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1. Is there anywhere besides UPenn that you regularly go (or would recommend) to find humanities CFPs?

2. I am thinking of writing a book about my experiences with Hashimoto's, celiac, and interstitial cystitis. Lots of people have written books about different programs or regimens they believe cures the disorders or alleviates symptoms. Also lots of diet books out there for each disorder. But not a lot of memoir type writing.

This is the first book idea I've had that seems #1 like I could actually write it and #2 like it would be fairly marketable. I've had pretty good success with personal essay, and I think I could make this work.

Does anybody have links to break downs of how the publishing process works or personal insights to offer? If I actually manage to write this, what do I do next? What steps Lorraine should take? LOL

Any comments on the subject matter welcome as well.
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I went to see Passengers over the holidays and was really surprised when I got back to the internet that it was being panned for being skeevy.

I've got to admit: I disagree. I liked the movie (not in an "I think it should win an Oscar" kinda way or in an "I think it's the best movie ever" kinda way; more in an "I am not sorry I paid money to see this in the theater" and in an "I am entertained; yay!" kinda way).