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1. I made it a point in [ profile] club_joss that my fics were off limits becuase I was modding the damn thing no matter how much I like people talking about ME and I thought to do the same for [ profile] sga_talk, but I'm wondering, what do you guys think about the ethics of offering up my own fic for discussion? Are my first instincts of eschewment correct or what?

2. Is there a Supernatural RPF AU where either Sam or Dean isn't Jensen or Jared? Maybe it's Jensen and Chad or Jared and Shia Lebouf or something. I'm intensely curious about this possiblity.

3. I have the strongest desire to write Jared/Jensen RPF where they are both English grad students based on copious experience as such rumors I've heard. What do you think the reception would be?
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For those of you who don't know, back in the heyday of my Jossverse fannish love, I co-moderated a community called [ profile] club_joss that was a discussion group for Buffyverse and Firefly fanfic. I think it was a hugely successful comm and I think everyone who participated in our discussions had a positive experience. I abandoned [ profile] club_joss as a result of both my waning interest in Buffyverse fic and because of time constraints. I've been thinking ever since I got into SPN and SGA that it would be really nice to run a similar comm for one or both fandoms and I'd like to gauge your interest in participating.

Just a brief run down of how the comm would work (and for those of you who were members of [ profile] club_joss I would do things a little differently to help mitigate the time drain of running a comm):

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Yes, it is I, Lorraine the Obscure. Since I last posted, I have

1. been to the pawn shop and hocked a bunch of jewelry and gotten 200 dollars!!!!!! Whooooo!!!!!!! Dude totally ripped me off, but I still got way more than I expected. Plus, it wasn't even my jewelry, but some stuff that Trekgirl's mom-in-law was tossing. Yes, tossing. Alas, they did not want my weedeater.

2. been getting stuff together for a garage sale. We're talking taking pictures out of the frames so I can sell the frames garage sale. Wish me lucrative success. /invocation of Anyanka

3. updating my vita and working on my cover letter and realizing that I should have been submitting things for publication from the time I was nine instead of waiting until it's nearly too late. LOL I'm sure somebody told me, back when I was a grad student baby, that I should be continuously submitting articles, but I did not listen. And now I'm scrabbling around to fill a huge hole on my otherwise really, really good looking vita.

4. getting an intersession course for January. This winter, we shall eat. Yea verily.

5. finished a piece of original fiction! I'm getting ready to send it off for publication but I can't title the f*cker yet.

6. been to the gym everyday for three weeks in which time I have struck up an acquaintanceship with a former anorexic, broken a bicycle (that was this morning), decided that those guys *are* looking at me weird, and watched a certain MFA professor act like a prima donna over by the treadmills. Andy, you know who I'm talking about.

7. and finally, not posted any damn thing in [ profile] club_joss because I suck. I've been a bad, bad mod. Now if only I could slither around on the floor like Fiona, I'd not mind. I think I'm gonna take Exec's advice and call a six month hiatus on the comm. I still believe in the comm, but I've lost interest; I don't have the time it takes to keep it going successfully anymore. And in a bit of selfishness, I hate the thought of ceding my baby over to someone else. *sigh*
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Everybody head over to [ profile] club_joss and comment on [ profile] vandonovan's Took the Sky. I know for sure some of you guys have read it. I haven't commented yet, either, so pointing the finger at myself as well.

Everybody go vote in the Blue Sun Strawberry Awards for Firefly. I tell you this not only because my fic is nominated but because some of your fic is too. :)

Finally, I've seen this meme going around, so I'll bite. Everybody ask me something. I'll answer all those burning questions I know you've been dying to ask. Anon questions ok.
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I am not going to be around as much for awhile. We've tentatively scheduled my oral comps for the first week or so of June and I've gotta get on the ball. Wish me luck. *vomits discreetly behind the reference desk* Sigh...

For those flisters who filter out comms, I've got a poll going on in [ profile] club_joss HERE that it would be cool if you'd answer if you're a member. It concerns reading incest fic.

An Arrangement of Parts by [ profile] ana_grrl Jayne/Simon, Adult. This is amazing. Both Simon and Jayne are characterized so well; the dialogue is spot on, and the slow evolution of their relationship is so nice and believeable. And all the secondary characters are well written too. Great read.

Smut Remix by [ profile] executrix Mal/Kaylee, Adult. I love this version of Kaylee--in dominatrix mode. It makes me a mite shivery in my bones.

Her Majesty by [ profile] executrix This just makes me happy. Really happy. So many things Exec writes are just damn fun to read, and this is no exception. Contains a really clever Schroedinger's cat reference, which makes me grin like a loon everytime I read it.
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I've been thinking lately about [ profile] club_joss and how I feel that it's in many ways failed to live up to its potential. Part of the problem feels like personal failure; I simply can't be as involved as I was when [ profile] chocgood84 and I first created it. I've got much more of a social life, and I'm pretending to work working on my dissertation, too. But I wonder if part of the problem is just that my mission for the comm isn't one that's widely shared.

