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STAR TREK 2009 )







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I am off work today. Forget February. Let the shitposting begin now!

I want to know your headcanons (all those little things not explicitly specified in a canon that you believe are true of a character or setting or plot)--any fandom, any medium.

Here are some of mine:

Star Trek: I am 100% convinced that Barclay is not an outlier in using the Holodeck as a sexual fantasyscape. I think half the Enterprise is banging someone in there, and the other half is beating someone up. It's just that unlike Barclay, they're banging and beating templates in the system rather than their bosses and colleagues; the system only flags what you're doing as a problem if you are recreating people who are still alive or threatening harm to yourself or others that might persist outside the holodeck.

Gotham: Harvey and Jim have slept together a handful of times, always when they're both really upset, always when they're drinking. Jim never says anything about it or acts any differently around Harvey afterwards, but it breaks Harvey's heart because he wants it to mean more--it means everything--but if he ever lets Jim know that, he thinks Jim would never touch him again.

Little Women: Sure, she really loves him. Sure, they're suited for each other. But, damn, does Amy feel just a little bit of victory in making Laurie love her instead of Jo.
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1. from "Work" in The Leaf and the Cloud

I will sing for the veil that never lifts.
I will sing for the veil that begins, once in a lifetime, maybe, to lift.
I will sing for the rent in the veil.
I will sing for what is in front of the veil, the floating light.
I will sing for what is behind the veil--light, light, and more light.

Mary Oliver

Review of Mary Oliver's The Leaf and the Cloud )

My first real published paper was about Mary Oliver's connection to Gary Snyder (his poem "Riprap" and her poem "Riprap"). I have a great fondness for her poetry, and the world is a dimmer place without her light. RIP, Mary Oliver.

2. My Little Pony is killing me. First, they had a Lower Decks episode with all the random ponies that are always in the background of each episode, and it was just as boss as the Star Trek episode it was referencing. Then tonight, we learned that Princess Luna has forced herself to have horrible nightmares every night to punish herself for her tenure as Nightmare Moon. My heart, my heart, OMG, these ponies are fricking breaking my heart on a regular basis! Help!

3. Michael's proposal to Holly on The Office is so damn sweet. *sniffles*
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1. Let's have some musical thoughts:

Ryan Adams should cover Tom Petty's Yer So Bad.

How have I never heard Tina Turner covering The Bitch Is Back before? What even is my life?

And for your delectation, Lee Ann Womack doing a top-notch cover of Honky Cat.

2. Yesterday, the new boy at school sat with Emma and her friends at lunch and began offering unsolicited tales of animal harm. All the girls were creeped out. *sigh* I am keeping my eye on this situation and will contact the school guidance counselor if the situation persists.

3. Work is both really rewarding and really frustrating right now. My senior class went awesome today. A student asked me to supervise their senior project. My funding came through for a thing! I've been really productive and gotten shit done. On the other hand, the project of the subcommittee I'm chairing is kind of a nightmare, and I'm about to take the reins of it from the 16!!!!!!! committee members and make it work, and it would have been so much easier if I'd just done the whole thing myself (and not because people are being uncooperative or shirking their duties; my committee has for the most part been amazing and on the ball). I am definitely going to recommend that the next time this task must be accomplished that someone be given the task and then a committee asked to examine it afterwards. The next two weeks are going to suck suck suck.
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Fandom is once again at a moment of transition when people are leaving one platform and migrating to others, and I feel like this is a good moment for me to reassess just what it is that I want from fandom.

For me, fandom is about conversation. It's about one-on-one and group interactions. It's less about writing fic than it used to be although I adore that form of conversation; I am resolved to write more fic in 2019 because I sorely miss how vital and exciting fandom was to me when I was regularly contributing. I have long believed that what I get out of fandom is directly proportional to what I put into it; when I was writing a fic a week and modding several comms and making tons of huge rec posts and meta posts, lots of people talked to me! My understanding of canon was so much deeper because I was talking to tons of people with different opinions about it. I was energized and inspired, and it felt awesome.

I am extremely fortunate that I have an excellent DW circle that has remained active, posting amazing fic and meta and posts about daily life even while many migrated to other platforms. I am even more fortunate that the Tumblr migration has given me new circle members to talk to!

What I hope for this time of transition is that fandom returns to a conversation-based model where people are doing more talking about fic and art and canon and daily life. I am 100% here for that.

What about y'all? What are you here for? What are you hoping for from this transition period?
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1. Am I losing my mind? I thought one of y'all had posted last night/yesterday for Snowflake about your process (one of the first points was about writing fic as a kind of meta with a list of examples), and I was going to respond today because a lot of it resonated with me, but I can't find it! I'm starting to wonder if I dreamed it.

