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1. First an update on Josh. He's had another attack this week; he couldn't work yesterday or today. The gastroenterologist couldn't move up his appointment, so he'll be going tomorrow. I'm starting to get really worried that something is seriously wrong. I'm also concerned about how he's going to manage work until the doctors can figure out what's wrong with him and address that. We all know how long that process can take. :(

2. I thought the last episode of Lucifer was completely fantastic. Loved Amenadiel and Lucifer working together. Loved Lucifer being willing to go into hell and potentially become trapped there in order to save Chloe. I thought the conception of hell, essentially being trapped in one of your own making, was nicely rendered and served to show how torn up Lucifer still is about Uriel's death. I think it also demonstrated that no matter what else she may be trying to do, Mom really does love her kids. Loved Dan and Lucifer working together as always. Love learning more about Ella and her family. I feel so bad for Chloe. I mean, I understand that Lucifer ran because he feels manipulated into loving her, but it's not her fault! I guess this is their way of not resolving the sexual tension between them too quickly. Once he comes back (and he will), they'll have to rebuild trust.

3. Gotham remains a delight, and I can't wait until it comes back. Baby!Bruce is legit the best Batman of all time. I love watching him develop his Batman ethos. I wish we had gotten a few episodes of murder!boyfriends before Nygma and Cobblepot turned on each other, but what we did get was pretty satisfying. Penguin is canonically in lvoe with Ed--says it loud and proud--and at no point does anybody blink an eye or make fun of his sexual orientation or think it's weird that he's in love with a dude. Poor Penguin. *pets him* Josh thinks Fish Moony is going to rescue him. That would be wild.

4. Finally, we watched Batman Versus Superman last night, and I will say this outside the cut so that you know what you're getting into ahead of time: this was a good movie. Like surprisingly, really good. Ben Affleck was an awesome Batman. I like his Batman way better than Christian Bale's. Like a thousand times. The movie shows him having PTSD from General Zod's attack on earth and a lot of fear and anger about Superman's role in that attack (as well as his general invulnerability, untouchability, immortality, and way he could just kill everyone if he wanted to). Batfleck is getting jaded; he's constantly taking down small time criminals and another one just springs up to replace the last one he sent to jail. He's feeling powerless and like he has no control, and it's done really, really well.

Superman's characterization is really well done here, too. He's struggling with what his role should be. To what degree should he interfere? When and where? Should he accept the role of Savior or not? Much like Arwen, he's all set to choose a mortal life, choose Lois--he's even bought a ring and everything--but he can't stop helping people when he hears their call. He can't let someone die when he has the power to keep them alive. He's genuinely disturbed by a lot of the criticism he sees directed towards him, but he's also unable to completely shake the conviction that some of that criticism is right. At the end, he's forced to accept the role of space Jesus and sacrifice himself to save the world. I love the very last split second shot of the dirt hovering over his casket. Can't kill Superman for long!!

Lex Luthor was awesome. I love the decision to play him as totally nuts. It was fun and funny (without being campy like Gene Hackman, who I love) and more modern feeling without being Michael Rosenbaum (who the wonderful Kevin Spacey was totally channeling in his iteration of the character). He was also totally creepy. Like, wow.

I couldn't help but think of the MCU whenever Holly Hunter's character was onscreen. I like how nuanced she was. She thinks Superman is potentially dangerous and that scares her, but she won't greenlight his assassination. She's worried but also hopeful about Superman's potential for good.

Lois was awesome. I love that she is struggling with whether she and Clark can really work, if they're just too different to ever have a long term relationship. And she is pretty badass, here, too--willing to go in all these dangerous places for a story because she wants to know the truth.

I liked Wonder Woman, but she just wasn't in the movie enough to get a good sense of anything other than she's beautiful, an excellent fighter, and has a great costume. LOL

I did think Batman's realization that Superman isn't the enemy was a bit abrupt, but I get what they were going for. He's been thinking of Superman as this unassailable god and now he finds out that Superman is really just a guy with a mom he loves who is in danger. It humanizes Superman for him and snaps him out of his obsession.

I didn't expect to like this so well. I think it even makes me like the Superman movie, which I already liked just fine, even more because it deals with the fallout from the events in that movie.

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16/2/17 21:10 (UTC)
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So sorry for Josh; I understand how devastating abdominal issues are...and how difficult to diagnose. :/ Keeping my fingers crossed for him. Keep pushing!

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16/2/17 21:57 (UTC)
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Ugh, poor Josh. It's so draining not to feel well. I hope the appointment goes well.


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