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1. All my holiday cards have been sent, so you should start to receive them shortly, my friends.

2. The X-Rays of my knees showed no arthritis (which apparently sometimes it doesn't show up in X-Rays), so I can either get an MRI or my GP can refer me to an orthopedist. Whatever. I think I'll just go on as I have been. I don't have time to deal with trying to get in to see another doctor right now.

3. My appointment with the urologist is on Wednesday, so I'll know more then about whether or not I might have IC.

4. My dad is doing well. He is responding really well to this second kind of chemotherapy. His numbers are looking really good. They are flying out to Dallas this month for the initial consult for the stem cell transplant. I hope he'll be able to have the transplant early in the new year.

5. cut for talk of weight loss and clothes shopping )

6. We saw Fantastic Beasts over Thanksgiving and loved it. SPOILERS )

7. I just finished reading Guy Gavriel Kay's The Last Light of the Sun. SPOILERS )
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then you realize that unasked for sibling incest is kind of a dick move in a gift exchange?

*manic laughter*

I shall gift this story to someone else and begin again!

This reminds me of the time I had to write two stories for Remix because, of course, I picked the co-written story to remix which is against the rules. But I ended up really liking both the stories I wrote, so I hope the same will be true here.

Cross your fingers for me, my friends. I still want to write two other treats beyond this, and I hope I can manage it.
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Reviews of the last two weeks of Gotham: spoilers )

Reviews of the last two episodes of Lucifer: spoilers )

Reviews of the past two weeks of NCIS and NCIS:NOLA: spoilers )

Review of Dirk Gently: spoilers )
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1. Episode three of Westworld: SPOILERS )

2. Reviews of the last two episodes of Dirk Gently: SPOILERS )

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It's that time again! If you would like to receive a holiday card from me (some of the cards have secular Christmas imagery, but none have religious imagery), please comment with your address. Comments are screened.

If you've gotten a card from me before, I'll be sending you one again, so let me know if you don't want one or if you've moved in the last year.
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We're several episodes into the third season, and I'm loving it. SPOILERS )

I am somehow unspoiled for anything that happens in this series, so please no future spoilers, but I'd love to discuss the show up to this point.
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1. I called all my CongressPeople and asked them to oppose Steve Bannon's appointment as President-elect Trump's chief strategist. It took less than five minutes to make all three calls which were each answered after the first ring. All three are Republicans, so who knows what effect, if any, my calls will have.

2. Reviews of the last two weeks of The Walking Dead: SPOILERS )

3. We saw Doctor Strange. SPOILERS )
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[personal profile] princessofgeeks asked me if I had made a post about what I’ve been doing to lose weight, and I realized I’d talked about it here and there but not really made a dedicated post about it. So, here it is, and I hope some of you find it useful/interesting.

I should say first that all bodies are unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. In fact, some of what’s worked for me is exactly the opposite of what I’ve seen touted by some weight loss experts. This is just what’s worked for me.

Cut for talk of weight loss. )
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1. I am just so pleased with myself my friends. cut for talk of weight loss )

2. I have discovered Not Your Daughter's Jeans. They cost a little more than a hundred dollars a pair which seemed ludicrous to me, and then I tried them on. When I reach my goal, I am buying these jeans. They look like a million dollars and feel so damn good. Wow. Highly recommended.

3. I took Emma to get a proper bra fitting yesterday. She's in a 32 D, bless her heart. I had hoped she would get to spend less money on bras than I have to, but alas. At least Wacoal has so many beautiful styles.

4. If you've not yet tried Noosa Yoghurt, you totally should. It's so good, y'all. I just had some blackberry serrano and it was divine (genuinely spicy with great blackberry flavor).

5. Saw the doc about possible interstitial cystitis and my knees. Going next week for an X-Ray and should hear next week from a urologist about a referral. Of course, now I feel pretty good LOL. I don't know if that's because I eliminated all the triggers and my bladder has healed or what. I wonder if part of the issue has been psychological, that I was shunting my anxiety about my dad's cancer, and Josh's employment situation and everything else onto this issue and obsessing about it too much. IDK I want to talk to the doc about other possibilities beside IC and about how to/if I can add some of the foods back that I cut out. Regardless, I'm going to continue to eliminate carbonation and caffeine. I find that those ended up being less onerous to stop than I had feared (and were costing me the most); I do want to add back citrus, tomato and chocolate if I can.
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I'm so glad I didn't stay up last night to watch the results come in. I know I wouldn't have been able to go to sleep after. I'm glad I at least got what passes as a good night's sleep for me before having to face this new reality.

[personal profile] spikedluv linked to an article that sums up what I'm feeling right now: Throughout this election cycle I was confident of a Hillary Clinton victory because she is eminently qualified for the presidency and she ran a strong campaign. As I watch the election results come in, I am stunned. I was confident, not only because of who Mrs. Clinton is. I was confident because I thought there were more Americans who believe in progress and equality than there were Americans who were racist, xenophobic, misogynistic and homophobic. (source)

I agree with what Bill Maher said last week about this election finally exposing (most undeniably, most unequivocally, out there in the open for all to see) the hypocrisy of white, evangelical Christianity. At the best times, I find most of the Republican Party platform antithetical to Christianity, but the words that have come out of Trump's mouth and the things he has done over his lifetime are mutually exclusive with Christianity. I would have so much more respect for conservative Christians if they would just drop the Christian part and be honest about their motives: we love money, we hate gay people, we hate brown people, we don't exactly hate women but we want to keep them subservient and subordinate, and we want to bow out of our part of the social contract (agreeing to give up part of our liberty) but we want the government to keep its end of the bargain (insuring our security, etc.) without having to pay for it. The suggestion that Jesus wants us to earn as much money as possible by any means possible or that he wants us to have guns and shoot people with them or that he doesn't want us to take care of the poor, the disabled, the vulnerable or that he wants us to merrily burn this world he made to cinder--this is like the opposite of everything Jesus ever says and does in the Bible. I long ago lost my patience with people whose every word is about Jesus and their faith and who talk about how Christianity informs their every decision from where to buy their toilet paper (definitely not Target, amirite?) to the makeup they use (my mom trufax stopped using Clarins, a French makeup brand, and called fries freedom fries after 9-11), but now my rage at them is incandescent.