2. [personal profile] executrix sent me the most awesome cheese book. Cheese, glorious cheese )

3. Last night's My Little Pony reduced both me and Emma to sniffles. Twilight's new castle doesn't feel like home, so her friends volunteer to decorate it for her. At first, they mess up and decorate her house according to what *they* like, but at the end, they make her a chandelier from the roots of her old treehouse and hang all their favorite memories of her in crystals from the roots. Twilight was crying, I was crying, Emma was crying, Josh had to leave. Good times.

4. New episode of Gotham: SPOILERS )

5. I am unreasonably amused by the new Progressive commercial in which Jamie is revealed to live in a mansion with a beautiful family and to have exceptional singing talent. :)
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One of my goals for this year is to write fic that's not for Yuletide. Since I just finished re-reading the whole HP series, it seems a shame not to make some of that fic HP.

So, I'm curious: What's the HP fic you'd love to read but have never seen in the wild? Any pairing (or gen), any plot, any point in canon.

Prompt me (and be as detailed as you like).

I can't promise I'll write all the prompts I get, but I hope to be inspired (or at the very least, talk to y'all about Harry Potter LOL).

And etc

Jan. 8th, 2019 09:06 pm
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1. When do classes start? Tomorrow morning. When I did I start getting sick? This afternoon.

2. Should I be ashamed at how often I cry when watching My Little Pony? Should I not admit publicly how often Fiona and I are simultaneously squealing and gasping with joy? Well, too late for that. LOL Tonight was MLP's anime homage in which Twilight and the evil T-Rex Tirek totally went Super Saiyan and kami-kami-HA-ed each other; then all the ponies leveled up ala Sailor Moon, and it was glorious.

3. Last week, I went to open the door of the car, and the whole handle just pulled off. LOL I may hate many things about living in a tiny, Southern town, but one thing I do not hate is that it cost a minuscule amount of money to fix at our trusted mechanic. Now Goldie has a single black handle like a tattoo or maybe an edgy cartilage piercing.

4. Also last week, someone took my keys while I was at the gym. There were only like three people in the gym, and they were all people I've seen regularly for the last like five years. I knew it had to be a mistake, but no one returned them that day. The next day, I went to facilities and everybody freaked out, and they were talking about rekeying two buildings (and although the conversation never got that far, I fully expect they'd have wanted to charge me the thousands of dollars that would take). I went to the police station and we went through the surveillance video and figured out who did it; they set off to track him down, and I went home to eat lunch whereupon the local library called me because the guy had turned them in there. He's an older community patron, and he approached the librarian saying that he'd found these keys and he thought they belonged to a family member and could they tell him who they belonged to. I feel like this guy probably should not be driving. Anyway, because my library card is on the ring, the librarian could look me up. That was a wonderful ending to almost twenty four hours of feeling like I was going to vomit; I am so grateful they got returned.
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1. I finished The Cursed Child.

my reaction )

2. We saw Mary, Queen of Scots. spoilers )
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I forgot to rec Rudy the Big Booty Reindeer for next year's Christmas delectation. :)

(Treme introduced me to NOLA bounce music, and it's soooooo catchy!)
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1. I finished The Deathly Hallows! my reaction )

2. Gotham is back!! spoilers )

3. We watched a great little indie movie called Life after Beth. It's a take on the zombie apocalypse with a great cast; very funny with lots of good pathos. It's not scary at all (or else I couldn't have watched it LOL). It's also an hour and half long which is a huge selling point for me; I lament the loss of the hour and a half movie. You can't watch a three hour movie on a week night after the kids are in bed and still get to sleep at a decent hour.

4. [personal profile] executrix send me an awesome batch of books. I am enjoying going through them.

Infra-ApparelInfra-Apparel by Richard Martin

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Beautiful pictures of clothing in which the underwear or under-layers of clothing are either exposed or come to influence the outerwear or outer-layers.

I think the text is unnecessarily fussy and obfuscating at times, but it's still fascinating if you are interested in fashion.

View all my reviews
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1. I read 107 books last year, 7 over my goal.

2. I finished Half Blood Prince on New Year's Eve just under the wire. my reaction )

3. Uhura's Song )

4. We Have Always Lived in the Castle )
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I wrote three fics this year:

Where the Heart Is for [personal profile] unforgotten
Venom gen
This is the missing piece of the puzzle that isn't quite explained in the movie; Venom tells Eddie why he switches allegiances, but the movie doesn't give us enough about that. This is my attempt to explain in greater detail why Venom decides to save Earth (and Eddie! mostly Eddie!). I was really worried about writing this fic because I don't know the comics canon at all, and I was only able to see the movie once, but y'all were really helpful sending me to resources I used to write the fic. :)

Marching On for [personal profile] musyc
Uhura's Song gen
Another StarFreedom tells the story of her failed walks.
I love this book so hard; I really enjoyed rereading it this year and resolved to write something for it for Yuletide since it had been requested. So happy I was able to write for a friend.

