first one.



25/3/17 12:05
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I went to go see this with my friend yesterday. I thought it was an excellent movie, but man is it a bummer.

I'm really glad I didn't take Emma with us, not so much because of the violence (which it is really, really violent), but because SPOILERS )

Emma and I are seeing Beauty and the Beast this afternoon, so hopefully that will raise my spirits.
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1. I called all my CongressPeople and asked them to oppose Steve Bannon's appointment as President-elect Trump's chief strategist. It took less than five minutes to make all three calls which were each answered after the first ring. All three are Republicans, so who knows what effect, if any, my calls will have.

2. Reviews of the last two weeks of The Walking Dead: SPOILERS )

3. We saw Doctor Strange. SPOILERS )
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she should bring an excuse tomorrow. How do you think "Watching Civil War in lieu of your busy work" would go over? LOL

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So, we saw Deadpool today, and I loved it. I have zero familiarity with the comic and only know a few things via fannish osmosis, so I have no idea how it holds up on adaptation grounds.

Of course, my opinion on superhero movies should probably be disregarded as I unabashedly, unironically truly love the Brandon Routh Superman film, think the Green Lantern movie was an engaging romp, and believe Ben Affleck will probably make a fine Batman (at least he doesn't talk in the trailer like he's recently been kicked in the throat).

In any event, Deadpool was awesome. I wish Emma was old enough to go see stuff like this with us; she's going to love this movie in a few years.

What did y'all think?
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I have started drinking Simple Truth Organic Night Time Relaxation Tea to help combat my insomnia. Y'all, I am frequently skeptical about natural remedies and herbal supplements; chamomile has never made me sleepy, for example. Also, I think it smells vaguely of vomit, but that's a separate issue. This tea is the money, though. The main ingredients are passionflower, chamomile, linden flower, catnip, hops strobile, and a proprietary blend of stuff that just tastes good like spearmint. This tea makes me sooooooooo sleepy. If I drink two cups of it, I am loopy. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has trouble sleeping. It tastes really good, too, so if it doesn't work for you, you still have a tasty tea.

I also bought some Roasted Dandelion Root tea because I read that it is a diuretic. I drank my first cup of it today, and it is nasty as shit. I put a little sugar in it which upped the nastiness quotient by a few thousand degrees. I'm going to drink another cup tomorrow but put lemon in it instead; if it's still horrifically gross, anybody who wants some Roasted Dandelion Root tea (sole ingredient) is welcome to it. I also bought some Yogi Blueberry Slim Life Green Tea (ingredients: Ginseng, garcinia cambogia fruit extract, green tea, bilberry leaf, hibiscus, stevia, amia fruit, belleric myrobalan fruit, and chebulic myrobalan fruit), but I missed that it has stevia in it. I don't really care for green tea all that much, and the stevia pushes it into the undrinkable realm for me. Anybody who wants this tea is also welcome to it.

We saw Ant Man today, and it was awesome! I have always liked Paul Rudd, and Evangeline Lilly was almost incandescently beautiful. spoilers )
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Ems and I went to see Age of Ultron on Sunday. Sorry, folks. I mostly liked it. It's Trek Reboot all over again. LOL

So, have a few thoughts. I am not crafting this into a coherent essay with transitions and segues; if I take the time to do that, it'll never get posted. :) Also, I want to read everybody else's reaction posts but want to work through my own response before them.

CAVEAT: I went into the movie mostly unspoiled and am a movies fan only. I know a smidge about the comics through fannish osmosis, but that definitely does not inform my viewing experience.

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Now I am off to find some fic, for I ship them all.
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Emma and I took a girl's afternoon last week to see Iron Man. The nearest theater is about a 40 minute drive, and when we got there, their card readers weren't working, and I was afraid we weren't going to be able to watch the movie. But the manager was a doll and let us pay by check. Whew! :)

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So, we went to see Spiderman, and fannish heresy or not, I think I liked it better than The Avengers. Not better than The Avengers the fandom, mind you, but better than the movie itself. Here be my reasons:

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I think Iron Man 2 is vastly superior to Iron Man.

I think Christian Bale was a way better actor when he was still singing about delivering papers and swing dancing to defeat the Nazis.

I liked the Brandon Routh Superman movie. Why are they rebooting that franchise yet again?
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So, it's time for that marvelous Marvel post.

all the movies in the order in which I watched them )

We still need to watch IM2. I hear it is heavy on the Black Widow and the Phil. Yay!
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We are now home in GA.

Josh is hurting but manageably so.

I have rubbed my naked body on all surfaces of my home, gnawed on a block of cheese straight out of the fridge, slept on top of the covers, and downed some wine. We're good.

Soon, I will post about the effects of watching all the Marvel movies in a row and how my favorite is Steve Rogers and how I love Steve Rogers and Steve Rogers is my boyfriend and how I may have been mistaken in my initial impression of Iron Man 1 and also Steve Rogers loves me deeply and would throw himself on a grenade for me and also loves me. Steve Rogers.

ETAAlso, Darcy is awesome. *hides* I get the rampant shipping. :)
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So, we watched Avengers over the weekend and X-Men: First Class tonight on HBO, and I am left with these conclusions:

1. I want slash of Screamy Guy and Firebendy guy liek whoa.

2. Black Widow pwns my soul. I loved every single second she was onscreen. I want her to be onscreen more. I want her to emotionally manipulate me. I want to go shopping with her for matching leather pantsuits. OMG I WANT HER HAIR!!!!!!!

3. I want to watch the movie where baby!Picard and baby!Gandalf cry into each other's mouths like Spongebob and Patrick.

4. Why didn't none of y'all tell me how sad X-Men is? Why didn't I watch it in the theater? Why does it star naughty!Tinkerbell?

5. We took Emma to see Avengers with us. On leaving the theater, she informed me that it is "the best movie ever, we must buy it, Hulk is my favorite, followed by Captain America, followed by Iron Man, and this is the best movie ever, Mom, let's buy it. Now."

6. If Thor consists of Wincestful, teary emo eyes between the brothers as does Avengers, then I should have watched that movie in the theater as well, Princess Amidala aside.

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Iron Man )

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang )

This goes outside the cut because it's just that fantastic. Fantastic Mr. Fox is simply that. And lookeeloo, if [ profile] glossing hasn't already written fic that is also fantastic.


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