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I give blanket permission for my fic to remixed, podficced, translated, and/or otherwise transformed by other fans.

I give blanket permission to any individual or newsletter to link to anything I've publicly posted.

NOTE: If you are looking for something specific, the dreamwidth version of my journal is a better bet than the livejournal version. I have cleaned up html errors from early days and extensively rehauled tags for better searching on the dreamwidth version only.

FANFIC MASTERLIST: These are listed in order of their post dates within each fandom. All fic has also been posted to AO3.

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Spinning SilverSpinning Silver by Naomi Novik

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is so good. It's about the intersecting lives of three women--a peasant, Wanda; the daughter of a moneylender, Miryem; and Irina, a woman forced to marry the tsar. Novik plays with fairytale elements: the power of a name, spinning straw into gold, magic, transformation. She also gives Miryem and her family a rich Jewish history and community that play a profound role in the story.

This book brought me to tears multiple times, and it made me smile, and it made me jealous of all the beautifully crafted sentences.

I cannot recommend this highly enough. I thoroughly enjoyed Uprooted, but Spinning Silver is an order of magnitude better.

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Diana & PersisDiana & Persis by Louisa May Alcott

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is an unfinished manuscript of four chapters plus an introductory note with some biographical details about Alcott that help contextualize the manuscript (such as her sister May's career as an artist). The first chapter is almost entirely dialogue, the second is epistolary, and the final two chapters are traditional prose. I really like what's there, but it's very clear that the manuscript is unfinished. Chapter 3 is a thread left dangling, and chapter 4 comes out of nowhere with whatever would have segued from 3 to 4 missing. It's worth a read, though, especially for Alcott's ideas about women and art and female communities of artists.

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Spoilers for penultimate episode of Gotham )
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A Different Kind of Family
Jim/Lee + Barbara and the baby

"What am I supposed to do if something happens to you?" Lee says. "Raise this baby with Barbara?"

I intended to off poor Jim in this fic and slash Lee and Barbara, but I ran out of time because I wanted to post it before tonight's episode Josses this idea all to hell and possibly Barbara herself. :(

I think I will come revisit this, though.
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spoilers for GoT premiere )

You're a Brick, Angela!: The Girls' Story 1839-1985You're a Brick, Angela!: The Girls' Story 1839-1985 by Mary Cadogan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this look at the evolution of the story for girls. It's heavily skewed toward British stories although the authors do discuss several American authors and literary trends. It also says it goes through 1985, but the discussion of later stories is pretty sparse. In depth discussion peters out around the beginning of the '60s.

The authors have a very wry sense of humor (that can be quite amusingly cutting at times), and they give enough synopsis of most of the books that readers can get a good sense of plot.

Very interesting read.

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1. I met with my chair today for evaluations, and it was a really gratifying conversation. She encouraged me to apply for promotion to full professor next year and told me that my vita is very, very strong in all areas except scholarship; if I can get an article published this year, she thinks that section of my vita will be in line with expectations. I have worked my ass off in these last ten years, and it is so gratifying to hear my boss say that my teaching and service and community outreach are exemplary. I have an article under review at a peer reviewed journal right now; I suspect it's going to be rejected (I already got a revise and resubmit, and they're taking way longer to get back to me on the revisions than they projected, so that seems a bad sign to me), but I've made my peace with that. I'm going to submit the article I'm in the process of writing about the camp I created for the local high school students, and I'm going to submit a chapter of my dissertation somewhere this summer and cross my fingers. And I might try sending the article that's out now somewhere else if it gets rejected; IDK. In any event, feeling really good about my work right now.

2. Which is good because physically I feel like shit. I assumed when I started taking the vitamin D that it wouldn't take me long to start feeling better. And in that first week, I did start feeling better. I see now that it was entirely due to placebo effect. I feel so tired and worn down and like I could just pass out all the time. I have no energy, and exercising is such a struggle. The only noticeable effect I have from taking the D is that when I take it each week, within a few hours and lasting for about a day, my eyes are much less dry and vision much clearer. And then it tapers off and they get dry and blurry again. Even though taking it doesn't make me feel better or more energized, by the of the week when I've got a day or so left before I can take it again, I start feeling I've been beat up. This just sucks so hard. Everything I'm seeing on the internet says it takes a really long time to get over a D deficiency (and I think it had been building for about a year before it was detected), but I'm so tired of feeling so tired. It seems like a whiny complaint to have. I'm ambulatory; I can work; I'm not in pain. But my mouth and eyes are so dry, and I'm so bone tired, and I have brain fog, and I'm depressed and sad. Woe is me. :(

3. We finally watched another episode of Jessica Jones. spoilers )
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1. Every night, Fiona gets to pick which shower gel and lotion she wants to use, and we have fun making a big production of it. Some nights she chooses Bliss Lemon Sage, and others she picks Bath and Body Works Lavender Honey or Warm Vanilla Sugar. So it has been cracking me up that for the past few days, she has been announcing with much gravitas that she would like to use . . . Gold Bond Ultimate!