I had hoped that people would use [ profile] club_joss in several ways:

1. As a reading list or a rec list of fics they might not normally encounter in their everyday fannish involvement. I expected that many of the people using the comm in this way would not participate in the discussion.

2. As a place to share fandom squee: "This author wrote my very favorite story!" "This is the best X/X story I've ever read!" and so on.

3. As a place for writers to find encouragement and to discover things about their writing they might not be aware of--basically a more in-depth feedback system that allows for constructive criticism.

4. As a place where fans who mainly read fanfic instead of writing it can feel as if they still have a voice in fandom.

5. As a place where *readers* can hone their reading skills, and thus, their writing skills. This is where I think I have a very different vision for [ profile] club_joss. I think the maxim that "good writers are good readers" is a widely accepted one, and one that holds true for fanfic writing as well. (Of course, I realize that writing is not every fan's goal) I think that engaging a text on a deeper level than many of us do when we're reading for pleasure is key in writing well ourselves. I know this is true for me. When I was in poetry workshops in undergrad, my writing improved through reading and talking about my classmates' pieces. By really breaking down what they wrote, I better understood the way I wanted to write. I had hoped that more people would appear to be using C_J in this vein by now. Anyways, /rambliness
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Star Trek meta question: Are changelings gendered or is gender something they adopt to function in the world of the solids? I'm wondering if Odo (or the scientists who found him) arbitrarily decided that he's male.

Anniversary: My husband Josh and I celebrated our fifth anniversary this weekend which is why I've been not as around on lj the past four days or so. We went out of town and pigged out on expensive sushi and went to a friend's wedding whereupon I cried like a little bitch and ruined the back of my heels with an unfortunate shoe selection.

Spirituality: I went to mass for the first time in a couple of years, and I kept thinking about you, [ profile] hermionesviolin, and wondering what you would think of the service, etc. We went to Saint Richard's in Jackson, and I think it's a beautiful church. It's very modern, lots of open spaces, concrete and wood. Josh thinks it's cold, but I'm glad it lacks the cheesy decadence you find in a lot of Catholic Churches. I don't believe, but it was nice to go to church. I find the rituals comforting and beautiful if nothing else. I've also been re-reading Mary Oliver's The Leaf and the Cloud. It's such a lovely book of poetry. I recommend it highly.

Lament: No one but me and one other person commented to [ profile] riani1's Carrer Change fic in [ profile] club_joss. That's a real pity, too, for it's a lovely story, with excellent dialogue, and in which no character gets short shrift. No Buffy-bashing for this piece.

Recs: Far From Perfect by [ profile] nasty_shrew This fic pairs Xander with Cordy, Jesse, an OFC, and Spike and Shrew wrote it all for ME!!!!!! It's very lovely, particulary the vignette with Jesse.

Thaumaturgy TRUE LOVE by [ profile] executrix Cordy/River I always enjoy what Exec writes, but I really think this is her best piece to date. It's as close to perfect as I've read.
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Belated happy birthday to [ profile] sweet_exile and on time wishes for [ profile] sorot. I hope you two ladies had/have lovely days filled with joy and perhaps a wee smidge of porn.



6/3/06 21:01
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Everybody remember that we are discussing [ profile] riani1's Career Change over at [ profile] club_joss. I'm not getting a lot of participation on this, and I know some of you have read and enjoyed this fic. /prodding

Sacrilege by [ profile] nasty_shrew S/X This fic imagines that Jasmine's hold on L.A. was not so easy to dissolve. This is bleak and full of despair, but it's oh so pretty when Shrew makes the world go to shit.

Fred Sky at Morning (a SafFic) by [ profile] executrix Saffron, meet Fred. Let the exploitation begin. As always with Exec's writing, interesting insights on both characters.

Intersecting Arcs by [ profile] executrix This is a brilliantly done slice of backstory for both Mal and Niska. [Mal] wasn't afraid of buying himself a Special Delivery to the Regular Hell, but it would be awfully embarrassing if the clouds parted and a mighty voice announced that Mal wasn't worth the powder to blow him there.

Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me by [ profile] amejisuto Final chapter; previous chapters linked at the top of the post. This is the end for HMTMKMKM, and it's been one hell of a ride. The writing is always tight, always a smart and insightful commentary on canon events, and always very clever and funny. She's also written a Cordelia and an Ethan that are true joys to read. It's hard to say goodbye to this one.
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No, not Angelus's wicked plans for Xander before Spike can rescue him and give him the healing vampiric tongue bath he deserves.

