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I am contemplating getting a pixie cut. I am paranoid that Elmiron is making my hair thin more than just the usual hair loss associated with my thyroid condition. I'm also really feeling how easy a pixie cut is. I'd have back the handful of minutes it takes to dry my hair in the morning. I'm also considering changing the hair color, and with a pixie you get it cut every three weeks, so I think it would be like three hair cuts max before all the current dye is completely gone. I'm also thinking forward to the summer. I want to swim most days, so dying my hair is almost pointless if I'm just going to chlorine the hell out of it every day. I could get it cut into a pixie, quit dying it, and start again in August for school to start.

I've had my hair super short multiple times, and while I think the cuts with longer bangs are probably the most flattering onme, I just cannot do bangs. They do not work on me. My hair is thin and fine and so they get scraggledy and separate really easily. I cannot stand anything even partially in my eyes. My hair always wants to part in this one place, and that looks stupid with bangs.

So if I do this, I'll be asking for the version with super short bangs.

My only real hesitation is two-fold: whenever I have my hair super short, I always really like it in the moment, but when I look back at myself in pictures, I don't think it's very flattering. I also think that thinner people pull off really short hair more successfully, and I worry that going that short will make my face look rounder and plumper. IDK

I'm also thinking about either going red again or maybe staying dark brown (it really is the most flattering on me of all the colors I've tried if I'm completely honest LOL) and adding some red highlights.


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5/3/17 15:28 (UTC)
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PS to the LJ version--thanks to the wonders of modern technology you can download a hairstyle app and plug in a (decent) recent photo. The key, though, is to save some pixie cut photos and look at them over a period of days instead of immediately looking at the first photo and yelling "Change! Kill it with fire!"--you have to get used to it.

Also, words of wisdom from a hairdresser: "I never gave anybody a permanent haircut."

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5/3/17 19:00 (UTC)
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Hmm, is there a recent pic of you? I ALWAYS think short hair looks great on women, so, that's my caveat. But I come from a country with oodles of short-haired women (unlike the US, where short hair is far more of a political statement) and like to think I'm qualified for input!

(Well, the latter is probably a bit of a general thing...)

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5/3/17 20:19 (UTC)
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so dying my hair is almost pointless if I'm just going to chlorine the hell out of it every day.

This logic has been stopping me dyeing my hair for years. But I miss having red hair -- if I could have my follicles genetically modified, I would (in theory; in practice, I'd never get around to it)! ;-P

I'm another fan of short hair on women, and the pixie cut sounds great! *cheers you on*

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5/3/17 22:45 (UTC)
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Pixie cuts are the best.

I've been trying for the best of both worlds by growing out the top part of my hair and clipping the sides super short. The long part is almost long enough to pull back in a ponytail.


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