2. Guardian Episodes 16-19 )
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spoilers )

I finally joined the SID_Guardian comm! Do y'all think it would be good to post my reviews there? They aren't really very in depth or meta-ish, more just lists of stuff I like about the episode. I'm not sure anyone beyond my nearest and dearest would be very interested. LOL
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Poll #21691 Shitpollsting about Star Wars
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 20

What is surely the most critically acclaimed feature of the prequels?

View Answers

the dragon that got loose from Pern
2 (10.5%)

Padme's medically sound diagnosis by gyno bot of "lost the will to live"
12 (63.2%)

the primordial NOOOOO! scream
8 (42.1%)

all the delightful CGI'd creatures
5 (26.3%)

Natalie Portman running in the sand like a deranged chicken
3 (15.8%)

With whom does Lando Calrissian have smoking hot sexual chemistry?

View Answers

13 (81.2%)

7 (43.8%)

5 (31.2%)

Droid L3
7 (43.8%)

Zhao Yunlan
4 (25.0%)

This only applies to people who watched a New Hope unspoiled for subsequent events: Did you think Luke/Leia was endgame ship?

View Answers

7 (50.0%)

7 (50.0%)

For those same people in #3, were you sad when the ship focus shifted to Han/Leia?

View Answers

1 (7.7%)

12 (92.3%)

Han and Chewbacca have totally had sex.

View Answers

Naturally--just two BFFs giving each other a hand out there on the raggedy edge
10 (52.6%)

Well, they kinda had to on that one planet; it was a condition of their release from one sort of penal servitude to another; and it was televised
7 (36.8%)

*totally shocked face* My, word. No.
3 (15.8%)

Only when Leia is watching
2 (10.5%)

Maybe? IDK They are both very private people
5 (26.3%)

How do you think the next movie should deal with Carrie Fisher's death?

Best fandom to cross over with Star Wars? Tell me why in comments.

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spoilers )

Oh, man. Every time we watch this, I just want to keep binge watching.
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Emma and I were talking on the way home from physical therapy today about how it took us both a little bit to warm up to Zhao Yunlan, partially because of the contrast between him and Shen Wei.

spoilers )

Can't wait for episode 9!
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I think I've been rendering everyone's names incorrectly in my reviews. I should be writing Zhao Yunlan rather than just Zhao, right?

I'm also a little confused by the way people are being titled old. Is that just a literal translation of an honorific? It's been used for older people but also Zhao Yunlan who is definitely not old. And the use of brother and sister, is that analogous to comrade?

spoilers )

We had to skip a night last night because we had guests. I'm really looking forward to episode 8!
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1. My camp for the local high schoolers was today. It was a success! I am so freaking relieved. And now I have a new set of data, properly gathered this time instead of the dumb ass English major way I did it last time, and now just as soon as school finishes in May, I can finish this article and try to get it published! The amount of improvement in implementation from last year (inaugural year) to this year was really nice to see. I learned so much from last time, and I learned even more this time about what we'll do better for next year. So stoked to have this behind me. LOL Now I just need to turn right around and start recruiting university students to lead the camp (they get experiential learning credit for doing so) and writing my IRB proposal and etc.

2. As part of the camp today, I wrote a poem inspired by Dickinson's "Hope is the thing with wings feathers" that I think turned out pretty well.

Love is the thing with legs
That gallops across the heart
And tosses its mane and
Stamps its hooves in time with
The beating.

It races through the blood,
Swift and sleek,
And pulls the weight of longing
Behind it

A thoroughbred, dependable, solid
But hot-headed,
Pulling at the lead
And chomping at the bit
And dreading always the
Snapped ankle.

3. We have an oven! After what seems like a million years but is really only like a month, we have a gorgeous, sexy double oven with three racks per oven--regular and convection capability--with this ridiculous computer bullshit. I loves it.

4. [personal profile] executrix always sends me the most lovely things to read.

Margaret Atwood's Writing with Intent )

5. Reviews of a handful of Guardian episodes and this week's Gotham forthcoming! I am also writing a Lee/Barbara fic inspired from Lee's line in the episode from a couple weeks ago: spoilers )
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The Night Gone Black
Infinity Wars fix-it fic
2812 words

Whew, writing this reminded me of my very complicated feelings regarding posting WIPs. I mean, on the one hand, posting serially is fun; getting positive feedback is very inspiring and helps the writing happen. On the other hand, realizing I've made a timeline error in the first chapter that I need to go back and edit is annoying (flashbacks to SPN and fics that had them driving across country in like a day). LOL

Thank you so much to [personal profile] isabellerecs for making me a Pinkie Pie icon and being the impetus for writing this fic!
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1. I just realized something about Captain Marvel. SPOILERS )

2. Sexy Sci-Fi Heroes Shitpollst Round-up:

John Sheppard wins sexiest male hero; Jack Harkness and Jeffrey Sinclair tie for the write-in category.

Aeryn Sun wins sexiest female hero (with Zoe Washburne in a close second); Kara Thrace and Sarah Connor tie for the write-in category.

Thank you all for answering this poll so symmetrically!

3. Episodes 3-4 of Guardian: SPOILERS )
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Show, what are you doing? You were so silly last time. Why are you punching me in the feels?



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