There's a reason the KKK never supports a Democratic candidate. When white supremacists and hate groups are drawn to a party, that says more about the party than it does the hate group. The KKK never goes, "Oooooooh, equal access to health care and paid maternity leave and more protections for vulnerable groups? Sign me up!"

It's very difficult to wish the Trump voters would reap the foolishness of this election because that would just hurt me, too. I've already been thinking about how I might not be able to leave this job if I wanted because I have two pre-existing medical conditions, and I don't know if I could get insurance somewhere else or be able to afford the premiums if they deign to insure me after Obamacare is dismantled.

I'm mostly just shocked and dismayed and sad. I woke up to Emma crying. I hope she has managed the day alright. I told her to keep her head down and not to engage; if she hears someone gloating or knocking Hillary just walk away because she's outnumbered and it's a fight she can't win. I hope she didn't get too hassled.
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1. Episode reviews for the last two weeks of Gotham: SPOILERS )

2. Reviews of the last two weeks of Lucifer: SPOILERS )
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Now if my nerves can just hold out until the results are in.
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1. So, I had the idea to chop up mint and freeze it in ice cubes to flavor my water. 100% WOULD NOT RECOMMEND. I had good intentions; mint is fairly perishable, and I was trying to think of a way to avoid having to frequently purchase it and/or wasting spoiled mint. What did not occur to me is that when the ice cube melts, I am left with a glass full of tiny mint particles that makes drinking water kinda difficult. I do like the way the water tastes, though, so I think I might experiment with freezing a whole leaf per ice cube to avoid this issue.

2. Gluten free bread is almost always frozen, and slices are a pain to get apart. Pro-tip: when you get home from the store, the bread will be a bit soft and the slices come apart much more easily. At this point, take the whole loaf apart and separate with parchment paper. Then when you refreeze, nothing is stuck together!

3. We were told that pretty soon financial aid (as in federal, nothing our school is deciding) is going to dictate which classes students can take, as in it will not pay for courses that are not part of a student's declared program of study. So, there you have it--the federally mandated end of intellectual curiosity. I mean, I realize that given our economy and the rising cost of higher education, students have been indulging their intellectual curiosity less and less anyway. Who can justify paying for a class that doesn't count for her program of study? I get that. But it feels different for the federal government to specify which classes students can and can't take. :(
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before I start taking notes on this week's new episodes. :)

1. We watched the second episode of Westworld which I liked even better than the first (don't spoil me if you've watched farther than that, please). spoilers )
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1. cut for talk of weight loss )

2. So I didn't post about this, but in August I went to the doctor because I thought I had a UTI or a bladder infection or something. I was completely infection free but the doctor suggested I might have interstitial cystitis (IC)--at which point, I'm sure she thought she was treating a lunatic because I started uncontrollably crying, told her she could pry the fizzy water out of my cold dead hands, and pretty much left while she made jazz hands and went WTF at the nursing staff. I had a friend years ago who has this disease, and it's miserable. It is one of those catch-all diseases, no real diagnostic test or anything, and the treatment is through eliminating triggers in the diet: no carbonation, caffeine, artificial sugar, chocolate, citrus, tomato, spicy stuff, acidic stuff, fruit juice. And I looked at my doctor and I thought, "You know, I gave up gluten and it kinda sucked for a bit, but I'm pretty much over it, and now you want me to give up my fizzy water?" I don't know why the fizzy water is the straw that broke the camel's back, but it is. I drink tons of the stuff all throughout each day because I hate water. Well, I've come to the conclusion that she may be right. :( So I gave up all my fizzy water a couple days ago and my chocolate and replaced my morning baby coke with tea. I'm hoping if I give up carbonation, chocolate, and artificial sugar (which I only had in my morning coke) and if I only have one small caffeinated drink per day that I won't have to give up the other things. I have seen some improvement, so *cross your fingers.* Financially, it's not a bad idea to give up the fizzy water anyway. Tap water is free! *sigh*

3. reviews of NCIS, NOLA, and Bull )
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1. Emma and I watched the premiere of Dirk Gently which we both enjoyed. SPOILERS )

2. OMG, SPN, this is why I can't truly quit you. Emma and I just watched "Bad Boys," and it was such a perfect episode. SPOILERS )

3. Gotham was brilliant. SPOILERS )

4. Lucifer was also fantastic. SPOILERS )


24/10/16 15:29
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I just talked to Mom, and Dad's chemo is not working. They're starting a new kind of treatment and getting the ball rolling to send him to Dallas for a stem cell transplant. He'd be there for five weeks in the hospital.

I know I was all optimistic that he has this treatment option, but now that we've reached this point, I find my optimism is shriveling up to be replaced with a fear that he's going to die out in Dallas or that the transplant won't work and he'll be horrifically miserable and then die. Death seems to be the common denominator in what I'm thinking about right now.

Anyway, I am really angry and scared and sad.
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Poor Josh. I think he's taking it the hardest. *pets him*


I'm such a completist. I want to see how it ends and what happens, but sheesh. I'm ready for some real and true hope. After the Governor, after cannibal!Tasha Yar, Neegan just seems kind of an over-the-top caricature of a villain. I mean, how many evil, rapey, murderous despots can the show go through before it become a snoozefest? I will answer that question. And we're there already.


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