My chest is full of rocks. And my skin is on fire, and I have it on good authority that my hair could stand to see a brush run through it.

I've got emails that are ten days old I need to answer and a fic to look at for [ profile] emella (which I just can't get to, Ems. I thought I was getting better this morning, but now I have a fever. *whines*), but I have to go to bed. So, I'm not ignoring you guys.

I'm gonna open up [ profile] club_joss and go die. And by that I mean, writhe on the couch and moan and watch Star Trek on Tech TV.
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Lots of great fun on my last post about fic bunnies. So far we've got some pretty interesting Dawn and Glory meta going on, not to mention the long lost connection between BtVS and The Golden Girls. Also, pretty much everybody seems to be lamenting the lack of awesome Trek fic.

20 Things You Didn't Know About Saffron by [ profile] hopefulnebula Written in list form, this is a very engaging look at what has formed the inimitable YoSaffBridge.

Little Red Riding Simon and the Big Bad Jayne by [ profile] lyrstzha This is so wonderfully silly. Read! Read!

Detente, [ profile] janissa11's followup to the wonderful "Tussle." Last time it hurt. This time it doesn’t, but he hurts anyway, wishes Jayne would thump him a couple of times just to make the overcoat match the underdrawers.

Also, I have questions prompted by [ profile] mosca's recent post on the Firefly fandom and what she perceives as her place in it.

How do you guys feel about the fandoms you are currently involved with? Is fandom just one never-ending love affair for you? Are you really dissatisfied? Stuff you really wish was different? Happy as a lark? In other words, how do you read the litmus test on the current state of your fandoms?

I think I am in a rather unique position in that my fannish experience has been pretty much wholeheartedly positive. I've been met with kindness and overwhelming generosity at every turn. I've managed to avoid wank and kerfluffleage, although Lord knows I'm surprised as hell at that given [ profile] club_joss. I wish I was able to turn out more fic as I write like a turtle if at all, and I wish my Buffy/Faith piece had gotten more feedback, but that's it (almost forgot more participation in [ profile] club_joss; that might even be my primary wish). Other than that, I am utterly happy in fandom. I feel like I've been accepted and that I have a contribution to make. What about you guys?
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Much goodness of the Mal/Jayne variety to be found over at [ profile] club_joss my lovelies. Only you can prevent CJ from becoming Lorraine's Forum.

Also, who is going to Writercon? I bought my tickets and want to squee a little.
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I've been thinking a good deal about Riley's character and his place in slash fandom after last week's [ profile] club_joss discussion of [ profile] trepkos's "Moonstruck I." He's so often cast as the villain of a Spander or Spangel piece (and not just the villain, but the Villian LOL), that I had never read a slash story in which Riley played a positive role until [ profile] emella pointed me to [ profile] eliade's Reprise.

Many of the Buffyverse fandom classics (I'm thinking [ profile] jameschick's Quantum Xander and Lazuli's Repossession) are built around the premise that Riley is really a huge, evil sadist. And I'm not saying that's wrong; I enjoyed reading both those stories very much. I think that pushing the boundaries of characterization is really what fanfic is about. For this same reason, I enjoy stories that explore Angelus equally as well as those that focus on Angel. One thing I think the Buffyverse hammers home is that we all have an inner Angelus just waiting to come out to play.

When I was watching the show, I never really felt very strongly about Riley's character; I don't like the actor all that much. He's never really pushed my buttons. But I certainly didn't hate him or anything. What I found after reading so much fanfic that cast him in a negative role is that I started to hate Riley's character unreasonably. When I found Reprise, I had to step back and think, "Now why do I hate Riley so much? He's really kinda goofy and noble." LOL

After that, I began to enjoy Riley more. I don't like Marc Blucas's execution of the character; that doesn't mean that the character isn't really complex and fascinating (guy living a double life, gives it all up for what's right, etc).

So, after that long-winded intro:
1. Riley as the slash bad guy
2. fanfic affecting character perception

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I know everybody's busy this week with school starting back, but if you get the chance, go read [ profile] club_joss's offering for this week. It hasn't gotten a lot of commentary (okay, just me *g*), but it's an entertaining read (Spike/Riley).
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First off, check out [ profile] club_joss this week. One of my favorite Firefly fics, Dirty Tricks by [ profile] executrix is up.

Droit d’Seigneur (The Right of the Lord) by [ profile] jjjean65 This is an A Knight's Tale fic; William/Adhemar; Jean has the period dialogue down, and she paints such a lovely picture.