Your Heart, My Castle (turreted and open to the sky) for [personal profile] suitablyskippy
We Have Always Lived in the Castle post-canon gen
This was my main assignment, and it was an absolute joy to write. [personal profile] suitablyskippy wrote the best letter with all the most wonderful insights about the text; I was instantly inspired. I was particularly interested in finding a way to give Uncle Julian a voice since he's not physically present at this point in canon, and his notes/journal seemed a good way to do that. I was also really interested in the way domesticity is portrayed in the novel (so much so that I am toying with writing another academic article about Jackson).

Next post: my reviews of Uhura's Song and We Have Always Lived in the Castle.
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Parts Unknown: Bajor
Anthony Bourdain on DS9
This is genius. This wins Yuletide forever. It's written in the format of an episode of the show and even includes the commercials. All hail, all hail.

Pied Piper of Hamlin



Gonna Make You Sweat Now (Everybody Dance Now)

Three extremely different and wildly inventive takes on the fairy tale.

Hitman's Bodyguard

let me start by saying
This is the set up to the most glorious threesome that will ever occur: Sophia/Darius/Bryce. This is in my top five for the whole collection. This idea never occurred to me, but it is sheer genius (and funny as shit, like the canon).
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We Have Always Lived in the Castle

where our boundaries were thinnest
This is long, and the voices are impeccable. I am in awe. It's very in-keeping with canon. One of the finest things in the collection this year.


The Fortress That It Made of You
This is a Maeve-centric alternate ending to the second season--very well done. Sharp, insightful treatment of Ford, Maeve, and Dolores.


There's an abundance of Persuasion fics in the collection this year. I did not read the one that's a crossover or the one that's a modern AU, but judging by the kudos/comment count, they are just as fine as the other three I did read and very much enjoy.
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1. Gluten Free Cookbook )

2. I just finished Order of the Phoenix. lots of thoughts )

3. Have some more Yuletide:


Never Call Retreat
Alma Garrett/Al Swearengen

If you read nothing else from the collection this year, you should read this fic. Whoever wrote it has the voices down exactly; I can hear each of the characters in my head as I read along. This is funny, and no matter what you may think of the pairing, 100% in keeping with the spirit and characterization of the show.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Someone Else's Music
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Basil/Dorian, Henry/Dorian

Oh my, the Victorianists had such a good Yuletide this year. This fic is exquisite, lush and beautiful and grotesque and achingly, gloriously horrible--in short, all the attributes of the novel.
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1. In our absence, I got more holiday cards from [personal profile] lyr, [personal profile] crazydiamondsue and [personal profile] sholio!

2. I wrote three Yuletide stories in three different fandoms. Any guesses as to which stories are mine?

3. Have another Yuletide rec:

Papers found amongst the personal effects of Dr John Seward, 17th September 1896
Dracula by Bram Stoker

The narrative voice here is impeccable; Seward is so painfully closeted and repressed, and this story is desperately sad, but so so good.
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You know, I think I'm skipping the personal introspection portion of the post this year. Looking back for several years, my year end posts always start with something like, "Despite several really good things that happened, this has been the worst year ever." As I have only a variation on the theme to offer, I think I'll keep the whining to myself.

However, it's that time of year to review how I did with my 2018 goals and make some for 2019. On the whole, I did quite well with my goals, especially in the area of reading and productivity. I set my reading goal at 100, and I've read 104 books so far this year; I'll probably top out at 105. I'm a little more than halfway through Order of the Phoenix. We paid off my credit card and made a huge dent in Josh's. I also found several pairs of work pants.

Where I failed abysmally: adding in weightlifting to my exercise routine, putting down screens, and finding closed toe shoes and a two piece suit.

Here are my goals for 2019:

1. Read at least 100 books.
2. Do a better job of putting down screens and participating in the moment with my family.
3. Find a two piece suit and at least one pair of closed toe shoes.
4. Taking Fluttershy as a model, be more patient and kind and less irritated. Approach everyone I meet as if they are a misunderstood dragon who has a very good medical reason for being an asshole.
5. Pay off the rest of Josh's credit card by my birthday.

cut for discussion of health, eating, etc )

8. I'd like to make some kind of fannish goal, especially since DW is seeing such a resurgence of activity, so I also resolve to write five fics this year that are at least 1000 words long that are not for Yuletide.
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We are home from visiting my parents for the holidays! It was a good visit, but I am so glad to be home.

I got a most fantastic gift for Yuletide:

Haunting of Hill House

A very in-character look at what Theo does in the immediate aftermath of Eleanor's suicide. I absolutely adore that the hand Theo is holding at the end of this story is real and of someone who loves her, not the ghostly hand that Nell was holding (or Nell holding her own hand as I have seen some literary critics argue). I realized I had gone out to pinch hit a few days before the collection went live, and I am doubly impressed that my author wrote something so fine and beautiful for me in such a short amount of time. Everyone, go give this story some love.

I haven't been able to read much yet, but have some recs in other fandoms.

Yuletide goodness )


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