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1. We just got back from a trip to Josh's parents in Jackson. I took the girls, and Josh stayed home because shortly before we were to leave, he developed a sudden and rather severe case of TMJ. He's never had it before, and it seemed to hit him like a freight train (which is weird to me because I also have TMJ, and it always starts gradually for me and builds to an agony). He stayed so he could get treatment started (x-rays, mouth guard, topical gel, physical therapy) and thus be ready for classes to start back on the 14th. He is much improved, and his first physical therapy appt is on Thursday.

Trip was good. Josh's mom is definitely struggling with memory issues. She got screened this summer, but as I feared, she went to her regular GP who she's known for years, and he didn't think anything was wrong with her. She's extremely intelligent and charismatic, and I just don't think he could be objective enough to ferret out the issue. She also went alone because none of us could be there. Sister-in-law was also at her parents for that week, and she agrees that we need to move forward with trying to get her diagnosed. SIL is getting married in October, and they are footing the bill and doing all the planning for it, so I suspect MIL's issues will wait until after then, and I don't blame her at all. Let's get the wedding over with, and then deal with it. Unfortunately, much of the onus will fall on SIL. She agrees with me that it's not my place to bring it up but to be supportive, and Josh's parents will react to this discussion better from her than from him. SIL is the golden child and less likely to be dismissed.

2. Fiona has cavities. I am so distraught. Emma has never had cavities. We took her to her first dentist appt yesterday, and she has several cavities. I thought it would just be a pro-forma visit. So Josh is running her up to Macon this morning to a pediatric dentist to get the ball rolling on that. *sigh*

3. Naturally, we depleted the HSA mid-July. LOL Let us not discuss how much that mouth guard costs. *boggles* At least fillings are relatively inexpensive.

4. I am starting to reintroduce problem foods today! I begin with onions. I'm going to eat onions for the next two weeks and see if they screw me up. Wish me luck, my friends. Next on the agenda: apples.

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1/8/17 12:50 (UTC)
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Mouth guards are horrifically expensive. There's a reason most people would rather go with the drug store one-size-fits-all version. (I'm just dubious about instructions that include using scissors to trim the mouth guard to the right fit. If scissors will go through, won't teeth?)

Of course, my first one lasted twenty five years, so I think the investment was worthwhile.

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1/8/17 14:57 (UTC)
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Awww, rats. And here I was thinking that your family's health had hit a stable patch.

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1/8/17 15:32 (UTC)
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Onions! Good luck. Tasty little buggers (though they give me some issues, not enough to stop eating them ;).

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1/8/17 19:21 (UTC)
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Ooooh, fingers crossed for you! Especially for the apples. I love apples.

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4/8/17 22:51 (UTC)
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hope things go well with the onions and the apples.

BTW i don't know if you recall me commenting on an old entry about micellar water, that i tried one brand & was thinking about trying another. well i tried garnier (the one for oily skin that says it cleanses, removes makeup & mattifies. ) and the only difference is that my skin seems to be, not really drier, but less shiny. i'm not sure if i will get more when this runs out. garnier is more money (about $2 more, but i had a $2 off coupon) than than the simple brand, but it's a bigger bottle. garnier's 13.5 oz vs. simple's 6.7oz.


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