Buffyverse fic recs )

Firefly fic recs )
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As a result of a convo I've been having in [ profile] fanthropology's WTF Wed., I've been thinking about domestic!River. River is psychic, mentally damaged through surgery and drugs, and neither of those things changes at the end of StM. She appears to gain some relief once the truth is known about Miranda, but that knowledge hardly repairs her amygdala or "cures" her in a traditional sense. While she might be more stable after StM, I believe that she would continue to experience episodes of disorientation, etc, like we saw her experience during the series.

I've been seeing some fic recently with River becoming a wife (usually to Jayne) and sometimes a mother. I think that River would be unable to bear the experience of being pregnant. I don't think she would be able to separate herself psychically from the baby she carries. I think that would be an overwhelming and horrible experience. Thoughts?

We're also having a great convo about Dawn, her sexuality, and the similiarities between her and April (Warren's lovebot) in [ profile] club_joss as a result of [ profile] hermionesviolin's fic. Some really interesting ideas that I've not considered before. It makes me wanna write Dawn!fic. Wheeeeeeeeee! Check it out.
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Thanks so much for all your help with my Buffy/Faith questions. I got a lot of useful info out of that post.

[ profile] club_joss is going live with Firefly fic discussions next week. I'm all excited. Wheeeeee!

Firefly fic recs

Exercise by [ profile] executrix Mal/Jayne (with implied USTing for Simon) Love Mal on tai chi. *g*

Unbalanced by [ profile] ana_grrl Inara and Jayne. Inara with weapons and Jayne with weapons and Jayne and Inara with weapons. LOL There's nothing not to love about this fic.

Error by [ profile] claireweasely Jayne/Simon Completely and utterly plausible. It barely hurts anymore, his shoulder. Where the bullet went in. Jayne's had more than a few wounds being a merc and all, but it's odd, seems like this one's healed the fastest. Sometimes he peels back the bandage and prods at it, till it starts hurting again. Till some of the blood starts leaking out the soft edges where it hasn't scabbed up yet, and it runs thick down his arm. It's too soon for something like this to be healing up like it is. Seems like it should hurt for longer. Not to mention that Claire is truly gifted with Jayne!voice.

Sometimes Things go Down Smooth by [ profile] ana_grrl Jayne and Simon work together to steal a gun that Jayne covets. Then some very nice smuttiness ensues.

Wake by [ profile] monkeycrackmary Simon/Jayne OMG OMG This rocks. In every imaginable way. I adore the Kaylee in this fic. I think she's perfectly IC. Simon's eyes are dark, the grey gone thin around his pupils. They're black like space, and Jayne doesn't wanta look at that, so instead he keeps his eyes on Simon's palm and brings the fingers to his mouth. They taste like nothing much at all. Like soap. Jayne knows better than most how easy blood washes off.
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1. Hubby's family is from Jackson, MS. We spent this Thanksgiving with them and the day before T-Day had dinner at Little Tokyo. Where we ran into Laurie Smith of "Trading Spaces" fame who mother-in-law is apparently acquainted with on first name basis.

2. Since my [ profile] club_joss post got no love, I'll ask the same question again and more annoyingly. [ profile] claireweasley, [ profile] executrix, potential lurkery type peoples--Are you interested in participating in a book club type community for fanfic? If not, do you think other people in the Firefly fandom would be? It would not be a stretch of the imagination to amend [ profile] club_joss to include Firefly.

3. Fic recs

BtVS/Ats fic recs )

One lone Firefly rec )
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Okay, I've been thinking, and I wanna hit y'all up before I ask the comm at large. I've gotten really involved in Firefly fandom lately. Do you guys think I should expand [ profile] club_joss to include the entire Jossverse? Would those of you on the flist involved in Firefly fandom but not Buffyverse fandom be interested in participating if I amended the comm to include Firefly (say every other week we'd read a Firefly fic)? If ya don't know what [ profile] club_joss is, check out the user info page and the welcome entries in the comm memories.
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I've been reading all the links on [ profile] metafandom about the new SGA fic-discussion group [ profile] thecuttingboard and it got me to thinking about [ profile] club_joss. [ profile] thecuttingboard and [ profile] club_joss are not the same kind of comms; in fact, on further reflection, the two are actually very different (CJ encourages author participation, TCB doesn't allow it; CJ requires author permission to discuss a fic, TCB doesn't), but we do have the same goal in mind of creating meaningful, interesting conversations about fanfic beyond the comments an author receives at the end of a fic. This post isn't about [ profile] thecuttingboard (I haven't read any of the posts beyond the one linked to in several discussions in which the comm rules are explained), but the polarized conversations about the comm have caused me to really step back and think about [ profile] club_joss and what I think it's doing.

You guys have read in this lj and in posts to the comm itself, that discussions don't always take off like a runaway train and that I'm always trying to think of ways to increase participation. But that said, I've been overall very pleased with the way [ profile] club_joss works, and I look forward each week to the new discussion.

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